It rained all night…

…that night when my friend, Lim, and his family took us and our friend, Jimmy, from Kuching out for dinner…


…at this very beautiful place at the Permai Lake Garden in the outskirts of Sibu town but of course, that did not stop us from making our way there…


It has been around for sometime now…


…but I had not been there before so when they suggested the venue of their choice…


…I jumped at the chance right away. It probably would be better to go on a moonlit night though so one would be able to walk around to enjoy the night view and the cool fresh air there…


I loved the honey chicken with the generous sprinkling of sesame seeds…

HC with SS

…and the jelly fish was good too…


– not too sour like what I had had at some other places and none/not so much of those thin strips of ginger which I would promptly remove before eating as I do not fancy biting into them and eating them like that.

Melissa loved the lamb curry…


…which was not like curry as we would know it, more towards the Japanese kind of curry, but it was very nice and worth trying should one happen to drop by there for a meal.

The kids loved the fried stuff, of course – the calamari rings…


…and the tofu fish balls…


…and I would say that we all enjoyed those as well.

The salted fish brinjal served in a hot plate…


…was nice but it would be better had it had a stronger salted fish taste.

Everybody loved the midin (wild jungle fern)…


…and the spinach…


…both fried plain (chin-chow) with garlic. I particularly enjoyed the sweetness of the vegetable and the fern without that being drowned out by all the usual ingredients used.

That certainly was a scrumptious dinner treat, thank you so much to you, Lim, and your missus and family. What could be better than time spent in the company of good friends…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “It rained all night…”

  1. The moment I saw the plain fried vege, I can actually “taste” the crunchiness and sweetness of them. I never managed to cook that nice though. Probably the wok is too small or the fire just too small at my place. That was a very nice dinner. But the place looked deserted. Never tried the place. Worth going the second time?

    Of course it was deserted – it was raining what, and it has been raining a lot for sometime now. Normally, the whole town would have been flooded but it seems that floods are things of the past here in Sibu now, thanks to the flood mitigation programmes and Bakun…but some low-lying areas do get flooded still though just a bit, once in a while. Despite the wet weather, the restaurant still enjoyed brisk business, no less than 10 tables when we were there – big place!

    The food was good but I would not know the prices – it was my friend’s treat. I guess they should be pretty reasonable as they do there quite frequently. Great place for people with kids, I’m sure.

    To get the veg like that, no water should be added and everything must be done quickly so the greens would not get overcooked. Best to undercook them to retain the crunchiness and sweetness plus cooking continues even when they have left the wok owing to the heat…and more often than not, at home, we do not sit down to eat right away.

  2. This is the first time you made a review on this place right? Never knew there was a kedai makan. I usually went to my cousin’s house at Permai when I was in Sibu. The food looks good. Midin fried with garlic is new to me. Normally I cook Midin with belacan and prefered Paku Uban with garlic. =)

    Without the belacan, you can taste the sweetness of the fern without it being drowned out. Nice and crunchy and a much milder taste. Paku uban is a bit bitter, not really a favourite of many. You can eat here, maybe…serves no pork like a number of restaurants around town here.

  3. It rained all night? Hmm wonder who is the tauke who paid the bill that night? They say if it rains on the day when someone treats the meal, that person is stingy! Haha xD I hope it’s not you! :p :p

    Oh no!!! That is definitely not true, a whole lot of rubbish. I have such wonderful and generous friends, praise the Lord for blessing me with such wonderful acquaintances.

  4. Food marathon seems never ends, one after another. All the food looks awesome and specially love the spinach, looks so crunchy, Droolinggggg!!!!!!

    This is not the end yet… More coming up! πŸ˜€

  5. Yay, dining with a lakeside view. The next best thing to a sea view! πŸ˜€

    I guess so. On a fine day, you can go boating in the lake and I hear you can pay to putt here but you will hit the golf ball into the lake – the end. (I guess they will go and collect those balls to reuse – the lake’s not deep, they say.) I would say it is a lovely place, reminds me of that Thai seafood restaurant at Titiwangsa many many years ago, dunno if there’s still one there now or not.

  6. I would like to try the lamb curry, similar to japanese curry ya, meaning not as spicy.

    Hey, I’m seeing snow flakes dropping down the top portion of your post, interesting πŸ˜€

    You’re not into spicy stuff? I thought Penang folks are Numero Uno when it comes to spicy food, can’t live without it? Aiyor…it has been snowing since December 1st and you just noticed. Not very observant lah you…or you’re always in a hurry? πŸ˜‰

  7. Ah!! I know this place, been here twice just took pix then we went to the big playground further in a bit.

    Maybe next time should try to eat here. Saw the restaurant but we are alwaya early and it’s not ready for biz. Yes, lovely place and can go jogging there too.

    There’s a big playground? Maybe I should drop by in the daytime sometime. I wonder if it is open for lunch or not.

  8. Very nice restaurant and all the dishes look like the sort I would definitely want to order. Lamb curry would definitely be in my order list. Must try Japanese style curry one day. I always think that it is strange but mustn’t pass judgement before tasting.

    It is! Not my favourite. At best, I would say it is nice, edible…but you will not find my jumping up and down with delight. I’d go for our local curry anytime!

  9. Its been raining quite a bit in KL…something like a wet Christmas with rain not snow πŸ˜€

    Thankfully, it did not snow. Read that there was snow in Vietnam!!! The end of the world is nigh!!! 😦

  10. Time with friends – always nice! That first pic – the background and ceiling looked really neat as a photo back drop! Cool!

    Yes, beautiful place and to think that it has been around for quite a while and I had never been there even though I live here. Just about shows how little I go around… πŸ˜‰

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