It never rains in Southern California (2)…

…it pours! Well, the weather’s pretty much the same here, it seems but actually, this song title is an English idiom which means that when things go wrong, it gets worse. In my case, however, it was the exact opposite…for over the weekend, I had been receiving lots and lots of goodies from friends and next-of-kin!

Gundot and Lindy were in town for All Souls’ Day and they brought me these chai koi (vegetable kuih or cake) from Kuching…

Chai Koi 1

…the yummy delicacy with translucent skin that some say, looks like a lizard’s tummy. These were HUGE – the size of the palm of my hand and absolutely delicious!

Chai Koi 2

They also brought this special version of the same – the skin is different as they used kuih chap instead…

Chai Koi 3

This one had salted veg inside…

Chai Koi 4

…but between the two, I think I prefer the original. Some things are best left unchanged.

And that’s not all! They also gave me this very special super-lemak (rich in santan/coconut milk) beehiveΒ kuih bingka

Beehive kuih bingka

…which looked the same as the beehive or honeycomb cake but it was not a cake but a kuih bingka instead…and one that was very rich and fragrant at that! Wait! That’s not all! I also got these nyonya chang (meat dumplings) from them…

Nyonya chang

…and as if those were not enough, they topped it up with a tub of sambal hay bee (udang kering/dried prawns), sold in Kuching at RM6.00 each only…and most importantly, it tasted really great. I wouldn’t mind buying instead of toiling in the kitchen to pound the dried prawns and the other ingredients, dripping in sweat and spending hours just to cook that…

Sambal hay bee

And if you think that was it, you’re badly mistaken for Clare too came home for the weekend and she gave me these yummy char siew pao from that shop at the end of Padungan in Kuching…

Char siew pao

Now, don’t you think her paos look nice and firm? Oops! I mean the paos that she brought me! Gee! What on earth were you thinking? Hahahahahaha!!! If you remember the last time she brought me some, they were kaymek (squashed) and out of shape, like the ones I got later from KNB. LOL!!! She also bought me these cheese and ham rolls from the same shop. These were definitely better than the ones at the bakery here in Rejang Park….

Cheese and Ham Rolls

…and my favourite baked meat pastries from Kai Joo Lane in Kuching…

Baked meat pastry

…and the yam puffs…

Yam puffs

My sister-in-law was back too and she brought us some bak paos (steamed meat buns) too.

Thank you, ladies. It certainly was most thoughtful and kind of all of you…and with all that, I would not need to do any cooking for at least a week…and no prize for guessing what I would be eating! LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

32 thoughts on “It never rains in Southern California (2)…”

  1. Everything looks yummy when you are hungry. Will need to go for breakfast after looking at your food postings. Must ask gundot where she bought the sambal. I share your opinion – indeed better to buy rather than toil in the kitchen.

    They’re all VERY delicious but MIGHTY expensive (by Sibu standard). I would settle for something QUITE delicious…but much cheaper. Pensioner mah…must take care of my pennies (correct spelling)! Ya…you’ll have to ask gundot where she got the sambal. If she had mentioned it, I wouldn’t remember… Old age! Hahahahahaha!

  2. Yummy to the max to everything!!!! So the paos got some silicon implants this time!LOL!

    No, no KNB…and last time she came, her chipmunk was with her…so this time, they were not manhandled!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

  3. Yeah! It’s been raining almost everyday here. πŸ˜€ Kinda troublesome for me. How come this post have some many foods. And why suddenly there’s a Kuih chang? :p

    I’ve many nice and generous friends and relatives – showering me with all the yummy food mah. You also so nice and generous or not? πŸ˜€

  4. Mmmmmm~feel hungry after seeing those kiuh-kiuh… (I haven’t had my breakfast yet.. >.<)

    Too bad you can’t try them! They’re super-duper delicious! Now you can drool some more… Hahahahaha!

  5. Hi

    please list what you would like from Miri. Roast duck?….what else! I remembered someway in your blog..someone brought u some Siaw Pau from miri….u want some more?

    No…no…please do not buy anything! Just one day after you leave, we’ll be off to Sg Petani already and will not be back till almost a week. Just come and we’ll go and eat all the nice things in Sibu!

