Stop in the name of love…

When Melissa and I were in Kuching, a cousin of mine and my aunt (the mum) came to pick us up at the hotel to go and visit an uncle of mine – the daughter, my cousin, gave me those pork ribs that day when we arrived in town. On the way, we stopped by this place…

Nyonya 1

…located at the food court in a popular shopping mall in the state capital.

Nyonya 2

I’ve been here before when it first opened to buy some of their kuih bangkit


…to take home for Chinese New Year. This time around, my aunt bought some for me to take home to Sibu and give to my mum.

Nyonya 3

She said that she had tried some of the food here…

Nyonya 4

…and found that they were very much to her liking.

I’ve always been a lover of nyonya kuihs but unfortunately, we can’t get any nice ones in Sibu so we bought some of the kuihs to take to my uncle’s house including these serimukas…


…or what some people call kuih salad or tinggi salad for tea. Of course they were nicer than any that I can find in Sibu but I think there are better ones available elsewhere in Kuching (if those are still around) and needless to say, they paled in comparison with the homemade ones than another cousin’s friend made for her/us while my daughter and I were in town.

I would say the same about their ang koo kueh too…

Ang koo

…and it certainly looked like they would need a lot more practice in making their chai kuih…

Chai kueh

…which looked kind of deflated, don’t you think?

We did not buy any of the latter though so I would not know if they were any good but we did buy a few pieces of their “bee pao bee” (translation: rice wrapping rice). I’ve never had those before so my cousin insisted on buying to let me try and they were indeed really very good. I used to see those around but I never bothered to buy as they did not look like they would be any good but when I ate one the other day, I must say that it tasted great and I liked it a lot. Unfortunately, I did not take a photograph of it – I must remember to do that the next time I see it but in the meantime, you can have a glimpse of it if you click the link here – they call it rice kuih.

After we had got all that we wanted, off we went to my uncle’s house and later that evening, after a brief rest at the hotel, we went out for  dinner here…with more cousins of mine and a little niece. Yes, yes, we are one big happy family, indeed!!!