The family…

This is a family business…

Grandpa Cafe

…belonging to the family of one of my ex-students (one of those at the reunion get-together here sometime ago, the one on the far right in the group photo) whose wife is a good friend and ex-classmate of my niece, the one working in Singapore.

I’ve been wanting to stop by and try but never got round to doing so until the other day. This is the side entrance…

Grandpa Cafe side entrance

…and this is one part of the interior…

Grandpa Cafe interior

It sure looks like they used a lot of wood for everything right down to the furniture – from what we were told, they spent one whole year just designing and decorating the place.

They have these cabinets with all the super-duper expensive Japanese whiskey on display…

Japanese whiskey

…over 50 years old and prices going way beyond RM10K a bottle. *faints*

I tried their chang (dumpling)…


…wrapped in one of those broad pandan leaves with a salted egg yolk inside…

...with salted egg yolk

…but unfortunately, it was not the nyonya version which I would love a lot more. They said that they got them from Kuching and I was wondering if they were from this fat girl there whose changs were very good but hers too were not the nyonya ones.

I ordered their herbal chicken soup rice noodles…

Herbal chciken soup rice noodles

…which was good – it tasted like what we cooked using one of those herbal packs that my girl and the mum brought back from Korea but I guess I am somewhat old-school so I would prefer our own Foochow herbal chicken soup – the char bee lau or the pek ting eyok. or even when we steam our own chicken soup with seng see (the more affordable ginseng hairs) and/or dong quai.

This came with my order…

Cut chilies

…while my missus got their very nice sambal


…with her curry laksa

Curry laksa

…which she enjoyed but I would prefer it without those frozen (beef) meatballs – perhaps they could add a couple of fish slices or prawns or squid instead.

I forgot to get the cashier’s receipt when I went to pay the bill but I do recall everything was in the region of RM8.00-9.00 and the total came up to RM36.80, inclusive to two huge glasses of very nice and thick kopi-o-peng (iced coffee, black).

GRANDPA CAFE (2.300139, 111.833283) is located at 10E, Jalan Oya, somewhere across the road from the Sibu Medical Centre KPJ), on the extreme left of the block of shops there, in the corner right next to Sing Lee Car Air-Condition [SIC] Service.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

5 thoughts on “The family…”

  1. I thought this is a Japanese restaurant looking at the decor

    I think the menu is somewhat Japanese inclined but we did not go for those gyozas and stuff.

  2. Food looks good and I never like Chang with salted egg or yam paste. The small saucer for the sambal and chilli soy sauce dippings looks cute.

    Ooooo…I like!!! Nyonya chang with or nee takes it a cut above the rest! Come to think of it, I’ve never had salted egg in nyonya chang, only Hokkien chang…or Cantonese chang but some use egg yolks that are of poor quality – will spoil the enjoyment of the chang.

  3. Oh, it is going to be Bah Chang season soon! Yes, I love Nyonya ones too and it is difficult to find them in Ipoh… only the normal ones.

    Right after Raya, June 7th, I think.

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