I received these gifts…

From Huai Bin

…from Huai Bin when he came home and had just reached Sibu that day – the limited edition Tim Tam by Adriano Zumbo and lots of goodies, if I understood correctly, from a place in Kl that specialises in these Taiwan delights. I thought the sun biscuit (red label) was all right but it was different from what I had before. Somehow, it seemed to me that the filling was something like that in the pineapple cakes while what I had before would be more like the buttery filling in other one (chocolate label). My daughter loved the lemon cake while I loved that matcha cake, though I am usually not fond of anything green tea. This one was very mild, not strong on the green tea smell and taste and on the whole, the cake was not sweet – just right for me.

I was saving the Tim Tam for my girl when she came home for the weekend and I did try one myself. It was nice, sweet…and I did take some photographs of it, outside and inside but they turned out blur owing to the insufficient lighting in the room and when I wanted to snap some more, there wasn’t any left. My girl truly enjoyed it tremendously – I only had one and the mum had one as well while she finished all the rest in the pack in no time at all which, of course, made me very happy. Thank you so much, Huai Bin – it is so sweet of you to always bring something back for me to enjoy and a special thank you for saving me that pack of Tim Tam despite there being others who were waiting to lay their paws on them. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

Talking about gifts, my friend, Richard, here in Sibu gave me some of the nyonya changs that he made himself and of course, I enjoyed them very much but this time around, I did not finish them all at one go. I just savoured a few and kept the rest in the freezer and ate them one by one as and when I felt like having any. Well, I had just finished the last one…

Richard's nyonya chang

…and I thought that was it for the year when I got an sms from my cousin in Kuching telling me that she would be sending me some…

Green Road nyonya chang

…and good grief! She sent me so many – this was just half of the lot that I received. I left the other half at my parents’ place for them to enjoy and only took these home for myself.


Green Road nyonya chang

…came from the roadside stall in front of the shops at Green Road in Kuching and they were very very nice, as nice as I remember them to be. They’ve been doing this for a long time now and in the past, they would only be setting up their stall/table by mid-afternoon around 3 or 4.00 p.m. selling these dumplings and also some really awesome nyonya kuihs like serimuka and the rest…but on some days, they might not appear for some reason or other.

Thank you so very much to her too for those and also for these panggang

Sambal panggang 1

…with sambal inside…

Sambal panggang 2

…but at best, I thought they were just ok…

Sambal panggang 3

This type of panggang would be as good as the sambal inside unlike the kosong (empty) ones which would depend heavily on how lemak (rich with santan/coconut milk) and how perfectly-panggang-ed (cooked over hot charcoal fire) they are and personally, I would prefer the latter, best enjoyed with condensed milk or kaya (coconut jam). However, as far as this type is concerned, I do think that the ones from this fat girlΒ that I had before were much nicer.

In the meantime, I received another sms – this time from Annie-QΒ asking me to go to her brother’s house to get these dumplings…

Dumplings from Annie-Q's brother 1

…that he made himself.

I was not sure how to cook them but I followed his instructions – to boil some water and once boiling, to drop in the dumplings…and bring the water back to boil and then, add some more water and bring it to boil once again. Once the dumplings started floating up to the surface, they would be cooked…and I guess I did a pretty good job at that…

Dumplings from Annie-Q's brother 2

I made some black vinegar plus ginger dip, the way they would serve these at the shops and tried some. They were so very good and my missus and Melissa loved them very much too. In fact, I did not tell my missus when I went to get them and after eating, she asked where I had bought them from. When I told her, she said, “No wonder they were so very nice!” Indeed, they were a lot nicer than any I had had at the shops here or anywhere else. I understand he was making them at home for sale but only upon Β orders from friends. I am not sure how much he’s selling them though – I didn’t ask.

Thanks, Annie and thanks to your brother too for these dumplings. I certainly would want to order more but not at the moment – I still have one of the two packs in the freezer, keeping them to cook over the weekend when Melissa’s home.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

29 thoughts on “Gifts…”

  1. ooo lots of glutinous rice in this post … i like! at first i was trying to remember though whether it’s bak chang season πŸ˜€

    Me too! Nope, it has gone past already. Mooncake Festival coming up in a bit…8th of September, I think.

  2. HB is such a nice guy brought you so much goodies . He really pamper you. Ooh…I love the nyonya dumplings. There’s a lot in katong and famous too!

    Yes, he most certainly is. Such a great guy, so very very nice. He even took the trouble to drive over to my house upon arrival to drop the things off even though he had not slept a wink the night before – hanging out at the airport to wait for the early morning flight. Went back to sleep after that.

