Step aside…

…I’m moving in!

This place (2.312424,111.845976)…


…in the area of shops behind Delta Mall, Jalan Pedada (2.311941,111.846984) used to be my favourite a long time ago for its chicken rice and all the roast stuff but it was such a disappointment the last time we had that here and we never went back for that again. But if you would like to give the anchor tenant a miss, there are many other stalls that you can pick instead like the kampua noodle stall, for instance or there is the kueh chap stall or you can have the porridge or the Sarawak laksa or maybe the black vinegar pork leg or bak kut teh…or perhaps, you would prefer the or chian (oyster omelette) or the char kway teow with cockles. There is also a roti canai stall here but I did try their roti telur once and I did not like the dip that came across to me as somewhat sweet and not to my liking.

I think I can go on and on about the things that you can get to eat here so let’s just say that if you decide to drop by here, it can be quite mind-boggling trying to decide what you would like to have as you would certainly be spoilt for choice. Personally, I would not say they have the best in town, any of the lot, but some, I would say, are pretty decent – good enough to stop by for once in a while and as if there were not enough already as it was, a new guy moved in…

Chopsticks beef noodle stall

…quite recently, edging out the roti canai stall that used to be there but has since moved inwards a bit, right behind this stall in front.

Ever since I spotted the stall, I had been wanting to give it a try and I finally did so the other morning. It sure looked good…

Chopsticks beef noodles 1

– lots of meat and there was even a bit of finely-chopped salted vegetables on top along with all the rest. I tasted a bit and wowww!!! I must say that I really loved it a lot! I would say that this one here can give the one that we like a lot here a run for their money and this…

Good to the last drop

…says it all. It was indeed very nice, good to the last drop.

I am not very sure but probably, these people were here before but that place has closed down, I heard and the kampua noodle lady has moved here and perhaps, the beef noodle stall there shifted to its present location. I did go and try once when they first started but I was not so impressed. However, it was pretty obvious that a lot of people would not agree with me seeing the crowd there with all the tables lining the pavement outside the shops in the block especially in the morning on weekends…and I heard that the beef noodles was a major draw. I never went back for that again though as the small place could get really hot and stuffy and sitting outside at the pavement with no ceiling fans sure would not appeal to me one bit – this present place of theirs is a whole lot better by far.

The noodles looked like their own handmade…

Own handmade noodles

…not the regular yellow noodles one would find elsewhere and considering how good it was…

Chopsticks beef noodles 2

…plus this place is just round the corner from my house, I certainly would make my way back there again for more.

Author: suituapui

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21 thoughts on “Step aside…”

  1. That meat and vegetable dish would be enough, more than enough, for two people! That would probably do me like 3 meals. 🙂 It does look very good.

    Wow!!! You’re a very small eater.

  2. I only been to this cafe once. Or is it twice?? Anyway, hardly go there as hard to find parking during the weekend.

    The mee sapi did attracted me. So much goodness in there.

    Yes, so so so crowded especially on weekends. My missus and I were there that day, 10 something in the morning and also so many people although it was a weekday. Don’t they all have to work?

    Very good, the beef noodles here – should not miss if you get the chance to go and enjoy it.

  3. You could develop guides for visitors so they know what to eat – a map to the stall treasures.

    They have me as their guide…and my service is free! I do have a map – in case they want to explore on their own plus there is the book that I co-wrote on the favourite stuff in Sibu – there are maps in it too.

  4. It is worth for that generous amount of beef but it looks a bit oily or is it the lighting effect. Nice to have it for a cold morning like today. Heavy downpour over here. Drive safe & take care.

    No rain here. Very hot and sunny here…like that day when we had these beef noodles. Got shadow in the photo of the noodles, if you notice. And no, not oily at all, must be the extra bright sunlight. I would not have enjoyed it so much and speak so highly of it if it had been oily, would I?

    Not sending my girl back today, you’ll find out why in tomorrow’s post.

  5. wow, it sure looks promising! i like some preserved mustard there too, adds a hint of acidity to the meaty broth.

    It is very good. Went back for more today…and will surely be going back again and again!

  6. heheh, glad to hear the roti canai stall was just edged in but not gone and replaced … my appetite always perks up when i read ‘roti canai’ 😀

    Can give this one here a miss unless you do not mind eating the roti on its own – I did not like the dip, no dhal richness and sweet. It does not seem to bother a lot of people though – from what I could observe, they seem to enjoy really brisk business, lots of orders.

  7. That’s impress, you’ve finish the whole bowl without any left, not even the soup

    As the English expression goes, good to the last drop! And as they say, it’s a sin to waste, especially when it is something this nice.

  8. This is very close to my place – I love their chu cha at the back.

    I think it has one of the best fried noodles in town. I usually go for the wet version. It’s RM 3.80 or RM 4.80 with an egg which is slightly cheaper than the other place behind it but the portions are slightly smaller while the portions beside Yes Cafe is slightly larger. I still think this one tastes better though.

    I’ve seen a lot of people ordering the beef noodle that you had. I saw it when I went to tapao the other day too (am home coz of income tax) but I didn’t eat there. Interesting, will try it next time since I like Aho Mee Sapi in town.

    That’s one that you like and I don’t. Chu char at the back? At Chopsticks? Gee!!! I never noticed there is one – will look out for it, sure would want to give it a try. The one at Mei Le (next to Maple Leaf) now was formerly Sweet Family Restaurant – I used to go there, very nice, in the bus terminal area. Income tax? Everybody’s enemy, somebody’s friend! 😀 Hope it’s not any serious problem.

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