We’ve got it all…

Growing up in this little town, we did not have much other than our kampua noodles and kompia…and maybe a little bit of this and that but food was not a major concern nor attraction here, the focus being on quantity rather than quality at the time. I would only get to enjoy stuff other than the usual when I hopped over to the other towns and cities but times have changed.

I would not have to go to Penang anymore for my favourite or chian (oyster omelette) as we now have that here…

OC 1

…though it may not look exactly the same…

OC 2

– more like a cross between the ones in the peninsula and what they have in Kuching but the taste is more like the former, not the latter and it was really very good! Yum! Yum!

I heard that it would be available here…


…and I had been wanting to give it a try but it was always sold out. The guy said that I would have to go early, preferably before 10 in the morning so Melissa and I went one morning not too long ago, bright and early and we managed to sample some – RM10.00 a plate and you can add RM2.00 for extra oysters.  She loved it a lot and so did I! Now that we have these right at our doorstep, literally speaking, we would not need to travel far to indulge in some of our very much-coveted delicacy.

I tried their fried kway teow with clams too…


…and I thought it was nice – different from elsewhere and I was pretty sure they had salted fish in theirs.

Somebody told me that the kampua noodles were great too…


…nicer than my favourites, but I did not really like what I had that morning. To each his own, I guess…so I guess I’d just stick to my own, the ones I would enjoy a  lot more.

We did not use to have kueh chap in Sibu either. I remember one place that I used to frequent, though not that long ago actually, but they used kway teow instead so it was not exactly the same even though I liked it a lot and kept going back there for more. This guy’s kueh chap


…was reputed to be among the best in town but he has relocated here from the coffee shop where I would go for those very nice po piah


I heard that the one replacing him at the old place would be nicer so I went there to give it a try (RM5.50)…

KC 1

…but at best, I would say that it was all right…

KC 2

…and the same would go for the sambal that came with it…

KC - sambal

Not too happy with what I had at this place, I went back to the aforementioned and had their special (RM7.00)…


…which did not look all that special and as far as the taste went, I thought it had a slight edge over the other one. The sambal

ASKC - sambal

…that came with it was very much nicer though but I do think the one I had here was the best. However, I have not dropped by for quite a while now so I am not too sure if it is still as good or if they are still selling it there or not.

When I went back for the kueh chap, Melissa had the Sarawak laksa from one of the stalls there…


…and she said it was all right, nicer than what we had here but we would not say it was the best in town. We did not use to have laksa before either when I was growing up but now they’re all over the place. Of course, whether it’s good or not, that is another story altogether – you just need to know where to go.

My missus had the sambal fried kway teow (RM4.00)…


…and it sure looked good with that extra sambal by the side. I wouldn’t mind having that the next time I drop by this shop.

Times certainly have changed…and I sure am glad that we can get some of the nice culinary delights from elsewhere right here in our little town and I can enjoy them anytime without having to leave home.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “We’ve got it all…”

  1. looks like i have to change my plan of next trip out of KL… to sibu indeed!

    You’ve been talking about coming for half a year now… 😦

  2. I never really liked oh chien except for the one my grandma or mom cooked, and when it comes to oysters I prefer to eat them raw anyway. Haven’t had Kueh chap for a while….

    In Bintulu? Can’t get fresh oysters here…unless by special order. Loved the fritters at the NZ franchise (The Fish Shop?) all over KL at one time in the days before Manhattan, don’t think I’ve had great or chian in KL…only in Penang. I did try the oysters raw at one hotel buffet dinner in KL once – just one and I quietly went and put the rest back! 😀

  3. No thank you for Oh Chien, i’d go for the Sarawak Laksa and dry Popiah instead, the Oh Chien somehow looks different from those found in Penang though….

    As good as the best I’ve had in Penang or maybe, even better. They do not scramble the egg so it comes out in one big, round piece like Kuching’s…but in Kuching, they have more flour/cornflour (and less egg) so it comes out crispy like a cracker. Nice also, not the same but good for a change…looking at it objectively and making a fair comparison.

  4. I am sure there are more and more ‘imported’ food from elsewhere due to business factor.

    I guess the folks here are more adventurous now compared to the old days – will try something different and will go for something spicy. In the old days, laksa and curry and anything hot were a no-no among the Foochows here. I only learnt how to eat chili in my 20’s in Singapore from a friend from Penang…

  5. Good morning!!

    No need travel to eat those food anymore. Haha. I prefer Kuching ochien more cos those available in West Msia are wetter and thicker. I just like the crispiness of Kuching ochien. Like cracker. Lol.

    All a matter of personal preference – like choosing between Sarawak laksa and curry laksa, not the same recipe, not the same way of cooking and serving. I like both – just thankful that we have it here now.

  6. All looks good except the 3 layer fat meat in the 1st bowl of kueh chap. Prefer kueh chap broth with herbal taste.

    Usually they have a slight herbal taste, don’t they? Had the quite popular one at Sim Poh Poh in Kuching, got smell – these all no smell but my friend Jimmy says the best is in Serian. My missus would only buy pork belly – said the meat is nicer…and she has the patience to remove all the fat and eat, not me. 😦

  7. i remember growing up, we were fortunate in malacca cos there was so much deliciousness going around at reasonable prices … from satay celup to popiah filled with crispy pork lard, i do miss a lot of that sometimes 😀

    Yes, Malacca was a food haven but I find that food there isn’t as nice anymore, flooded with Singaporeans…more a tourist trap now. Not that keen to drop by there for the food anymore. 😦

  8. I don’t really like Oh – Chien. The fried kwetiao looks good.

    You don’t? Good lah…as they do not come cheap. Melissa loves it! As for me, I like it but I think I can live without it, not really all that crazy about it – once in a while is good enough.

  9. My experience with oh chien has not been good. Tasted very starchy. Must get the real deal if I go to Penang. I love kuey teow – any style will do!

    Ahhhhh!!!! The not so good ones, too much flour…all glue, not much egg. Like everything else, you need to know where to go…even in Penang. Not all will be good. Avoid the tourist traps!

  10. Haha, I like kueh chap a lot but it’s one of the prohibited food for me now as I can turn OKU easily after having them.

    Gout? High cholesterol? I’m not that fond of it, will eat once in a long while for a change. Can live without it, not a problem.

  11. Yumsss…all the food looks good above!! The oyster, fried koay teow, kampua noodles… later I must go and buy a packet of kolo noodles… not the same but at least similar.. 🙂

    Come here lah… You can have the real thing and bring home some more. What is there in Penang? You can go there all the time, anytime. See daughter in law kah? 😉

  12. The laksa you cook the other day more tempting as more ingredients, keke…

    Of course! Nothing beats home-cooked. Eating out is more convenient and usually, that’s about it. More of ten than not, more expensive too.

    1. Guess so, it’s famous food must try in Taiwan!

      Went there a long long time ago, nothing much then…especially where food was concerned. Don’t think I would want to go again though.

  13. Wanted oh chien last night but somehow it didn’t look to good…oysters looked dry 😛

    I asked the guy first whether his oysters were fresh. Only ordered when he gave the assurance…and they were good!

  14. I do LOVE medium to large sized cities that have good options for food! I hope to post about some adventures in the near future! I have been catching up on blog posts as well as visiting blogs! So sorry for the mass-comment splash all at once LOL

    Neat post – then again – all of your posts are!

    Thanks for the compliment! Been busy over the festive season…and also getting ready for Melissa to go back to her rural school but no worries! Will hop over whenever I can!

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