    Ya, I’ve tried the Katong ones. My brother would go all the way to buy everytime when he was on transit on his way back from Auckland – supposedly the best ones in Singapore. VERY expensive…and personally, I thought they were just so-so…more or less like the Kuching or Melaka ones or the ones my friend. Richard, makes every year – may even fall short a bit, in comparison. These things are often over-rated and do not live up to their reputation. Maybe that is why my brother does not buy anymore lately.

  3. That Tim Tam caught my attention! I can finish one pack of Tim Tam sekali too.. The big packet which has 8 pieces in it.. Not cheap, I wanted to buy last weekend when I was shopping for my groceries, RM12+! And that last photo of sui kow caught my attention too. MIL makes the best sui kow in the world and she will pack for us to bring home to cook it during the weekdays too.. We just heat up some leftover soup and dump the sui kow in til they float..

    Oh? I thought I could do that too – just boil or steam but I was given specific specifications as to how to cook them and I followed loyally. Maybe there is a difference, I wouldn’t know. The last time we made, we just used the sio bee/piansip skin sold at the wet market here so that was different. The texture is not the same at all.

    So when you throw them into your soup, the flour in the skin will not make the soup thick and starchy? It does that to the water when we boil fresh kampua noodles to cook them.

    1. Yep, when I throw them into my soup, I scoop them out once they float. If I leave them there longer, they will sink and the soup will become starchy and the skin will break.. So yeah, need to keep an eye and scoop those babies out immediately when they float πŸ™‚

      Oh, I see… Cannot wait too long, eh? I was almost panicky, waiting for them to float and scooping them out as quickly as I could and fumbling at it. πŸ˜€ First time, like that lah….so excited! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  4. That is so nice that you received all these gifts!!!

    Indeed. Often has it been said that caring is sharing…and it is in giving that we are truly blessed.

  5. No worries! Glad you and your family enjoyed them! πŸ™‚

    Haha! Yeah, so many people wanted the Adriano Zumbo limited edition Tim Tams that I just couldn’t accommodate everyone – you’re actually one of two people who got it outside of our immediate family!

    My dad thought the lemon cake was too sweet but I quite like it – it’s supposed to be shaped like a lemon too, one of my favorites from that Taiwanese bakery.

    That pulut panggang looks good! I bought some at BCF, it was cooked the traditional way e.g. over a charcoal fire, but the filling leaves a lot to be desired – despite it being RM 2 per piece. That bak zhang reminds me of Kathy. She makes some awesome ones. *hint*

    Interesting! Are those dumplings for sale to the public? From what you wrote and how it was packaged, I imagine it’s meant for sale. What is inside though? Pork and chives?

    Yes, pork & chives, very nicely done…and yes, Annie said he makes them for sale but only upon orders from friends, small scale. I can get his handphone contact, if you’re interested but I don’t think it will be good if you take them back to KL – not nice, she said, if you do not cook it right away and it has defrosted.

    Kathy’s chang is the Chinese or what we call Hokkien ones, different from nyonya. Dunno where to get good ones in KL. The last time I bought some, I had to go all the way to Melaka…from a shop with a snooty lady like hers is teh best of the world. Nice, very nice…but others can be just as nice and hers were quite expensive. Maybe the next time we go out, I’ll take you to where they make the sambal panggang – I don’t think they’re that expensive, probably they jacked up the prices of things for the festival.

    Ya, the lemon cake was sweet but it was ok to me – I just didn’t quite care for the essence, not fond of that in cakes of any kind. My daughter loved it though! Now she’s thinking of making lemon cake once she can find the time. Thanks again for everything.

  6. Lots of different timtam flavours now. The recent peanut butter ones also vv nice but I don’t like the Turkish delights. We love the dumplings too n can get ready made wrappers here so just made the fillings tp put in. Sometimes I pan fried also nice.

    Melissa said she used to buy ready-made ones in Wellington and pan-fried, following the instructions – no need to boil or steam first. She loves these dumplings but of course, home made ones are always nicer…especially when it comes to the filling.

  7. and i thot u hated ginger…

    Not when I had to eat it. Like with mee sua in traditional Foochow red wine chicken soup, I love it…provided it is in chunks or slices, can throw it away easily. My missus used to pound – lots of it, said it would get the ginger flavour out…but I hated biting into the bits so I complained…and complained. She doesn’t do that anymore. The dip did not come across quite the same though – maybe they soak the ginger in the vinegar. Mine had no ginger taste at all. Goondoo, first time making it.

  8. Ah, nyonya chang, my favorite chang of all, but we rarely have it. Mom is from Melaka, she thinks the ones we can buy in KL is not worth it, so we only get to eat some once in a blue moon.
    I thought the panggang looks really good, another deceptive photo? πŸ˜€

    It looked good, tasted good too…but nothing really to shout about – there are better ones. Ya, homemade nyonya chang, or anything homemade, for that matter, would be the best. My mum used to make a long time ago so that is why I have this soft spot for nyonya chang over the usual ones. When it comes to those, none can beat my MIL’s Hokkien chang but she does not make them anymore and nobody else knows how to tie those dumplings, end of story. 😦 Come, there has to be some place in Penang where they sell nyonya chang as nice as the ones in Melaka – like in Singapore, it’s all the way in Katong. Let me know if you do find any.

