Lookin’ good…

When my friend, Jimmy, was in town on a working visit, we did not manage to go out and eat much other than the kampua stop on the way down from the airport and the lunch we had at the Thai restaurant before it closed down for good. For one thing, he was very busy, all caught up with his work and for another, he does not eat very much these days so that he would remain slim and trim and look good.

However, we did go out one morning for a dim sum brunch here…


…and we had the very lovely steamed salted egg yolk custard buns…


…and they were really so good – look at how the thick filling oozed out of the bun once I broke it into half.

We also had the steamed char siew pao but unfortunately, the photograph came out blur…and I would say that they were the best I had had for a long time. The skin was so very soft and fluffy and the filling was really yummy.

The har kao


…was very nicely done too – nice thin, translucent skin and whole prawns inside…and needless to say, they tasted great.

So were their three-combination siew mai


…that everybody enjoyed them very much.

I only ordered one serving of the xiao lung pao


…as I am not a fan of those – I do not really care for the “soup” inside with its extra strong ginger taste…but they said that there wasn’t much of that in them so on the whole, they did not think these were as nice as the rest that we had.

I had the lor mai kai the last time I was here…


…but I ordered that again…


…as I had forgotten that it was not all that great and it certainly seemed that things had not changed since – we still did not think it was anything not to be missed.

There was so much to eat – we ordered double of some of the stuff as there were four of us and each lau (storey) would only have three to go round…and after all of us had had our fill, the bill came up to only a little over RM50.00 inclusive of a big pot of Chinese tea.

I was here twice before and even though I did not think what I had was all that great the first time, we quite liked what we had the second time here…and this time around, I found that it was even better than before. Business certainly has improved a lot and there were quite a number of people despite it being a weekday. I hear the dim sum chef is an authentic one all the way from China, not some local guy who has picked  up the skill somewhere, and other than that, the service was excellent from the lady who took our orders, speaking with that peculiar Mainland China accent, right down to the waitress who would fill our teacups everytime we had had a little sip – yes, it was THAT good! There were so many of them – all the waiters and waitresses that it seemed that they had one assigned to each table, all ready to come instantly at your beck and call.

All things considered, I would say this is a good place to go to should one be feeling like having dim sum for breakfast and if it so happens that you would want to drop by, do take note that it is served only in the morning till around sometime before lunch.