Apple of my eye…

The other day, the apple of my eye made this apple pear crumble…

Melissa's APC 1

If anyone is interested, this was the recipe she followed:

1 Chinese pear (the round one with yellowish skin)
3 red apples (I used the big variety)
4 tsp sugar
1/2 lemon (squeeze the juice out)
Digestive biscuits (I bought the 400g one)

1) Peel the fruits, remove the seeds, & cut them into cubes.
2) Put them into a pot that fits, add sugar & lemon juice. Let them simmer until soften. Not till mushy, alright?
3) Meanwhile, melt some butter in a pan or pot then put it aside to cool.
4) Crumble about half the biscuits in the packet. Then, mix it well with the butter.
5) Are your fruits soft enough yet? If they are, time to pour them into an oven-safe dishware. In goes the juice too.
6) Pour the biscuit crumbs on top & spread it evenly with your spoon.
7) Set your oven to 180C, put your dish in & leave it to cook for about 30 mins.
8) Once done…

Melissa's APC 2

…take it out & serve with ice-cream.

Melissa's APC 3

Enjoy it with family and friends.

I would say it was very nice and I enjoyed it a lot – anytime better than what I had here…and it certainly looked easy to make. Go ahead – you can give it a try!