Give me love (3)…

My friend, Philip, who is residing in the US, came home to Sibu while I was in NZ. I did not hear from him at all when I returned so I just assumed that he had gone back. He will get a new mobile phone number each time he comes back so I will usually wait for him to get in touch with me first…and this time around, he finally did – a few days before he left!

So we went out for breakfast and had the very nice kampua noodles at Rasa Sayang

Rasa Sayang kampua

…and as always, he did not come home empty-handed…

From P

Thanks so much, Philip but please don’t trouble yourself next time. I know the hassle of flying long hauls and having to cart along a whole lot of stuff. Looking forward to seeing you again in July.

In the meantime, I did drop by this place for tea one afternoon and they gave me a packet of this…

From NH

…and I insisted on an extra packet and they willingly obliged! I remember last year, it was a different story altogether – no matter how I tried to persuade them, the answer was no. It certainly pays to be a regular customer, eh? Wink! Wink!

I also received this from Hayley via poslaju

From Hayley

She went to New York on holiday and was so nice as to send me this fridge magnet that she got from there. Thanks, Hayley – now I must look around for something I can send to you to reciprocate…and thank you to chinneq as well for these…

From ChinNee

I think that was the prize for taking part in this contest she was hosting sometime ago…and it certainly was timely indeed. I would not need to buy any tissue paper, come Chinese New Year. Hehehehehe!!!!! Hey! I did not know Jusco has changed its name to AEON now – I had to google to find out what I could get for those gift vouchers. There does not seem to be any grace period, no expiry date so I guess I can keep them till my next trip to KL and I would be able to use those to buy something. Hopefully, I will remember where I have kept them when the time comes – this old man can be so very forgetful sometimes. LOL!!!

Then, there was Julia too, home on holiday from Perth! If you may recall, we went out for dinner together at the new Italian restaurant in town and also at Payung…and she too gave me some stuff that she had brought back from Down Under…

From J 1

There were these chocolates…

From J 2

…and these…

From J 3

…and some Scottish shortbread as well….

From J 4

That is certainly so sweet of you, Julia – thank you so very much to you too…and thank you also to Mandy, on behalf of Melissa, for these very lovely key chains…

From Mandy

…and for the Chinese New Year card. That was the first I received and I reckon it would be the only one I would be getting this year. Sobssss!!!!!!

Other than the aforementioned, I also received these very nice mixed nut cookies…

From Annie 1

…from Annie-Q. She is currently back in Sibu for the long weekend and she brought me those and also some very special bak kua (barbecued sliced meat)…

From Annie 2

…that is so very nice, she says, that I must reserve it and eat it all by myself. Ahhhhh!!!! I’m going to save that for Chinese New Year – I would usually cut Β them into little squares and while sitting there, waiting for family and friends to drop by, I would munch on those for some jaw exercise.

Thank you, Annie…thank you, everybody…thank you all….

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

27 thoughts on “Give me love (3)…”

  1. wow thats a lot of stuff to receive huh,
    your one lucky man haha
    i love those chocolates I miss eating those hahaha

    Indeed! So much, so lucky…and they never stop coming. I am truly blessed, praise the Lord!

  2. what a thoughtful friend you have there, i believe its the “intention” that counts, not the amount of gifts received, i shall drop by Sibu when AA is having promotion next time πŸ˜›

    Yes, it’s always the thought that counts. In fact, just dropping by or meeting up to say hello is already so very good – no need to give anything. Many come and many go…very quietly and they’re not even bothered to spare a bit of their time to say hello. Well, that’s fine by me – not obliged to do so. Everything must be done in all sincerity.

    AA zero fare offer is just over a few days ago…and the last one was for the last quarter of this year. If that’s the one you’re after, you’d probably have to wait till 2014 to come over. There will be others in the meantime – may be cheap…but not zero fare.

  3. It’s always nice meeting with friends and doing nice things for them. So nice that you received some packages also.

    The furthest I’ve sent packages was to Malaysia and Australia. I’m not sure which one is furthest from me. My Malaysian pal sent my daughter a lovely card featuring turtles. Which is one of my daughters favorite reptiles. She still have that card even though she received that almost five years ago. She’s nine years old now.

    Ahhhh!!!! I must email you to get your postal address so I can send you and your girl some cards and stuff too – light stuff that can go into the mail easily. Yes, the turtles are the main attraction in the east coast of Peninsula Malaysia. Malaysia is further by around 2 hours or so from Australia – so every New Year, they will start the celebration first.

  4. so nice! so many gifts! that shows how many people loves you!

    i also wanna bring something for you STP! i remembered you gave me a huge bar of Tim Tam and i have yet to reciprocal with something! :/

    so, sesame oil? tao sha pia? laksa paste?

    i’m going to bring back few packs of Sarawak laksa paste, so that i can cook them myself instead of eating cheatone version outside! my Sarawakian homies went back to Sarawak already, so gotta cook myself from now onwards T___________T

    Ahhhh!!!! You remember! I’ve forgotten completely about it. I remember you came to Sibu and we went out for dinner at Ruby. Yes, yes…I remember now that you love chocolates and I gave you Tim Tam. Oh no! Don’t bother bringing anything from Penang – we can get everything here in the supermarkets or hypermarts like Giant. No need to trouble yourself. Ya…going back, you will need to buy extra baggage – lots to buy here to take back to Penang that you cannot get there. Hehehehehehe!!!!! Btw, congratulations on your success in frying an egg! It looked perfect! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    1. of course i remember! you’re the first blogger i ever met le! oh the restaurant name is Ruby ar…i forgot…wanted to recommend to homie…

      i still gonna bring something to you! no trouble at all! πŸ™‚ yaya might need to buy excess baggage when im back from Sibu :/ but hopefully they can all fit into my backpack!

      tenkiu STP! it’s my first attempt frying an egg on a stick kuali! hence the charred edges on the egg πŸ˜€

      They’re very strict about the 7 kg for your hand-carried luggage – AA, so you may need to buy extra and check in. Sambal laksa, big packet already 1 kg, if I’m not mistaken. Oh? So I was the first one you met… Hmmmm…such an honour. πŸ˜‰ Ya…I like the golden fringe of your egg – something like the traditional fried egg using a wok and a lot of oil. Very nice.

