Going in circles…

I was somewhat apprehensive about going to this historical city…

Malacca border

…that day because of all the horror stories that I heard from Simple Person who told me that the traffic would be so very bad and the roads would be terribly jammed especially when considering that the following day would be a public holiday in some states in the peninsula.

Well, it certainly seemed that our fears were totally unfounded as traffic was smooth all the way and as a matter of fact, some of the roads were quite deserted…

Malacca street

Maybe they purposely cleared the streets because they knew this VVIP from Sibu, Sarawak was coming to town? Muahahahahahaha!!!!!

Of course, if you go to the major tourist attractions, you may get to see a lot of people but other than that, there definitely wasn’t any massive congestion at all.

Malacca tourist attraction

But we did have a problem while we were there and we drove round and round in circles through all the very narrow streets, going in all directions and seeing a lot of interesting sights along the way – including this huge dragon…

Malacca dragon

…in search of this place…

East & West

…at No. 60, Lorong Hang Jebat.

Now, why on earth was I desperately trying to locate this shop, you may ask? Well, it was simply because I wanted to buy some authentic traditional nyonya zhang or meat dumplings (RM4.50)…

Nyonya zhang 1

It certainly was authentic all right…right down to the bright blue stains of the bunga telang or blue pea flower…

Nyonya zhang 2

There was a lot of meat inside…

Nyonya zhang 3

…and a whole lot of ketumbar (coriander) as well – maybe, a little bit too much and those who are not really into the taste of the spice would get put off by it. Personally, I was ok with it and I certainly loved those zhangs a lot.

After I had managed to buy those, we headed out of town to the airport hotel where I would spending the night before my flight home the next morning.

I did manage to pick up a few souvenirs from one of the shops as I was passing by…

Malacca souvenirs

I think my daughter would love these so I’m saving them for her.

It certainly was an eventful day trip and I had a great time, thanks to my dear friend, Mandy…and thanks also to you, Mandy, for spending your time and going through all the trouble to take me around here, there and everywhere during my brief weekend stay. See! You too have been duly rewarded as your car number came out in the lottery and you did get a small ang pao from our friend, Vincent Tan, as well. LOL!!!

Thank you also, Mandy, for getting me this from Singapore…

Singapore Milkmaid

…and all the hotel key cards that you have been saving for me…

From Mandy

And talking about hotel key cards, I just received these…

From Stella

…from my cousin residing in Melbourne, Australia who had gone on a holiday to Japan recently. Thanks so much for your trouble.

I wonder if anyone noticed that the address on the envelope was actually incomplete. The lane number had been inadvertently omitted but as it turned out, it was not much of a problem really as Sibu being such a small town, the mail did not need to go in circles and managed to reach me safe and sound. Ain’t that simply great, don’t you think?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

31 thoughts on “Going in circles…”

  1. Nice! I’ve been to Melaka a couple of times on road trips too and I have strayed from the usual chicken rice balls / Nadeje / Jonker street cendol territory to explore more hidden nooks and crannies especially authentic Nyonya food.

    That bak chang looks great! 🙂

    It was very good…but RM4.50… Ouch!!! 😦

    1. Yeah, that’s the price I pay in SS2 also, and it’s not even authentic. I still like our Sibu Foochow ones though. 🙂

      Yes, my missus too. I think it’s an acquired taste because of the ketumbar (coriander) – those of us who grew up eating these would love it. My missus is more accustomed to the usual Chinese ones, with sliced of stewed pork belly…so she’s not too crazy over these nyonya ones.

  2. I like nyonya chang very much and prefer it compared to the usual ones. I have been to Melaka and remember it as being quite congested too. And I remember going to the A Famosa, something we learn in sejarah and was quiet dissapointed as it was just an old pintu gerbang 🙂

    Ya, you’ve nyonya/peranakan taste like me, of course, we prefer these… A Famosa…nothing there lah, and don’t ever expect me to climb up the hill – St Paul’s, I think that’s what it’s called…and definitely not Bukit Cina, that’s for sure – it’s a cemetery. Eyewwww!!!!! Not really a place for sightseeing – Malacca…more a place of culture and food.

  3. those keychain looks so familiar!! hahahaha, i guess SP must have went to the same shop to get those handmade keychain for us too, hehehehe..

