Back to school…

There was a shabu-shabu/steamboat place here originally but it has closed down and now, they’ve opened up this one…

B2S 1

…with a back-to-school concept so one would be able to see a lot of blackboards and school tables everywhere…

B2S 2

…and even an old bicycle…

B2S 3
*Oh? They’ve ashtrays in schools?*

You will have to go to the counter and order…

B2S 4

…and pay but they will serve you the food, once done.

The cold drinks are served with a straw…

B2S 5

…in their own customised bottles…

B2S 6

…like those days when I was in school.

I remember when pupils could buy those made-in-Sibu Ngor Kian or Chuo Kian aerated water/drinks in bottles at the school canteen and they would just open it up and give it to you with a straw like this. They were very cheap, 20 cents, I think…or to the most, 30 cents but even then, most of the time, we could not afford them which could be a blessing in disguise actually as it was mostly colouring and artificial flavours. Try the cherry, for instance…and you’ll end up with red teeth for the rest of the day. Usually, we would have to wait till festivals such as Christmas or Chinese New Year when my father would buy one crate home but even then, access was restricted. They were meant for the guests…and we had to make do with whatever “crumbs that fell from the table”, so to speak.

Well, that day, my missus ordered the beef noodles…

B2S 7

…while Melissa had the mutton soup hor fun (flat rice noodles)…

B2S 8

They liked what they had ordered and I did try both but I did not think I was all that impressed. Both tasted similar, like Bovril soup, I thought – nothing to shout about.

I had the chicken chop rice…

B2S 9

…and opted for the other sauce (couldn’t understand the girl at the counter very well when it came to the more “technical terms”) instead of the mayo and it was good. The chicken was…like chicken and the sauce was nice, something like Thai chili sauce.

They served the chicken rice in balls…

B2S 10

…like what they do in Malacca and I would say they were all right, not great…but not bad.

I also ordered the or chian or oyster omelette to try and it turned out to be like the ones in Kuching or what some would call our very own Sarawak pizza…

B2S 11

…not like those in the peninsula. Melissa said she would prefer it like this and liked this more than what she had here and personally, I thought it was nicer than what we had in Kuching not too long ago.

Now, what happened was it took quite a while to appear and once it was served, we all started eating. Then, the waitress came, all apologetic, saying that the chef had missed out some ingredients and so she had to take it back…and served us a brand new piece…

B2S 12

…which seemed to have some bits of shitake mushroom, chopped spring onions and chili that we could not see in the first one. Both tasted great and since I was not asked to pay extra, we were absolutely fine with that little mess-up they made.

I cannot remember the price of each item that I ordered but the total came up to RM49.20…which I would not say is cheap, not at all. For that kind of money, I think I would rather go to some place less impressive and enjoy the food a lot more…and still have change but of course, you may choose to differ. To each his own!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

30 thoughts on “Back to school…”

  1. i prefer old school kampua… and siobee… and kompia…

    Bet you would love the kampua in my old school canteen! No meat, just lard! 😀

  2. I thought you went back to your old working place to makan ! Yup, agree with you, it sounds expensive for a place like this.

    Wanna go to these concept places, gotta pay with it lor… Well, you can jolly well guess when I will be going back there again. 😉

  3. Oh interesting! I like those customized bottles! And yea, do they have ash trays in school? LOL!

    Times have changed…maybe. 😀

  4. Great concept! To decorate the place, they need to invest more money and hence the more expensive price haha!

    They’ve one in KL, saw in somebody’s blog….same concept but not the same name. Yup…have to pay for those “extras” though personally, I’d much sooner pay extra for the food instead.

  5. Ahh…memories of school. Waiting for the recess bell to ring, everyone rushing to be first in line for Moh Seng’s `char mee tam’; priceless!! On Saturdays, it’s got to be the house-stall across the road for their infamous `ngor mee thng’ (sweet cooling drink served in a bowl) after a good game of badminton.

