Stop in the name of love…

When Melissa and I were in Kuching, a cousin of mine and my aunt (the mum) came to pick us up at the hotel to go and visit an uncle of mine – the daughter, my cousin, gave me those pork ribs that day when we arrived in town. On the way, we stopped by this place…

Nyonya 1

…located at the food court in a popular shopping mall in the state capital.

Nyonya 2

I’ve been here before when it first opened to buy some of their kuih bangkit


…to take home for Chinese New Year. This time around, my aunt bought some for me to take home to Sibu and give to my mum.

Nyonya 3

She said that she had tried some of the food here…

Nyonya 4

…and found that they were very much to her liking.

I’ve always been a lover of nyonya kuihs but unfortunately, we can’t get any nice ones in Sibu so we bought some of the kuihs to take to my uncle’s house including these serimukas…


…or what some people call kuih salad or tinggi salad for tea. Of course they were nicer than any that I can find in Sibu but I think there are better ones available elsewhere in Kuching (if those are still around) and needless to say, they paled in comparison with the homemade ones than another cousin’s friend made for her/us while my daughter and I were in town.

I would say the same about their ang koo kueh too…

Ang koo

…and it certainly looked like they would need a lot more practice in making their chai kuih…

Chai kueh

…which looked kind of deflated, don’t you think?

We did not buy any of the latter though so I would not know if they were any good but we did buy a few pieces of their “bee pao bee” (translation: rice wrapping rice). I’ve never had those before so my cousin insisted on buying to let me try and they were indeed really very good. I used to see those around but I never bothered to buy as they did not look like they would be any good but when I ate one the other day, I must say that it tasted great and I liked it a lot. Unfortunately, I did not take a photograph of it – I must remember to do that the next time I see it but in the meantime, you can have a glimpse of it if you click the link here – they call it rice kuih.

After we had got all that we wanted, off we went to my uncle’s house and later that evening, after a brief rest at the hotel, we went out for Β dinner here…with more cousins of mine and a little niece. Yes, yes, we are one big happy family, indeed!!!

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22 thoughts on “Stop in the name of love…”

  1. The kuih serimuka is in yellow colour. Normally it’s in green colour right? Where is this place actually?

    It’s green – must be the effect of the yellow light used. This is one of the stalls at the Food Court in Spring.

  2. The kueh is sold for RM1.30 a piece? These days, it’s not easy to buy kueh under Rm0.80 a piece though it’s cheaper in West Malaysia. Reading your post reminds me of Nyonya Colors at The Garden. Very packed but i remember the nice kueh is sold for less than a ringgit a piece there.Nice ambience. Very clean. Nice deco. Nice cendol. Make it the second stop after Ikea’s meatball if you’ve not been there 😎

    Dunno – did not check out the prices, my cousin bought ’em all that day. I’ve tried the nyonya kuihs there and all around Mid Valley – good but not all that great – can’t beat some places in Kuching…and I did not recall them being so cheap, not in the least. Didn’t try the cendol – so far only had it in Penang and Malacca. I’m more into ang tao peng…and I don’t like the big ones they use there – prefer our small ones – must be mushy and yet whole…not mashed.

  3. Next time we can go to No 6 at Jalan Song for their Nyonya Kuih. More varieties there. The place is quite packed.

    Nice eh? The one at Padungan near the cat statue, fire station long ago used to have really nice serimuka and kueh cangkeh – theirs much nicer than these nyonya’s ones.

  4. All looks so good. My favourite, bee pao bee. Are they true nyonya kueh? Some claim to be nyonya kueh but doesn’t taste a bit of it. I think my chai kueh looks better, self praised. Blessed Easter!!!!!….Arthur.

    They are good, just not lemak enough for my liking. Ah!!! So, other than your kacang ma, I would love to try your nicer-looking chai kueh then when I hop over to Kuching. Hehehehehehehe!!!!

  5. rice kuih you mentioned, is actually a delicacy of Teochew. In Teochew it is called “Bao Teng Tou”. One of my favourite, when u slightly fried in small quantity of oil and served with tomato kechup.

