Hands open…

I did not shop much when I was in the peninsula and even though we were staying at the hotel adjoining the mega mall, most of the time, I only went out of the room to go and eat. I did drop by one of the supermarkets there though and I spotted these vanilla cookies…


Gee! There’s wee’s satay sauce…and now, there are Arthur’s cookies too!!! We only bought a tube to take back to the room and try and Melissa loved it a lot! So I went back there again to buy some more to give to friends and to take home to Sibu. They’re made in the EU, Spain to be exact and if I remember correctly, they were RM4.90 each…or was it RM4.99?

We also bought these mushrooms…


…to take home. Melissa loves them…and we can hardly get them here. When we do get to see them in the supermarket, most of the time, they would be old and rotting away.

My missus and Melissa were out all the time, browsing around the shops but I don’t think they bought a lot of things other than a few books and things Melissa would want to use in school and some t-shirts. My missus did buy quite a bit that day at Tanjung Sepat…and I suppose that was it! For one thing, we did not have much luggage space left as people kept giving and giving and giving me things. I have mentioned most of them in my previous posts but take my word for it – there are some more!

I got these from Claire through smallkucing‘s mama…

From Claire

– a special keychain with my name on it from Thailand and a t-shirt that she bought in Scotland. Gosh!!! That must have been so expensive!

And other than all the things that she had been giving me almost every day during my stay there, mamakucing gave me some more stuff to take home…


– more of these special chang Β that she made herself and Β you can judge for yourself from this photograph whether they were nice or not…


Nom! Nom! Nom!

She also gave me these…


Initially, I thought they were kee chang, the yellow alkaline ones but they were not. Inside, there was plain pulut (glutinous rice) with a piece of pandan leaf. I gave some to my mum and she loved them very much, dipped in a bit of sugar.

And if you think that was all, I’m afraid you’re mistaken. I also got these banh tet from her as well…


…and at the time of writing, I had not tried them yet so I would be in no position to say whether they were nice or not but she did tell me that I would have to slice them like Swiss rolls and deep fry before eating…and she added that her in-laws in Trengganu love them very much, but not her. Hmmmmm!!!!

Gosh!!! Then, there were also the bak kua (BBQ meat slices) and the meat floss too – I did not take a photograph of those and as a matter of fact, I just cannot remember when exactly I got them – there were simply too many things that they kept giving me literally every day that I am at a total loss as to when I got what.

All too soon, our holiday ended…and we had to come home but things did not stop coming! Every year, without fail, my friend, Richard, would make his out-of-this-world nyonya changs…

R's NC1

…and he would never forget to spare me some…

R's NC2

…and I, likewise, would give my mum a few as she especially loves these nyonya changs and we can’t get them here…and nobody around, other than Richard, can make these…

R's NC3

…and I dare say that his are better than those celebrated professionally-made ones that I bought in Malacca…or the ones that I got from Kuching.

Then, the very next day, yet another friend of mine, ah^kam_koko’, stopped by in transit on his way back to his jungle school after the two-week holidays and he bought me some of these…


– the very best sio pao (baked buns) aka meat pastries…and the equally good curry puffs from Kai Joo Lane in Kuching. He must have read this post of mine where I was not too happy about the Seremban ones and singing praises of these Kuching ones instead.

Oh? I noticed that the filling in the sio pao was different from what it was like before…


There used to be more colour as they used red-colouredΒ char siew (BBQ pork) cut into little cubes and there were green peas too. It didn’t matter much though for they still tasted absolutely great and the pastry was as nice as ever – soft, crumbly shortcrust with its nice butter fragrance.

They use the same pastry for their curry puffs…


…and as you can see they’re very generous with the spicy curry beef filling – a whole lot nicer than the ones I had in KL, I would say.

There are more, I tell you, but I think I will feature them separately in some later posts…but frankly, I do find it somewhat embarrassing to just sit here with my hands wide open to receive gifts from everybody when I have nothing much to give in return…other than my utmost gratitude and appreciation for everyone’s kindness and generosity. To whom it may concern, thank you so very very much…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

35 thoughts on “Hands open…”

  1. pan fry lah… not deep fry… hahaha… it was good eh…

    Got it right when I did it… This was from wikipedia.

  2. 2 of my favorite things – Nyonya Bak Chang and Siew Pau….hmmm, good heavens! I have not been timing my visits home right and have been missing the Chang season every single time! I have not had Chang in 14 years! Oh the tragedy LOL

    You can get them at the Chinese restaurants there – authentic Chinese ones some more… πŸ˜‰

    1. Me didn’t get to eat any homemade bak zhang this year 😦

      Singapore, can buy nice ones everywhere – not a problem at all. Used to buy nyonya changs at a booth at the entrance to Cold Storage, Centrepoint to bring home…long long ago. My brother would buy home some in transit when he flies back from NZ – I think he gets the celebrated ones from Katong but frankly, I do not think they’re all that great. Nicer ones here in Kuching, and nowhere near my friend, Richard’s. Commercially made for sale, how to compare with special homemade ones?