    Malacca mah! All the souvenir shops, same supplier. You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all… LOL!!! Humph!!! He did not get me any – only gave to you people, so I had to buy my own lor!!! Sobssss!!!!!! 😦

  4. huh?? he sent you all those room key cards?? i thought those cards have to be collected back by the hotel when checking out?? you collect key cards?? hehehehehe, i wonder how many you are having now??

    She! Both Mandy and my cousin are females. Well, it depends on the hotel. Some will insist on taking them back. Others don’t really care. Some have special chips…or holes to activate the power in the rooms – those are not the same as the ordinary ones and will have to be returned. I guess they would be more expensive than the rest. I would have hundreds now…but many are identical ones – would love to exchange with people having the same hobby.

  5. Didn’t know you collect key cards. Thrown away so many. Some kept as souvenirs for myself. Next time.
    Not a fan of the nyonya chang (and I’m penang peranakan, shame). I love those yellow ones to dip into melted gula melaka tho. Yum!

    My mother loves those – kee chang with alkaline or kee. We may get very nice ones from Kuching but one must know where to buy. Once I bought some, but there was this horrible urine smell that got worse and worse so I threw them all away. My mum eats those, dipped in sugar. I quite like those that have red beans inside.

    Hmmm…next time you have spare hotel key cards, just send them to me. Some hotels would give you two upon check-in and they’re not bothered to take them back at all when you check out.

  6. yes you’re right, they really did puporsely clear the road for you.. woot!

    good morning to you STP, my sushi tei post did not have the prices attached because I was too greedy and ate away without noting down the prices, sorry. 😦

    They did? Normally, the roads would be a lot busier? Gee!!! I’m so honoured! LOL!!! 😀

    Ya…I think bloggers should always indicate the prices – I, for one, would like to know…and see if I can afford it or not or whether something is really worth the price. Imagine going to a place and then discovering that I do not have enough money to pay for what I’ve eaten. 😦 Of course, sometimes it is not possible – like when a friend is footing the bill and it can be quite embarrassing to ask how much each thing costs…or at times, the food is not itemised on the bill – all in one lump sum so one would not be able to tell.

    1. you’re right, and when i have the chance, i will always put down the prices .. hehe 🙂 good friday Arthur!!

      You too…and have a nice long weekend!!! 😉

  7. That is Nyonya Zhang. Sometimes, I’ll request our Melaka salesman to buy some for us.

    Lucky you! We can’t get these here unless my friend, Richard, makes some at home and at times, I may be able to get some from Kuching. So I do not get to eat them very often… 😦

  8. you are really lucky indeed…
    maybe Malacca know that the great VVIP STP is coming….
    I am not so fancy about nyonya zhang…..
    I still prefer those original taste with a big fat pork meat inside .. lol

    You’re not peranakan mah…same category as my missus and many others. Hahhh!!! I almost decided not to go to Malacca that day – scared off by what you said. Wouldn’t want to get stuck in some massive jam…but luckily, I did go in the end. It was a great trip, really!

  9. -that looks like a nice Nyonya Zhang
    -lovely keychains for your daughter (such a thoughtful dad!)
    -wow! you actually kept (collect) those hotel key cards!
    -hhmmm….looks like you buy numbers quite often huh? =p

    Me? Just a bit… At least, I will have something to look forward to. 😉 Ya…that’s my hobby. Used to travel a lot on official duty when I was still working but not any more – so now, I would have to depend on others to keep the key cards to give to me. Yes, the nyonya zhang was good! Worth all that trouble trying to look for the place.

  10. hey, when were u at my hometown? acc to my mum, she said that Nyonya Chang is one of the best. Have yet visited that shop until today.

    That was what I read in some blogs…so that was why I was looking for it. Would not settle for anything less… I went on Sunday, 5th – that weekend when I hopped over to KL…

  11. that’s all? Go Makko and that Zhang place? Didnt go jalan jalan other place ka?

    LOL…the postman kenal you already la VVIP wor…incomplete address also will arrive la

    Ya…already around 2, when we left Makko and we spent at least an hour or so looking for this zhang place and once I managed to get hold of them, we made our way out of Malacca already. For one thing, I got to see all the alleyways and byways in Malacca that I had never had the chance to see before – many interesting things that I had never seen before…so I would say that I enjoyed going round in circles…and not having to walk in the heat like those poor ang moh tourists and Singaporeans. Hehehehehehehe!!!!!

