Love bites…

Hey! It’s Chinese New Year’s Eve!!! All ready for the Big Bang tonight? This was what it was like last year in my neighbourhood…

*Huai Bin (‘s video on youtube*

I wonder if it will be just as grand/noisy this year or not.

It’s going to be a busy day today with the last bits of cleaning up the house and sprucing it up a bit, the baking of the cakes and the cooking of the dishes for tonight’s dinner and for visitors who care to drop by in the next couple of days.

The cookies are all ready. We have these nice butter cookies and the peanut ones…

Cookies from NZ

…that my very very dear friend gave me when I was visiting her and her family in Auckland, New Zealand at the end of last year.

I also bought this kuih makmur or ghee balls – one of my festive favourites…


…from this new place in Sibu…

Joy Pastry House

…except that they do not use ghee. The lady told me that they used butter instead, Golden Churn no less and I love it. Very nice!

My missus made a lot…including these that I have featured before in an earlier post, using the breakfast cereal that we got in New Zealand…


…and these chocolate delights that my daughter loves a lot…

*Melissa’s photo on Facebook*

…and these cheese ones…


…and as in previous years, we also have the traditional “kuih dahlia“…


…named after the flower and if I’m not mistaken, this year, they’re strawberry-flavoured for a change.

These are the coconut ones…


…and other than all the cookies, my missus has baked the cashew nuts already as well…


…and fried the papadums and the keropok (fish/prawn crackers)…

Keropok & acar

…that goes absolutely well with the acar timun (cucumber pickle) that my mother-in-law would not fail to make every year and give us a jar of it to enjoy.

Of course, there will be the kerepek gunting


…and the bak kua (barbecued pork slices) that I have received from some dear friends of mine here, here and here and all the food that we’ll be serving to family and friends who care to drop by during this auspicious occasion.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “Love bites…”

  1. Arthur, Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family! 万事如意 Wan Shi Ru Yi meaning “May all your wishes be fulfilled”

    Thanks and the same to you and your family, Sing Nien Kuai Ler…

  2. wow!! can i come and visit, can i can i can i?? lol!!

    just kidding, sir, a beautiful chinese new year to you and your loved ones!! 😉

    Same to you and yours. Come, come on over. You know where my house is? I PM you my address on Facebook. Our door is always open for anyone who cares to drop by…but I may be out – church and visiting parents & in-laws on the 1st Day.

  3. Enjoy your Sa chap mei and a prosperous and bountiful blessings to you n family for the auspicious Snake year. My tummy going krok3x looking at your yummy goodies 🙂

    Oooo…still so much, not done…*panic mode*! Wishing the same to you and your family in Melbourne. Sing Nien Khuai Ler!

  4. It was quite noisy last night, couldn’t get to sleep, so if it doesn’t rain I think it should be alright tonight! 🙂

    Yeah, been really busy too, haven’t had enough sunlight to dry out the fireworks – did a few tests last night and the fuses takes a long time to burn,

    The ghee balls looks great! I’ll be dropping by soon! Happy CNY buddy! 😀

    Oh dear! And the weather’s not too good today either. 😦 Come on over anytime, Huai Bin…as many times as you like. Always welcome, and there’ll always be things to eat. Ang pao first time only though… Hehehehehehe!!!! Happy New Year to you too. 🙂

  5. Arthur, Gong Xi Fa Cai & a Prosperous Chinese New Year to you & your family. Wow, so much variety of cookies for the CNY. Enjoy yourself.

    Thank you, and the same to you and your family.

  6. yay, cookies galore! i could eat these all afternoon! here’s wishing you, your wife and daughter a great dinner with your other loved ones tonite, arthur 😀

    Same to you and yours. Grand reunion dinner back in Malacca, I presume? Bon appetit, have fun!

  7. Wow, all your cookies look amazing! Wish you and your family a wonderful CNY! 🙂

    Thanks, and wishing you and yours the same too. Nom…nom…nom!!! 😉

  8. Arthur, I have just finished my last minute cleaning that’s why I am late today 🙂 Wow, you do have quite a variety of cookies to serve your guests. The acar and keropok looks very yummy! So, all set for the big day tomorrow! Have a good reunion dinner with your family tonight. I am sure there’ll be loads of good food to enjoy!

    Finished all the work, had our reunion dinner…now getting the cookies and stuff ready to serve to guests who drop by…

  9. I can’t wait to indulge in all those CNY cookies already! (Erm actually I already started eating a bit la, hehe xD)

    Wishing you and family a happy chinese new year!

    Me too…one into the tupperware, one into the mouth! Muahahahahahaha!!!! Qong Xi Fa Cai, Sing Nien Khuai Ler!

  10. All also I like but unfortunately this year, I am refraining from all these goodies till I get my voice back.. .yes, I am almost voiceless now… eat too dry,cough like mad.. so I can only take in cool liquid stuff.. so cham, right!
    Anyway, wishing you and your love ones a Blessed Chinese New Year!! EAT more on behalf of me.. hahahaa…

    Qong Xi Fa Cai, Sing Nien Khuai Ler! Poor thing! Log into Facebook, lots of photos there. Torturing eh?

  11. well, lot of sweeties for the chinese new year eve
    huh are these for prosperity?
    I heard sticky rice cakes are for
    to relationship within a family grow tighter

    Not really, just toe at and enjoy. I don’t like those sticky cakes unfortunately so I do not have that in my house.

  12. Gong Hei Fatt Choy! Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed Year of the Snake!

    Happy eating too Arthur!

    BTW, could you please share the cashew nut cookie recipe hat your wife made? TQTQTQ

    Thanks, and the same to you. No cashew nut cookies…just cashew nuts – bake in oven and brush with butter for added fragrance…

  13. LOL…cookies overload…must fast fast finish them while still fresh

    Never mind. See if anybody’s going back to KL – I send the leftovers over to you. Hehehehehehe!!!!

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