  5. Agree that it’s the thought that counts and it also shows that you are well liked and people remember you!

    Ya, I sure am glad to have such great friends all over – truly so very blessed.

  6. Wow….that’s a lot of goodies that you got, Arthur. I suppose they will last you through the whole 15 days of the Chinese New Year…haha. But I think I’m still attracted to the kampua πŸ˜€

    Many will be rushing home for that, come Chinese New Year…even at RM10 a bowl on the 1st Day – all the coffee shops will be packed to the brim! Somehow, it seems so addictive, really!

  7. Wow, that’s a lot of gifts from your friends. Truly blessed. Save you a lot and more than enough for this CNY.

    My missus grumbling – everytime poslaju van comes into our lane, it would be for me! Hehehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜€

  8. Too bad the shop does not have the key chain of ‘Arthur’ or ‘Lucy’..except Melissa! So can’t get it for both of you.. Saw the zip thingy with ‘Melisa'( even though that name less one ‘s’) but I still get it cos I thought it is cute!!

    Yes, that one’s very pretty. So anime-ish! She likes. Well, it’s ok…I’ve lots and lots of key chains now – people sent me one. πŸ˜‰

  9. Christmas is over but the gifts keep pouring in for you!! Such a blessed fella!! You will have a Prosperous New doubt about that.. hahahaa…

    Hopefully…hopefully!!! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  10. Ah, kampua noodles at long last hee..hee…Well, well, from the looks of it you are certainly being given lots of love by your friends. They love you a lot, huh? That’s really wonderful having friends who show their thoughts and appreciation through these nice gestures. And I believe you have shown lots of love and warmth towards them too and therefore getting it back in return. It’s always a two way traffic. You are very blessed indeed!

    I try to give back in my small little ways… As they say, hutang emas boleh dibayar, hutang budi dibawa mati.

  11. Wah wah wah, so many people give you gifts! Haha, anyway you’re most welcome~ I hope you like it.
    I’ve always wanted to try the kampua noodles, hehe.

    It’s on my fridge with the rest of my collection. You’ll have to come over here to try the authentic kampua. Like Sarawak laksa, as Constance said, nothing over there can be the same…

  12. So many gifts…….I also have th Kleenex prize, So CNY no need buy tissue papers.(hahaha:)

    That makes two of us then… LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  13. Lovely gifts! And dang the chocolates are so appetizing…let me go grab some to nom now.

    Indeed, they all are. I’m going through the chocolates slowly – so much, lots in the fridge. Wanna come over? πŸ˜‰ LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  14. Tsk tsk tsk…so jeles, you received gifts whole year round.
    That see’s candies chocolate, very nice.

    Sorry, just get you some small thing and haven’t got time to meet you for some makan makan. Maybe next round in march. Thanks again for the siew mai! WIll bring it.back to KL.

    Wah!!! Bring to KL kah? Well, many people like – they say like Kuching’s Hock Hai (they always buy home in boxes) but the problem is I don’t really fancy those Kuching ones. Let me know when you’ve tried – nice or not. If nice, can buy again next time. Hehehehehehehe!!! I got them here:

    And not many like the ones I like from Loke Ming Yuen – they say sweet, not nice. 😦

    Ya, we’ll go and jalan2 cari makan next time – real rush trip, this one. The See’s Candies are nice? Still not open yet – save for Chinese New Year….everything, saving for Chinese Nee Year. LOL!!!!

  15. I like that bottle of mixed nut cookies. Looks so delish. Must be thousand times better than my home baked one.

    They were very nice but unfortunately, they’re all gone now. We finished the whole lot – did not last till Chinese New Year. 😦

  16. ooo sun wing heong…
    i also love the bak kwa too.. my favorite..
    yay Kampua noodles. i m sure your tummy miss it so much..
    no more pizza, no more pasta, no more seafood…

    Jalan Imbi one has been so very famous since long long ago. Annie says it is still the best. I’m ok with kampua – will have it when I feel like it – wouldn’t go missing it like some of the people here. I still have lots and lots of sausages, bacon…and SPAM!

  17. Wahh…glad that you have won big prizes from Chin Nee. More tissue to use for wiping sweat.ahhehehheh

    Yalor… Enough to last a long long time. 😦

  18. It certainly looked like Christmas at your house again!! πŸ™‚

    Oo.. See Candies… love them lots…. havent had them in years…. must get my sis to courier some to me….I love the one with nuts!! Lucky you Arthur.. your global friends are certainly keeping your tastebud international… lol…

    Hahahaha!!! Spill over!!! If only Chinese New Year also like that, lots of ang paos coming my way…. πŸ˜‰

  19. Well, well, well…you certainly get lovely, thoughtful gifts all year round!

    Yes, so blessed to have such great friends all over…

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