    1. hi,

      u are sure u don’t want me to bring anything? Anything you fancy from miri apart from food that u want me to bring…….imported cheeze perhaps….just let me know..

      No, no…just come. I’m looking forward to seeing you and Lena again!!! After all these years…

      1. oh yes….we are looking forward to seeing you again…..after all these years……………

        Time flies! It’s coming to the end of this week already…and it’s actually next week!!!

  6. GUNDOT & LINDY: Nice meeting you nice ladies πŸ˜€ Where did you buy the chai kueh and sambal hay bee??? I also want!

    Oi, the sour cream ham rolls look so obscene, I wonder why KNB or not yet comment on that hor… πŸ˜›

    Aiya, ee su ee su mar…besides, I tumpang your kereta sapu what…if I take taxi from airport also about that price so might as well. LOL!!!

    PS: Btw, I bumped into your wife and her sister, the one you tumpang-ed from airport as well but the sister could not recognize me 😦 , on Sunday while I was having breakfast at Rasa Sayang. Maybe Rasa Sayang got no place to sit so they went over to Sri Meranti.

    LOL!!! You look at her specs – so thick, almost as blind as a bat liao, how to recognise you? Hahahahaha!!! If you’re big and fat like me, maybe lah… Ya, my missus did say that they went to Rasa Sayang but it was full. The rolls obscene? Gee! You have a hyperactive imagination! Hahahahahaha! Dunno where KNB is today. Think I saw him on Facebook earlier… Sleeping on the job, I guess! πŸ˜€

  7. Clare, nice meeting you too. Chai koi is from No. 6, the new kopi tiam at Jln Song and sambal is from the grocery/veg store same block as the old venue of Peter’s Special. Chai koi-the special one only available Mon, Wed, Sat.

    OK…so those of you heading to those places to buy, make sure you tell them you saw on suituapui’s blog! Then when I go to Kuching, I can claim “advertsing fees”… LOL!!!

    1. Oh, Number 6 I know. Went there for drinks at night sometimes. Chai koi, checked! Will go this Saturday morning. Hehe!

      Anyway, mana itu old venue of Peter’s Special? I very sesat/blur with old venues wan πŸ˜› Paiseh!

      Don’t forget to tell them! You saw it all on suituapui’s blog! I dunno these places – have never been there yet! Gee! About time I make a trip to Kuching hor!!! Looks like I’m losing touch liao!!! LOL!!!

  8. Lucky you. All the nice nice foods. I like the Yam Puff very much. My sister always bring this back whenever she come back from Kuching.

    I haven;t eaten those yet… Haven’t reached those…so if you want to eat, just drop by my place after work for tea…and I’ll let you have ONE! Hahahahahaha!!!

  9. You’re so lucky and friends all over, you just noted down what food you like or you miss, everyone will bring back for you. hahahahhaha

    Tell me what you like in KL, next year when i go back during April i bring back for you. kakakkakaka

    No lah…I never ask one, just that they kesian this old man…so deprived,so they will being some nice things for me to eat. No…no….don’t bring anything from KL, thank you very much!!! The durian pancakes are nice though! Muahahahahahahaha!!!!

  10. i really miss chai kueh… can’t wait to have ’em when i get back home πŸ™‚

    Don’t they have those in KL? They have in Sibu…but not so “fat”! Very limp…and small too! Oops!!! I’m talking about chai koi…nothing else, so don’t let your imagination run wild. Hahahahahaha!!!! These are really HUGE…and stuffed. With the sprinkling of dried onions and garlic! Yum! Yum! LOL!!!

  11. The fifth picture is locally called “kuih salang”…not bingka.

    Yup…they did tell me the name – salang bingka…or bingka salang or whatever, but the bingka was there! It actually tastes like bingka…but it looks like beehive!

    P.S. I’ve googled to check. It is called kuih bingka sarang – sarang as in “nest”…and they call the beehive/honeycomb cake – kek sarang semut! Eyew…

    1. wonder lar…the chinese lady said “salang”….i asked “sarang”….she said “….bey see..e lang kong kuih salang…..”..

      I guessed as much…you heard it from an olang Cina! Hahahahaha!!!!