  12. My late grandma makes the best nyonya chang ever 😦

    Eh, you’ve seen that dragon in jonker, i myself belum go there @_@

    LOL!!! As they say, so near, yet so far… 😉

  13. I wouldn’t mind going to Malacca for another trip. Love the historical buildings. Have you see people queue up under the hot sun for the chicken rice balls. People praising high to the sky but for me, nothing to shout about. I still prefer the normal chicken rice. Nyonya chang looks very great.

    In the 70s, I used to buy from an old man selling from his bicycle in front of the Green Road shops in Kuching. His were really nice. I guess he would have died by now – no more. I did not bother about Malacca’s as everyone says they’re nothing to shout about – just chicken rice, ball-shaped.

  14. Just out of curiosity, why the condensed milk?What so special about it?
    You should have told me that you wanted some Nyonya Chang. I could have phone my aunty to make some for you.

    In Malaysia, we only have “sweetener” and I guess it’s mostly palm oil. Put in the fridge, it gets very hard like caramel or molasses, taste also not so nice – not like the condensed milk we knew when growing up. Anytime, any place…nyonya zhang most welcome! Can’t get those here…not even not so good ones.

  15. Ooo, I would like to try the nyonya zhang…looks nice. And my boy would love the Ben 10 key chain 🙂

    Oh? That’s Ben 10? I’m so jakun… I was wondering if that was some anime character. My daughter loves anime… LOL!!! 😀 Well, Malacca’s so very near…you can hop over to try the zhang there and get the key chain too.

  16. So many one way streets down there!

    Yes, and the streets are soooo narrow, and the cars illegally parked, double-parked – both sides – trying to get through would be such a tight squeeze. And I thought Sibu was bad! Tsk! Tsk!

  17. I’m not fan of Nyonya chang. Tried once, the strong taste put me off. I still prefer the traditional chang 🙂 Never know you are a hotel key cards collector. Let’s see whether I can get some of them when i’m on travelling.

    You, another one not peranakan mah!!! You may like the Kuching ones – the ketumbar not so strong, better. This one, really extra-extra ketumbar. That’s why I said people not used to it would not like it. But Kuching ones, must know where to buy. Some they sell – look the same but NO ketumber… Also not nice, like that – not like nyonya zhang anymore.

  18. U go to Melaka just to buy the nyonya zhang? I like Melaka, but the traffic are horrible, from one place to another place, i think i can walk faster than driving. But have not been there for few years, maybe two or three years ago?
    Ok, noted, you like nyonya zhang, my mum keep saying her friend in KL bought her very nice nyonya zhang, next time if she got some, will ask her to pass some for you to try.

    Condensed Milk, the other day i saw it at that ShopRite, where they sell lots international stuff and Sarawak and Singapore stuff. I saw it, i was wondering, is it good, i should get one tin to try, what is the difference.

    Ben 10 key chain for Melissa?? She like Ben 10????

    Don’t know, maybe not…but I so jakun, dunno what it was – I thought it was some anime character. Melissa loves anime… LOL!!! 😀

    Well, as for the condensed milk, I just shared some photos on Facebook, you can go and check – you will see that the Malaysian susu cap junjung is called “sweetened creamer” with palm oil in the ingredients and the Singapore’s Milkmaid (and also the US Eagle Brand I got the other day), all milk…no palm oil. You keep in the fridge, it does not turn hard like treacle unlike the Malaysian one.

    Luckily when I went to Malacca that day, not much traffic, smooth sailing all the way. Ya…I like nyonya zhang more than the Chinese ones – saw a stall selling the Chinese ones at Paramount in front of O&S that day – they were HUGE!!! Of course, I did not buy, not really into those.

  19. White tee and green pants, the one is Ben 10!! Remember i got two boys?? At one time they are go crazy over this, and my house full of Ben 10 stuff!! From tee shirt to toy to note pad to pencil …tsk tsk tsk

    Hahahahaha!!!! I had my share of such things in my daughter’s time… Spent a fortune on all that!!! 😉

  20. My friend from melaka once bought me some of those nyonya zhang when i was studying in peninsular. surprised by the blue color and then by the special taste.
    ‘ugh, got poison inside~’. that broke her heart. lol

    Ignorance isn’t always bliss… Tsk! Tsk! When I featured nasi kerabu in an earlier post…or was it the time when I shared a photo of it on Facebook, somebody asked why the rice was blue…and whether they used Viagra? Guess it was meant as a joke – not really funny at that, I must say. After all these years, at least, we should get to know one another’s cultures and respect them.

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