Reason for the season…

The shepherds are led by a star in the sky
On the outskirts of town, a new baby cries
No room at the inn, no crib to be found
Oh…but look at him now


He is the reason for the season
He is the light that shines on our lives
The baby Jesus born in God’s grace
So we all might rejoice on this day
He is the reason for the season

It is a time for presents…

From Andrew 1
*From my ex-student, Andrew 1*

From Andrew 2
*From my ex-student, Andrew 2*

…and toys, tales of Saint Nick
Tidings of joy…

From QP & SK
*From Quay Po and [SK]*

From Elin
*From Elin*

From George Willie, KK
*From my cousin, Georgie, in KK*

As we celebrate the miracle birth
Oh right here on this earth

He’s the reason for the giving…

From the kucings...
*From smallkucing & family*

The joy that’s never ending…

From Annie
*From Annie-Q*

From Angeline
*From Angeline*

From Jimmy 1
*From Jimmy 1*

That comes on Christmas morning in the eyes of a child
It’s what it means to me and you
That’s the true meaning of this time…

From Jimmy 2
*From Jimmy 2*

…of this time

A Blessed and Holy Christmas to one and all, thank you for all the festive greetings & good wishes, the cards and the presents, love, peace and joy be upon us all on this day and throughout the coming year!