Come early morning…

My friends, Robert and Angela, said that the Indonesian lady‘s nasi lemak is very nice too but I must go early in the morning so I will not be disappointed as it sells out real fast. That was why I made my way there at around 8.00 a.m. that morning. Unfortunately, they were not quite ready to start their business for the day – I saw them getting down to cooking their nasi lemak so my guess was it would not be available till 9.00 a.m. or later.

In the end, I decided to have the kueh chap there…

Yummy's Kafe kueh chap 1
*photo taken using my antique handphone camera*

…and went to place my order at the stall…

Yummy's Kafe kueh chap stall

…in the other section (non-halal) of the coffee shop. I wish they would not hang their towels and bags and simply leave whatever everywhere  like that and would make an effort to put away everything nicely.

I think I had the kueh chap here before, a long long time ago. If I remember correctly, there were some other people here but they moved here and here too later. Personally, I thought all of them were all right – my personal preference is the one here but that one is very strong on those spices and as far as I know, some people are not all that fond of those. Taste aside, I would give this one some bonus marks for not using those horrendously gaudily coloured plastic bowls…

Yummy Kafe's kueh chap 2

Minus the fragrance of the spices, it was more like plain soy sauce broth. Otherwise, everything was fine with it – let’s just say this is one place to consider if you are in this part of town and you feel like having kueh chap. I had the special (RM8.00) but I asked for an extra stewed egg so that was RM9.00 altogether.

YUMMY’s KAFE (2.293333, 111.827763) is located along Jalan Bako, right beside the Alliance Bank.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Come early morning…”

  1. All in that bowl of kueh chap looks good. Personally, I prefer those kueh chap broth with herbal spices taste than just plain soy sauce taste. Normally, the normal serving of kueh chap comes with 1/2 stewed egg if my memory serves me right.

    Yes, just half. That was why I asked for another one.

    As long as there is no smell, I am fine with it – had had one at Sin Poh Poh once – Ban Hock side, now closed already, smelly so I could not eat. They said the kidney not washed clean or something but some people tell me kueh chap without the smell is not kueh chap, no, thank you!

  2. So many ingredients!! Kueh chap. I usually select what ingredients in it, not all that I like in my kueh chap.

    Oh? Can pick and choose? I didn’t know that! But there wasn’t anything that would put me off so it was all right – I just wished I could have a bit more of those noodle sheets.

  3. There’s an aunty from Sarawak selling kuih chap at PJ, this reminds me I should pay her a visit soon.

    Oh? Is that a Sarawak thing? Hakka maybe, lots of them in Kuching. We did not have kueh chap in Sibu before in my growing up and teenage years, all Foochows here – not until quite recently.

  4. Guess I never know how to appreciate kueh chap. Should try one day. But this looks a bit too meaty for my liking.

    I don’t mind a bit more kueh and a little less chap. After all, it is a noodle dish. Maybe it was because I ordered the special.

  5. Ya they should not hang their towels like that, look so unhygienic. In sg, we can pick and choose the ingredients for our kueh chap.

    That is nice. I know we can do that at one other place – it used to be here before they moved away. Maybe I can do that here too, just that I never asked so I do not know.

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