Fattie bum bum…

There was a song that was quite popular over the airwaves some time ago and the lyrics go like this: “Hey, fattie bum bum…sweet sugar dumpling!

Well, there is a fattie all right – a very fat young girl selling dumplings, not sugar dumplings but meat dumplings or what we call bak chang. She used to sell them by the pavement but now she has moved her stall…

Bak chang stall

…inside the coffee shop next to this one in Kuching.

Well, while Melissa was busy with her own thing that morning, I did go out to look around the shops in the vicinity and I ended up buying one of each of her dumplings to try…and that was why I was so full when I met up with Melissa around lunchtime later that day.

This is the meat and shitake mushroom dumpling (RM3.00)…

Meat & shitake 1

…which was just so-so – nothing to shout about…

Meat & shitake 2

…and I believe the last time I was there, I did buy one or two from her to try and was not impressed. Well, I must say that my opinion has not changed since.

However, this time around, I also bought one of her sambal chicken chang (RM3.50)…

Sambal chicken

…and I loved it very much – spicy and tasted really great.

But the one that I loved best was the or nee (yam paste) bak chang (RM3.50)…

Or nee bak

There was so much or nee inside and the sweetness blended so well with the salty minced meat and pulut (glutinous rice) to make the overall taste absolutely awesome. I made up my mind right away that I would go back to the stall the next day to buy a whole lot to take home. These are so much nicer than the ones that I bought in Malacca (RM4.50) and are cheaper too.

Unfortunately, when I went back to the stall the next morning, she only had 3 of the or nee bak chang left so I bought all three and all nine of the sambal chicken ones that she had. She had a lot of the meat and shitake mushroom ones but I did not want those and neither did I want the ones with salted egg – she did not have those the day before.

I saw these the day before though…

Sambal panggang 1

…and at first, I thought she was selling otak-otak. She told me it was sambal panggang and I was not in the least interested until somebody commented on my status on Facebook that hers are the best in town. That was why I ended up buying a few home…

Sambal panggang

They were very nice but probably it was because of the pandan leaves used in wrapping them, they tasted more like chang than panggang to me. It was fine by Β me though as what was most important would be the fact that they tasted pretty good.

One thing’s for sure, should I happen to be hopping over to Kuching again, chances are I would be dropping by her stall again to cart some more of her lovely dumplings home. Yum! Yum! Fattie bum bum!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

27 thoughts on “Fattie bum bum…”

  1. Look tasty. πŸ˜€

    The sambal chicken ones are nice too but I don’t think they are halal. They’ve nice ones at the Bandong kuih stall here in Sibu in the morning but at RM1, can’t expect a lot of meat.

  2. I remember that song too well. My cheeky classmates used to dedicate that song to me humph!! 😦 I have not come across sambal chicken chang or orr nee bak chang. Would love to try if I ever find them here.

    Oh? Are you on the heavy side like me too? Hehehehehehe!!!!

  3. Looks good…

    Both good and not so good – but I guess it depends on one’s taste, anyway – what I don’t really like, others may love a lot.

  4. Love them heaps, be it or nee, sambal or meat. Where about is this place? Around Jln Song Thian Cheok or Padungan area? It won’t go wrong if you say it is nice. Would love to try.

    In the past, we used to go for the old lady’s nyonya chang & nyonya kueh – the one with a stall in the afternoon by the road side in front of the Green Road shops…and Irene’s nyonya chang and popiah are good too…but those being out of the way, I would settle for these – very nice too. Opposite Heritage, block next to Sin Poh Poh and Mekong Cafe…

    1. It has been ages since I last buy from the old lady of Green Road. Don’t know still there or not. Due to the almost everyday very bad traffic jam at the area, I try to avoid using that road. Can give this one a try. Thanks for the info, Sibu lang.

      I love hers but no transport, not convenient to go and buy. Same case with the Kai Joo Lane goodies… My favourites!!! 😦

  5. Pulut panggang or sambal panggang? Same thing or not? Lots of isi, how much is that? Aiyoh, anyway, don’t call her fattie bum bum la… not nice mah. And to Phong Hong, your classmates not nice.. no matter how fat you were, there’s a fine line between joking and being mean spirited.

    I can’t remember the price. Pulut panggang usually cylindrical, kosong…but the ones in Kuching has sambal inside. This one’s wrapped differently and are not in banana leaves.

    Hmmm…you should hear what names people called me all my life – no wonder I’m somewhat psychologically insecure, severe lack of self-esteem… Hehehehehehehe!!!!

  6. The bak chang with sambal chicken and yam sound very special to me. I don’t mind trying both of these flavour. I actually love those beans bak chang more than those traditional one. By the way, my PIL make bak chang to sell on bak chang festival, They make those traditional and bean one.

    p/s: RM3.50 is very reasonable.