  12. Ha, my friend with the foods again,but this time a bit different though, it has got something to do with rain, soul, and southern california. very creative lah you….i received your sms, looks like we cant meet up, till the next time, i’m a little bit country and i’m a bit rock and roll.

    OK…then I will not bring anything for you! No instant noodles this time! Muahahahahaha!!!! I don’t think I’ll be passing by that way again, for the next two years at least. My daughter will be back there for teaching practice after finishing her degree in NZ.

  13. aiyo…im so jealous of you….semuanya sedap2…..enjoy yourself!

    I am truly blessed…that people have always been kind and generous to me. Love is all around?

  14. So lucky you, many people bring yummy food to you! I love the filling for veggie kuih, the first pic πŸ™‚

    Yes…and this one’s extra special – got a bit of minced meat, so not exactly “chai” anymore! LOL!!!

  15. wah..u super lucky guy!! so much goodies to keep u satisfied and full during the weekend!! Great friends u have.. now i m drooling cos it is time for dinner, i love the “kok chai” (1st pic.. inside with sengkuang), i love the beehive, dont have that in IPOH, but tasted it before in Medan last time… and the pau… wow… so so so fresh looking… yummmmy!! must book the next flight to kuching…LOL….

    Ya…but you don’t know anybody in Kuching. Have to book a ticket for me also…so I can join you there and then I can get people to take you around to eat all the nice things! Kuching not like Sibu – so small. It’s very big so if you do not know the exact places, you will not get to eat all the yummy stuff! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  16. tat looks like my fave bee hive cake!!!

    Yes, want me to order one for you when you come back? The cake, I mean…not the bingka. This one’s from Kuching and has santan – very richly lemak…

  17. i tot californiacation, no? :p .. hujan now. read blogs lor.

    I thought you’re in Malacca? Kesian…can’t go out! No kawan kah? Sob! Sob! Hahahahaha!!!

  18. aiyoh….lau nuar….!!! Must add all those to my list of things to eat while back in Kuching (and then someone will have to roll me back up to the plane.)

    Hahahahaha!!! If the airline agrees to accept you as a passenger, that is!

  19. i looovveeeeee chai kueh/mang kuang…*dig out all filling and throw the skin to STP as normally i don like the skin/flour*

    i heard about that plc sio pao n nvr reli try b4…

    btw u can just gv them samo hung picture as im fatty oldman so about d same… πŸ˜›

    Eyew…you certainly have strange eating habits!!! Now who would want to eat the skin after that? Samo Hung? You are trying to make fun of me, izzit? My neice and nephew in NZ call me Samo Hung…but they say if differently – Say-mo Hang!!! LOL!!!

  20. Make me hungry lah! All of them are my favourite!

    You should have dropped by from Selangau and enjoy a share of all the goodies. Guess you do not have a face structure like mine – Chinese say like mine, always will have things to eat! LOL!!!

  21. The chai kueh special is originally form Siburan, 17th mile. If you are in Kuching, I will be very happy to bring you there for breakfast. You just have to order many different kind of ‘inti’ to wrap in it. They will steam it fresh for you on the spot. It is much nicer to eat it there. Hot and smooth. But I also still prefer the original chai kueh. LOL

    Ya…this one too…but the skin of the original is nicer, and the filling too! I don’t really care for the kueh chap skin ones…

  22. Wah all looked so yummy… you always have such nice delicacies to munch on. so jealous…

    People give one! The best things in life are free… You also – dining at all the expensive places and drinking expensive wines, others pay. So jealous… Hahahahaha!!!

  23. if i haf the beehive cake i’d be very much contented wahhaa.

    Ok…will have to check with the bakery to see if they are still making it. Otherwise, I will have to look somewhere else… LOL!!!

  24. I have been looking for a pic/recipe of the mengkuang kuih aka chai koi and apparently west malaysians dont have it! its so hard to find. do u know anyone that has a recipe for it??

    The one with the white translucent skin? With mangkuang…or what they call sengkuang there, cooked with a bit of dried prawns or hay bee? I thought that’s a nyonya kuih… Should be available there. Dunno the recipe…but if I’m not mistaken, the challenge is in making the skin. Not easy to get nice ones.

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