A holly jolly Christmas…

We tried the Christmas pudding with Irish Cream sauce on Christmas morning – the one that Andrew, my ex-student, brought back all the way from New Zealand to give to me…

CP with IS 1

It was very sweet, so sweet that I could not detect any taste in the pudding other than its overwhelming sweetness but nonetheless, it was very moist and soft…

CP with IS 2

We all had a bit of it and put the rest in the fridge. Later that afternoon, I took it out and it was cold and I tried. To my delight, it did not come across as being as sweet and I actually enjoyed it very much so I finished all of it.

My missus was busy all afternoon as she was getting her mum and family members over to our house for dinner and we had this roast chicken…


that we had not too long ago and thought it was very nice so she made up her mind to get a big one and cook that for our Christmas dinner in place of turkey – she is not a fan of the meat so she would rather not have one.

Then, there was also this very nice lamb shank dish…


…that she cooked and I guess she was afraid that the sort-of-western cuisine would not go down well with everybody so she fried these freshwater prawns with garlic and sesame oil…


…the way she would usually cook them.

We also had salad…


…with the cherry tomatoes that grow “wild” in our garden. They would simply sprout out anytime anywhere they like and all we would have to do would be to just go out and help ourselves and pluck!

To go with all those, my missus also cooked some garlic butter rice…


…and for dessert, we had the brandy-infused fruit pudding…


…that I got from my maternal uncle’s wife in Kuching, a family recipe of my mum and aunts and I do recall how we would wait for Christmas and Chinese New Year every year as they would make this and we would be able to have a slice or two sometimes.  It was specially reserved for guests who cared to drop by, you see, and kids in those days were certainly not as fortunate as the ones today – as a matter of fact, I honestly do believe that they probably would not even give this a second glance. Tsk! Tsk! Everyone loved the pudding that I saw most fitting to serve in the very nice brand new Christmas plate that I received from my friend, Jimmy. for the festive season this year.

It certainly was a truly enjoyable dinner and gathering and thanks so much to Mary, my niece, currently based in Singapore and home on vacation, for the delightful presents…


Well, Christmas has come and gone and tomorrow, we will herald in a brand new year, 2014. Gee! How time does seem to fly!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “A holly jolly Christmas…”

  1. STP, I would love to have the roasted chicken recipe from your wife. Can?
    My Rosemary and lemon chicken suits the kids more. Adult like me and my hubby would prefer something spicy or black pepper instead.

    The butter rice looks good and also the egg salad…

    Same recipe, rosemary & lemon. This was a non-spicy dinner. The rice was ok, I did not quite like the salad dressing my missus bought – I prefer our own family recipe.

  2. That was a wonderful xmas feast. 🙂
    Yes, time really flies. And I have been in Sibu for 6 months now.

    Happy new year to you abd family. Planning another big feast? Lol.

    Not really, no mood liao, girl is going back to her jungle school. Will probably have a simple steamboat dinner at home.

  3. wow, lots of very delicious food there i see!! no wonder you said your missus was all busy in the kitchen, why the husband was busy having fun (taking photos) and entertaining the guests – and of course busy EATING!!! :p

    Her turn. That day I did almost all of the cooking when we had my friends joining us for dinner. Everything must share-share mah…

  4. Christmas puddings:D Sweet but delightful:D

    Its still 12 days of Christmas…so merry Christmas 😀

    Not THIS sweet! I really wonder how they can eat anything like that. The mince pies I got from NZ were sweet too…but because of the pastry, it was not so bad.

  5. What a great feast to celebrate X’mas. Wow, so much food. Love the roast chicken & garlic butter rice. Your missus is a great cook and I wonder what she is going to cook for the New Year Eve. Yum!!!…Yum!!!…

    Probably we’ll just have steamboat. No mood, girl’s going back to her jungle school… 😦

  6. What a scrumptious feast, Arthur!! The first picture itself had made me drool… salivating!

    Go ahead! Drool! Drool! Since you do not want to come, that’s the best you can do. Hehehehehe!!!!!

  7. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    Prawns….one of my favourite …

    Just got a big bag from my brother-in-law from Bintulu – can’t get at the market now, horrible weather…so we’re saving them for Chinese New Year.

  8. I like Christmas Pudding but i often find them way too sweet for me 😦

    Yes, sooooooooo sweet. But my aunt’s fruit pudding was good, sugar reduced this time around so not sweet.

  9. The food looks delicious. The cakes look so moist, especially the second one.

    What type of dressing is on the salad?

    Yes, the food was great. It was some salad cream that my missus bought – one of the bottled varieties and this one had herbs, she said. Never really checked the label myself.

    1. I was wondering the same thing!
      Inquiring minds – want to know!? teehee
      My guess – and I’m sure I am wrong – is it like a Honey Mustard!?

      No, it’s not honey mustard. Melissa loves that. I saw a bottle at a supermart here and it costs almost RM50, a little under US$20 – so very expensive and I decided I could live without it.

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