    Reasonable? Hmmm….I guess what is most important is the quality, the taste. We’ve cheaper ones in Sibu…but they’re not worth the calories. I hardly bother buying.

  7. bak chang! a family favorite for me too. i love the ones with lots of chestnuts and some salted egg yolk πŸ˜€

    Those would be the Chinese chang or what we call Hokkien chang. They sell those here in Sibu but I’ve yet to come across any really nice ones in town… 😦

  8. That’s what my father used to call me!

    I love bak chang (especially the meat & mushroom); it reminds me of the ancestral roots of the family.

    What I don’t understand is why my acquaintance didn’t bring me to this lady’s stall the last time I was in Kuching. Hmm…

    Oh dear! Why on earth would your dad call you a name like that?

  9. I’m surprised that nobody is mentioning Satay House’s or nee bak chang. I tried it before and I liked it a lot. But one has to order beforehand as the demand is high., Talking about or nee.. ever tried the.. i think they call it wu kok. the famous pastry sold behind the main police station in town. Full of or nee! I agree with you. The nyonya kueh aunty at the Green Road. I bought a lot from them. Really nice but a bit pricey. But there are two stalls there. The younger towkay nueh’s kueh is nicer, from my opinion.

    Satay House? Where is that?

    As for the place behind the police station – that’s Kai Joo Lane – or in Hokkien “kua char hang” (coffin lane) – best meat pastry and curry puff in the world but getting there is a pain especially after they closed down India Street. The yam puffs are good if eaten there – not if you bring it back to Sibu. The skin will lose its nice brittle fibrous quality – not nice anymore. https://suituapui.wordpress.com/2009/11/04/it-never-rains-in-southern-california-2/

    Well, all of us in my family would disagree with you – if the old lady’s not there, we would rather not buy and not eat as we feel the other stall’s not as nice.

    1. Satay House is located right opposite Old Rex cucur udang at Rubber Road. Hmm.. I guess our taste do differ for the Green Road nyonya kueh..

      I see. When it comes to cucur, we go to Peterson – next to Satok market. Beats Old Rex hands down.

  10. I’ve never tried these changs before. I normally buy from the lady at green road.

    These are nice but they’re not nyonya’s, the pork ones – no ketumbar taste.

  11. I would love to try the sambal chang…over here in IPOH, it is difficult to find.. maybe more in Penang cos this looks like Hokkian chang.. πŸ™‚

    I guess so. First time trying and I liked – gave some to Annie Kiu who was in town for the holidays and she loved it too!!!

  12. didnt get her phone number ka? Next time go Kuching can call her to order the Chang that you want mah. Sure wont “miss”

    You want her phone number? Isn’t it up there in the sign? You can call her if you wish, no problem, I’m sure.

  13. Hi Arthur! I think I would love that yam paste bak chang too… savoury pork with sweet soft yam… just like how we love having yam pieces in braised pork belly… Great idea to use that in rice dumpling…

    Pity we don’t it here in Singapore.. Maybe can try that soon… Dragon boat festival is coming soon…

    It’s coming? Oh dear…I wonder who will be making some for me this year. Hehehehehe!!!!! I love the nyonya ones best.

  14. and i bet those leaf wrapper added a hint of a flavor too

    I guess it does make a difference, or else people would not bother to use those pandan leaves to wrap – extra fragrance.

  15. I like this kind of bak zhang too, though I don’t mind salted egg in mine. I love the works inside! πŸ˜€

    Not a huge fan of yam though, meat ones are awesome.

    It’s yam paste with meat. I would not want anything without meat either…and yes, I love salted egg in my dumplings too. πŸ˜‰

  16. RM3.50 for the dumplings seem like a good price. Its around RM5 in KL these days.

    *faints* But as long as it is very nice, generous with the filling and everything, I guess it is worth it. Nothing comes cheap these days so we should expect to pay for it if it’s quality that we want.

  17. I have to say this again, thank you and I am lucky I get to taste the yummy sambal chicken zhang. Lucky you give me the chicken and not the or nee one. Or nee zhang something new, cannot imagine how it taste.

    Nice – sweet and salty. Too bad sold out…except three…or I would have bought more and I would have given you to try as well.

  18. Hi, can I have the exact address for the chicken sambal bak chang in kuching please. I just move to Kuching and still not familiar yet.
    Thank you

    It is among the shops along Jalan Ban Hock, across the road from Grand Continental Hotel at the back – you can go in via Jalan Song Thian Cheok, a stall at a coffee shop (1.553597, 110.354284) somewhere opposite Heritage Restaurant – don’t think it is halal though, Chinese-owned. Welcome to Sarawak! I bet you’ll love it here!

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