  9. All looks so good especially the chang & dumplings. So far, I like the bak chang from Green Road & Jalan Song Thian Cheok. You never run out of stock, eh? Truly blessed & being pampered by all your friends, far and near. Glad that you enjoy them.

    Song Thian Cheok? That would be Fattie fattie bum bum’s then…opposite Heritage. Not bad, hers are nice also…but Green Road ones, more like real nyonya changs, more of the ketumbar taste – nicer. I know they have pretty good ones at Kenyalang market too and there’s one lady – famous for her chang and popiah – used to be at that laksa place in Padungan before she moved…cannot remember here name now and dunno if she’s still in the business. Have not heard of her for a while now.

    1. Hahaha!!!…yes, the fattie fattie bum bum. The kopitiam name is Sim Poh Poh if I am not wrong.

      Nope, not Sin Poh Poh. That’s next door – in the next block of shops at the end of the whole area. This one is the one next to Mekong, dunno the name. Never took notice. They say the let tau suan from a stall at this one is very nice too – never got to try. Haven’t had that for so long now – gotta remember to go and have that the next time I hop over to Kuching.

  10. Goodness, all that nice food and the limited edition Tim Tams! Oh, and the yummy nonya changs and dumplings. You are so blessed aren’t you? πŸ™‚

    I am. I truly truly am! Hehehehehehe!!!!

  11. For a moment I thought it was choong chit too! πŸ™‚ now is the time to buy and eat… no more paying higher prices especially during the festive season… Now most blogs are showing mooncakes already… I see also scared now… too sweet for my liking.. I still have two in the fridge, still haven’t finished yet.. I better eat them up otherwise next year my son might not send them to me anymore! hahahaha…

    Next year, give them my mailing address. I certainly would appreciate it…a lot! No need to send to you – it’s the thought that counts. Muahahahahahaha!!!!

    1. hahahaa… If he sends to you, I’m afraid it triggers some wrong message! Will it or will it not? *wink wink* hahahaa…

      No, no…no message whatsoever, mouth stuffed full with sweet stuff, will only have sweet things to say about the sender. πŸ˜€

  12. I am into nyonya changs and sambal panggang! ^^

    Tim Tam? Long time didnt see it!

    Ta Kiong, a lot!!! But maybe, not the limited edition, other flavours. Tried the sambal panggang at a stall at Bandong? They say very nice but I have never bought any – not really into the sambal ones. Will eat when there’s any – will not go out of my way to get some.

  13. if only i stay in Sibu.. i will be pretending to be near your house and drop by.. HAHAHAHAHA.. !!!

    Most welcome, anytime… Have to hurry though, very fast…all gone. Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  14. So many goodies. I have seeing Tim Tam around, have not tried once, not really a fans. Maybe I should try it one day.

    Nyonya zhang, I still have few in fridge. Slowly enjoy.

    Glad you like the dumplings. You can cook it in soup version or you can bring it to the coffee shop ask them to cook for you like pian sip, soup or dry. This is what my brother did. πŸ™‚ It is RM0.80 per dumpling.

    My girl loves Tim Tam, will buy to eat herself sometimes. I am not really into these sweet things. Ya…me too – the nyonya chang still in the freezer, eating one by one…slowly. 80 sen is cheap – dunno how much at Noodle House but I’ve seen at some places, RM1.00 each even. Ya, maybe I can cook some of them in a soup dish like pian sip. Melissa will probably want to pan-grill them when she comes home this weekend. She loves them like that too, very much.

  15. So many gifts from lovely friends :).
    Err, have not tried Tim Tam, anyway not crazy over sweet things. Don’t mind trying one day.
    Love the nyonya chang and the homemade dumplings! Those dumplings look great with the translucent skin and go so well with ginger-vinegar πŸ™‚

    Same here, not really into sweet things but wouldn’t mind trying. Once in a h=while, ok. Yup, the changs and the dumplings were all great. I’m more into these things.

  16. So many gifts from generous people around you. Lovely! I would prefer panggang kosong and dip it with milk. My daughter also loves to eat panggang. Hehe..

    Me too. And Sibu ones are the best! πŸ˜‰

  17. Its Christmas very often for you! Hehehe

    Love the Tim Tams…absolutely addictive especially the Salted Caramel ones by Adriano Zumbo.

    Hehehehehe!!!! It certainly looks like it’s Christmas every day. πŸ˜‰

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