    I always saw it, never bought to try as it does not look alluring… You can get nice ones in Sibu? Where?

  6. I love Nyonya kuih. My favorite would the ang koo. My grandma used to heat up leftover ang koo by frying them and they were good. As for serimuka, I only like the top part πŸ™‚

    I love them all…if they are really good. Nom…nom…nom!!! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  7. Serimuka with the green top is actually more Malay. The Nyonya version is with yellow custard top and we call it Gading Galoh. The rice kuih is not a Nyonya kuih, I think that is either the Hakkas or teochew nang’s kuih. Same with chai kuih also.

    Never mind. Cannot get good ones here in Sibu so if there are any really really good ones anywhere, I want!!!! But serimuka, I think I’ve always had the green top ones – never seen any other colour.

    1. I think shereen is right. Rich kuih is Teochew kuih and chai kuih is Hakka.

      Never mind! All I like – can’t get them here…and even if we can, they’re really kesian ones…not worth the calories, might as well don’t eat!

  8. These are the things my grandma makes and so far her versions (especially the rice kueh, superb with some ‘loh teng’ – braised pork gravy) are still the best to me.

    Gee! And that was the first time I tried it…and to think that I’d missed enjoying it all these years! 😦

  9. I’ve not heard of kuih salad or kuih tinggi ever… interesting. You didn’t tell us how’s the taste..

    That’s what we call serimuka here lah – kuih salad or tinggi salad. Now, where on earth did you get kuih tinggi from? >.<

  10. their chai kueh certainly looks different from ours ones. here look like dumplings

    Here, all look like this – but these a bit kasar, the tangan work and the skin looks thick – not translucent – should be able to see through like lizard belly. Should look a bit nicer – some will use the curry puff chuan to make…

  11. all of them looks sticky, chewy and yummy at the same time
    i was curious about that red one

    That’s a common Chinese cake – should be available among the Chinese community even in the Philippines. Some communities serve that for a baby’s full moon, I think.

  12. Ooo you didn’t try the food? Anyway Happy Easter to you!

    No, we were there to grab the kuihs… For one thing, we pseudo-Peranakans should avoid such pseudo-authentic Peranakan places – sure not nice enough, not up to our standard one. LOL!!!!

  13. Me too a lover of nyonya kuihs, hehe….

    Where to get good ones in Singapore? They say Katong?

  14. I love those kuih so much. Chai kuih especially my favourite.

    I love those too but must be good quality – lots of filling, translucent skin, not tough or rubbery… Appearance not that important. πŸ˜€

  15. I had the “bee pao bee” sometimes before in Penang, but I do not know that it is called “bee pao bee” until now. I just thought that it is just another type of nyonya kuih. It is very nice. I also love the ang koo a lot.

    First time eating it, didn’t know the name…and I loved it too. Very nice!

  16. The nyonya kuih sure look yummylicious and that kuih bangkit is very addictive, hard to stop eating. πŸ™‚

    That’s one kuih that I’m not a fan of – that’s why I did not buy any for myself. My mum loves to eat them though.

  17. Hhhmm, the ang koo kueh looks pretty but is the skin thick? I prefer the ones with thinner skin and fillings stuff to the brim, hehe..the ones green in colour (with kacang hijau, I think) are nice too. But not many places sell good authentic nyonya kueh over here. And if there are commendable, they are expensive.. Rm1 for a very thin, stingy slice. Sigh.

    Anyway, I have been searching high and low for one type of Teochew kueh. Dunno the name, but I can describe – normally triangular in shape, pink colour, stuff with savoury fillings.. I simply Love it! Normally it’s homemade and because its a dying tradition, very difficult to find. I promise myself if i ever find someone who knows how to make it, i’ll beg him to teach me! Have you tried it?

    Dunno. Maybe they have in Kuching – Sibu, mostly Foochows so we are not very familiar with some of the popular Chinese kuihs. Ya…the ang koo not that great, filling not enough and skin, a bit thick – I do not mind paying more provided it is very very nice and worth the money!

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