  3. So much good food especially bak chang, lucky you showered with food and gifts everywhere you go πŸ™‚

    Praise the Lord, for I am indeed so very blessed…

  4. Waah… Already produced cookies with your own name. πŸ˜‰
    Mamakucing really expert in making Chang. It looks soooo yummy. πŸ™‚

    Lucky the hubby, gets to eat every year and whenever he wants it.

  5. Next time get more luggage space.

    Yup those mushrooms taste good. I love them too. Think Plan B uses them for the big breakfast. Still unable to duplicate their way of cooking that

    No lah, better this way – can save, will not over-spend. Think they just pan-fry in olive oil, will turn black…but taste great.

  6. What more can I say? You are blessed. Gosh!!…that’s a whole lot of goodies. What is actually banh tet? Taste like bah chang or not? It has been quite sometime I lasted tasted curry puff from Kai Joo Lane . High time for me to get some to buang “gian” after reading your post. Hate the jam at that part of the area. Love the nice key chain.

    Ya, since they closed India Street. They say can park at the new mall…but that’s still quite a long distance to walk…for me, at least. Those days, could park along India Street…or the furthest, behind Electra.

    Nope, banh tet has a taste of its own, very different and nice too – I loved it. Will blog about it…”soon”, already scheduled. Hehehehehe!!!!!

    Yes, counting my blessings…and giving thanks!!!

  7. interesting to find your “brand” of biscuits huh?? so does it taste as sweet and as nice as you?? hehehehe.. fuyoh, so many bak chang and siew pao!! nom nom nom, what a gastronomic trip to KL..

    Goes without saying… Not as sweet as I am though. πŸ˜‰

  8. Ah I’m so jealous! Especially the bak chang! We had some over here few weeks ago.. sold at AUD$3 each. They’re not that bad but still not as nice as the ones from home!! Maybe I should learn how to make them myself πŸ™‚

    I’ve a post coming up soon – how to make chang without having to tie any. Watch out for it! Hehehehehe!!!!

  9. here’s to Arthur! not the Guinness Arthur, but the Suituapui Arthur! #drinkup to that πŸ˜›

    Not Guinness or any of those drinks, I hope. Wink! Wink! πŸ˜€

  10. wah!!! So many zhongs!!! Can finish?? hahahhaha. Next time must go manja manja Kathy, hope she pass some to me. hahahhahha!

    You didn’t check out Mark & Spencer for your favourite butter cookies?

    No, didn’t go there… They have an outlet there? Gardens’ side? I didn’t actually go round…especially the Gardens’ side.

  11. nice a cookie named after you huh! I think it was indeed great.
    well a lot of generous friends huh, that food small kucing made
    was really very captivating as well as that buns

    Buns? What buns?

  12. I always look forward to eat those chang. Especially the ones yang kacang. Mix with coffee, in the evening while looking at the sunset. Uisheh!

    Happy Thursday tomorrow yo.

    Thanks, and the same to you. I’m a meat person…so I’m rather impartial to those with kacang or red beans.

    Hey, your first time here, I see. Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Do come again, the more the merrier. Will link you in my blogroll! πŸ™‚

  13. I wonder if you’ve lost count of how many zongzis you’ve had these past 2 months! Seems like you have an unlimited supply of them! πŸ˜›

    Hah!!! Unfortunately, there was a limit to the seemingly unlimited. No more! But yes, I had my fill of those around the time of the festival…thankfully. πŸ˜‰

  14. so many bak chang! i like bak chang but i don’t dare to eat (i had nibble of it for this year) … calories… oh calories LOL

    Hit the gym, young man! Pack up some muscles…and eat all you want! When you’re old like me, then you will have to nibble – the glutinous rice will make your blood sugar level shoot up…unfortunately. But you do seem to go around a lot to eat…eat…and eat, I see? Or you only nibble a bit and go on to do your review?

  15. so much goodies….drools… and i have also seen that cookie too! Satay sauce, then cookie… what’s next? πŸ˜‰

    I only had one bak chang this year… trying to be good cos I can’t take glutinous rice too much…. though I love it to death!

    Ya, me too! I love glutinous rice – that Thai mango or durian pulut. Ooooo…Love it so much! But what to do? Have to control a bit. 😦

  16. hahaha, they even have Arthur cookies, huh. Really famous, ah you.
    I love those brown mushrooms, not cheap though. I think they’re selling at Rm6 to Rm8 at supermarkets.

    They’re at least 10 & above here, if any…old and rotting away… 😦

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