    Across the road? You mean the not-so-friendly kompia lady’s place, Tiong Hua Road? No, thank you. 😀 The old guy got kicked out of the canteen eventually – food quality never improved, not so clean…and despite endless warnings, he simply turned a deaf ear. Well, he went and open a stall at Rejang Park but it did not last long, not surprised. Anyway, I heard he managed to buy a string of houses out of the money he made from the “captive” customers, the students – and somehow, everything would taste great one one’s hungry, I guess.

  6. The old steamboat place? Hmm I think I been there once before I went for my delivery back in Sept. Has closed down? The one in town?

    Very expensive!! Oh, now we had Malacca chicken rice balls here?

    Yes, no need to go all the way there…and it’s overrated anyway. Ask anyone who’s been there, queue for so long…and it’s just like…chicken rice, much nicer ones elsewhere – the only thing is they’re in the shape of balls. Gimmick! Nope, this is not Mitsu – it’s in the bus terminal area, next to 101 which is opposite Baba & Siam.

  7. The bottled drinks with straw reminds me of my childhood days. Remember the aeroplane brand drinks which stains the lips & tongues after drinking. I like the soda taste though. Using blackboard & chalks, ermm…very dirty leh. Better use white board & marker.

    Yup, most schools use white boards now but the aircon tuition centres – the smell of the ink in the markers can get really strong and when wiped, there will be the black particles of the dried ink too. I wonder how safe those would be. Should be fine if the rooms are not airconditioned.

  8. Don’t think I’ll drop by soon again. Went there for lunch. Waited almost an hour for my fiances chicken rice to come out. She said food was cold. Disliked it. Haha

    One hour? The rice and noodles did not take too long, just the oyster omelette. Well, that makes two of us – definitely not good enough for that kind of prices…and for me, communicating with the workers may be a bit tricky. 😉 If expensive but the food is awesome plus great service and ambiance like Payung, the whole package, I would not mind paying the extra.

  9. At least you have tried the food there otherwise you wouldn’t know…. Never try never know as the saying goes…best is still Ruby and Payung, right?

    Payung, definitely!

  10. very charming decor! the oyster omelet looks very unique, and it’s nice how they substituted it even though it would have been at extra cost to them! hopefully you’ll be back to Back to School sometime soon! 😀

    Well, if I do go back, it would be for the oyster omelette and I may try whatever else they may have to offer. I saw some burgers but I’m not really into those. Maybe my girl would be keen.

  11. There’s one “back to school” theme restaurant here around PJ!!!

    I know. Saw it in somebody’s blog, can’t remember whose now… Not the same name though.

  12. Oh, interesting place! Maybe will go there just for drinks and not the food. Food look so so , not attract me, I like the ambience only. 🙂

    I would prefer Payung anytime…

  13. So old school… hehe

    Not really like the real thing, I would say. Could have done a lot better than this, based on this very interesting conceptual theme.

  14. This “school” concept is quite popular in KL now too.. a few places here have blackboards as well as other props to remind us of the good ol’ school days.

    Oh? I saw one only in somebody’s blog.

  15. interesting concept there.. I’m still wondering why is there no Space concept restaurant yet.

    And you will float in the air? You ok lah…not me! Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  16. The theme ‘back to school’ sure attracted young and old ‘students’! Haha xD

    It sure did! Saw a lot of photos shared on my Facebook page. That’s why I went to check it out. Not too impressed, unfortunately. It’s the food I’m looking for, not all these gimmicks…like those toilet…or hospital-concept cafes in places like Penang. No, thank you.

  17. The very interesting theme and for a moment I really thought you go back to school for teaching again.

    Lord have mercy!!! I have had enough of that, thank you very much!

  18. Interesting name!

    very good gesture of the chef to know his mistake and took it back.

    Yes, it was. But actually, it was nice even without the ingredients he forgot to add.

  19. just like the school canteen where you have to pay at the counter. hehe

    Yup! With our 10 cent per day pocket money – for a drink and something to eat, my time – the colonial days.

  20. Interesting concept with furnishings and decor to complement. Miss the good old days when carbonated drinks are in bottles 😐

    Eyewwwww!!!! All colouring and artificial flavours. Best avoided. Even to date, I would just drink plain water…or kopi-o-peng.

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