Not my plan…

I saw on Facebook that there is a new supermarket in town so we went to check it out. It turned out that it wasn’t quite ready yet – they were still working on it on the upper floors and only the ground floor was open for business. It wasn’t their supermarket though – I am not sure if there will be one – and instead, there were shelves and shelves of stuff that reminded me of our Supersave stores with all the cheap made-in-China products or one of those DIY shops. Of course, we did not stay long there and we adjourned some place else after a while.

We headed to this coffee shop…

Bataras Chicken Rice

…in the vicinity for brunch as I had heard sometime ago that they had opened up this place as well, other than the food court that I had blogged about a few times. I had been wanting to drop by to give their chicken rice a try and I think we did drive past once but what we saw did not really impress us so we did not bother to stop.

This time around, my mind was set on having their chicken rice but when we reached the place, I saw that they had these pork knuckles…

Bataras Chicken Rice pork knuckles

…with rice (RM5.00) and I decided to have that instead. Perhaps I should have asked for the chicken rice instead as it wasn’t really nice, very watery and a little too strong on the star anise for my liking.

My missus wanted the Foochow-style noodles, soup (RM3.50)…

Bataras Chicken Rice Foochow noodles, soup

…and when it was served, one look at it told us that it would not be anything to shout about and we were right.

I also noticed that they had changs (dumplings) with sambal filling (RM3.50)…

Bataras Chicken Rice sambal chang 1

…and needless to say, I had to order one to try. So far, I had not come across any in town with sambal filling – all the time, it would be meat or or tau sar (red bean paste) and none that would get me rushing back for more…but I did have some very nice ones in Kuching once.

My missus did not like it but I thought it was quite good…

Bataras Chicken Rice sambal chang 2

 …and in the end, I bought three to take home to heat up and enjoy for my breakfast or tea over the next few days.

After our disappointment that morning, I don’t know if we would ever go there again to try some of the other things they have on their menu though I may want to go and buy their sambal changs again but then again, at RM3.50 each, perhaps it will not be all that often, I’m afraid.

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11 thoughts on “Not my plan…”

  1. Pork knuckles looks good but not the Foochow style noodles, miserable looking. I give both dishes a pass & instead go for the bak chang. Love sambal bak chang but hard to get it.

    Oh? That fat girl’s stall still there? Opposite Heritage/Hidden Treasures – I bought from there last time. Not bad, not too much sambal. I had some from Kuching, too much sambal, too little pulut – not to my liking. Pork knuckles looked all right, did not taste very nice, so diluted. The noodles, definitely out, not nice! 😦

  2. I have never tried pork knuckles.

    Not even the German ones? Bet you have German restaurants where you are and you may find it at the Chinese restaurants there as well. The Filipinos have theirs too – they call it Crispy Pata. You have Filipino restaurants in Montreal?

  3. Have not try changs with sambal filling, usually had is nyonya chang or bak chang…

    Nice, but of course my favourite would be the nyonya ones. Too bad, can’t get those here. 😥

  4. Pork knuckle – reminded me of the crispy pata you mentioned some time back. I did eventually get one and enjoyed it very much.

    Nice eh? Haven’t gone for one for a while. Now, I’m the one craving! Hehehehehe!!!!!

  5. I guess the new supermarket you were talking about was doremon Sibu? I just went there yesterday after having lunch at Ming mei shi, and yes, I was quite disappointed with their setting 😦

    Nothing. Don’t think I will ever bother going there again. I don’t even like the name – I don’t think it is legal to simply use it like that.

  6. At least you tried once… never try never know… Like you, I would order one sambal bah chang to try, pretty curious how a sambal chang taste like… if not good, then end of story… 🙂

    Luckily, I quite like it so I may go and buy some more sometimes but it will not be all that often, not at RM3.50 each.

  7. Hey, it’s been a while since I last drop you a comment. I think you can give the supermarket another try in future? Oh i like chang too but those at my place are so expensive, cheaper to eat a plate of economy rice than chang these days 😦

    Hello!!! Long time no see, glad to see you back here again. Hope all’s good at your end.

    Exactly!!! RM3.50, can go for a plate of chap fan or something a lot more substantial.

  8. Sambal chang at RM3.50 sounds reasonable to me eh!

    RM3.50 can get a plate of chap fan or nasi lemak or fried noodles here wor…

  9. Chang with sambal filling should be quite nice, that is if the sambal is good. Since you liked it, it must be good. Wonder why your missus did not like it.

    She says the sambal is like the bottled shrimp floss they use to make the tiny sambal popiah rolls for Chinese New Year, not to her liking. For me, dunno how to make my own so it is good enough – just eat and enjoy! Beggars can’t be choosers.

  10. We can still keep our hopes up for this upcoming department store (?) – maybe it’ll be a trove of other good wares besides the Chinese-manufactured stuff! Maybe a good toy section? 😀

    I hear the supermarket is on the first floor which is rather strange. That is my main concern, cheap or not, any nice imported stuff that we can’t get elsewhere. Not bothered with the rest.

  11. Oh. Another new supermarket. The name of that chicken rice sounds like the supermarket in Lrd Chew Siik Hiong (the other side of Ming Mei Shi). What is the name again?? Start with B too.

    I am not a big fan of star anise and cinnamon. Those 2 spices could be overwhelming a dish so not too much of them.

    Yes, all the same owner – Bataras, the food court opposite the old Sing Kwong too, plus Uncle Dom and I hear they have taken over the SCR Xpress beside Star Mega Mall too, so rich!!!

    Ya, I am not fond of those that strong either. Too watery, as well so I did not enjoy it.

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