A number of you may know her, one of my blogger friends in Kuching, as I’ve seen her commenting in a number of blogs and I’ve seen some of you doing the same in hers as well. I would say that she is technically a Sibu blogger now as she has moved here, following her husband who now works in Sibu.

When they shifted here, she was in the family way so we never got round to arranging to meet each other in person and then, she gave birth. Those of you who follow her blog would know of all these events in her life, I’m sure. She did invite me to her baby’s full moon but I think it was on a Sunday and as usual, I was sending Melissa back to her school in Selangau so I was not able to make it. The school holidays are here and she did make a trip back to Kuching for a few days and when she got back the other day, she contacted me and we arranged to meet for breakfast one morning at this coffee shop hereand finally, we did, after all this time.

She’s very young, very pretty and very fair and gosh…she’s so slim even though, if I’m not mistaken, the recent one is her third child. She’s very friendly, very easy to get along with and we got off to a great start and talked about this and that like we’ve known each other all our lives.

She had the lor mee


…though I am not sure if she enjoyed that though it looked pretty good and I could detect the five spice powder fragrance in the thick gravy. I think I would try that next time but that morning, I had their beef noodles…


…which, thankfully, were not the Taiwanese version with all those preserved vegetables and all. I wouldn’t say it’s the best in town…


…but it’s good and I wouldn’t mind having it again anytime.

As I have mentioned earlier, she went back to Kuching for a few days when the school holidays started and look at what the sweet and thoughtful lady brought me all the way from there…

From Rose

kacang ma leaves and a whole box full of some very nice sio pao (baked buns with char siew filling).

Thanks so much, my friend. It certainly was a pleasure getting to meet you person. Do keep in touch – we’ll get together again sometime when we can. Cheers!