The postman song…

I got your letter from the postman just the other day
And so I decided to write…

…this post. Actually, it was way over a week ago when I received this registered mail…

From Wenn 1

…all the way from Ipoh, Perak. Inside, you can see this wrapper with the Swiss flag…

From Wenn 2

…so you can guess that it must be from someone who just went on a holiday to Europe.

There were these packs of coffee just in case my caffeine level drops dangerously low…

From Wenn 3

…as well as this nice souvenir all the way from Brussels – a very cute manneken pis (direct translation: little man pee) fridge magnet…

From Wenn 4

…for being the most frequent commentor in this blog. All this time, the closest thing  I even had that had anything to do with Brussels would be brussel sprouts. LOL!!!

Thanks so much, Wenn. Actually, it’s my pleasure to drop by your blog regularly to post a comment or two…and thank you also for dropping by mine and commenting – even though I do not have any prizes to offer to one and all.

Now, everybody who’s a regular here would know that Annie-Q is in Sibu. She flew in yesterday and brought me these very special Chinese sausages…

Annie-Q's Chinese sausages

…from her in-laws’ business enterprise. Good grief!!! That’s such a HUGE pack – it certainly looks like I do not have to buy Chinese sausages anymore for a long long time. LOL!!!

And she also brought with her these lovely cookies…

coffeencookies' cookies

from coffeencookies, Marks & Spencer’s no less, specially for me.

Gosh! Thank you so very much to you two as well, Annie and Elaine. I really must give thanks for He has blessed me with such kind and generous friends all over, praise the Lord.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

25 thoughts on “The postman song…”

  1. Oh uh… makan rampage with Annie soon kah? I saw her fb she said she can’t wait to makan makan. Sei lorr… *looks around for Shereen again*. Shereen, habislah both of us. He’s gonna post up loads of nice food for us to drool. 😦

    ps: First thing that came to mind when reading the title is ‘Mr. Postman’ by Carpenters.

    I think I used that title before…maybe more than once, so have to think of another song. Goingfor breakfast with Annie later – at that place with the best coffee in the world. I’ve posted on all the things there already so I guess there will not be any post on that coming up…

    1. You sure or not Arthur?…you makan kampua 3-4 times a week and yet you still blog about it! Cannot percaya you already…hahaha.

      Where? Where? No leh…I do not eat kampua 3-4 times a week and I post those at different places mah! Tell people it is good here, can try…it is no good there, don’t bother but Annie and I will be going to places I’ve been to – those that I think are nice, so no need to post anymore lor. 😉

  2. STP,… the sobbing works!!! hahahaha… on the serious note, that shows you are so adorable!! 🙂

    Is it the sobbing? Then I must sob some more…. Muahahahaha!!!! Ya, so are you…always getting things from people everywhere.

  3. Oh that’s lovely! I would go through that pack of Chinese sausages in 4 days, just eating it for breakfast with rice. I love lap cheong, can easily eat 3-4 with century eggs and rice. 🙂

    Enjoy your cookies! Nice of Annie to bring it over.

    Ya, all the nice people certainly makes the world a better place. Aiyor…shouldn’t eat so many – if they’re the ones made in China, they say should not eat too much – some chemical content – at onetime, there was a ban, I think. Well, whatever it is, anything from China – we’ll just have to be wary…

  4. Hmmm…receive more goodies again and it is nice to receive when you least expected. So sweet & thoughtful of your friends. You are really BLESSED.

    Gosh!….love that packet of lap cheong from Annie. Have a great time enjoying all the goodies, Arthur…… and to Annie, enjoy your “jalan jalan cari makan” session with Arthur.

    I truly am… Ya, we went for breakfast this morning and will be going out for dinner tonight.

  5. Ha, see I’ve always testify that STP is the most famous blogger amongst all, happy for you,getting so many freebies, now I must sob sob also,,,,

    I used to love that song Stevie B ” because I love you” ..hey have a great weekend ya and god bless

    You sing it at karaoke or not? I like the song too. Ya…carry on sobbing and see whether anybody will send you anything or not. LOL!!! Old people say it’s the structure of my jaw – this kind of mouth will always have things to eat one. Too bad yours not like that. Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  6. wow nice! receiving gifts is always a happy thing hehe

    my mami always buy those lap cheong (Chinese sausages) with wine in it one…ooh lala i can mum a big bowl of rice just with it! yum!

    I think these have wine in it. She gave me some before… Very nice. 🙂

  7. I love the marks n spencer cookies. love lap cheong even more. Have u planned what to cook it with? =P

    Nope. Usually I will use to cooked fried rice or fry with egg – omelette. Maybe I can try something else sometime…but these days, very lazy. Growing old… 😦

  8. So nice !!
    I would love to have those chinese sausages any day, every day!

    You know why you have so many nice friends? Coz you’re a really nice friend yourself!

    Yes, yes…only sometimes a bit grumpy when having difficulty trying to comment in isaactan’s blog. Muahahahahaha!!! 😀

  9. Thought you would embed Carpenter ‘Please Mr Postman’ haha. Just be careful if you were to carry the manneken pis above your head it will pee on ya. Dont beleaf? Try and you get wet.

  10. Chinese lup cheung? Chinese New Year around the corner? Belum SHR or Xmas woh..haha.

    LOL!!! Every day is Chinese New Year…. Hopefully tonight huat tua chai…. All the good vibes. 😉

  11. yes, i got that from wenn too!! mine is the little magnet, but she’s so sweet to also put in some instant coffee mix together in the parcel right?? pleasant little unexpected surprise, value added!! haha..

    Yes, so nice of her. Mine’s a magnet too… Looks bigger in the pic, maybe?

  12. Wow !! You are fast ! Hope you like the Chinese sausage , don’t know what to get for you . 🙂 You can either steam the sausage and eat with rice or fried it with garlic , both way also nice .

    Thanks for the chicken pie and lay piang and the breakfast for this morning . 🙂 Oh no ! Can see myself eat so much in Sibu . When go back need to on diet again . 😦

    LOL!!! I already had the post scheduled for today…so I just added the last bit and the two photos.So thin already since the last time we met – can eat…eat…eat… 🙂

  13. @ Irene , thanks !! I am sure I will enjoy myself having eating spree with Arthur .

    Looks like you’ve eaten everything… Just dunno what else to buy for you to enjoy… 😦

  14. such lovely gifts and lovely friends! i think a peeing boy fountain would do good for any gardens heheheh!

    ooh i love those types of cookies! jam tarts, choc chips, etc. yum yum!

    I have a bigger one…at least1 foot, marble…and it’s an ashtray…came free with a bottle of brandy many years ago. Maybe I can put that in my garden…minus the peeing, of course. LOL!!! You’re in Penang, are you? Any Marks & Spencer there? Well, Famous Amos is good too… 😉

  15. You are surely well loved. You will also never go hungry.

    Hungry! That will be the day! I’m soooooooo full right now. Took Annie-Q and her family out for the dinner and in the end, her mum paid. So paiseh… Blush! Blush!

  16. so envious of your magnet. When I was there, I forgot to get a magnet for myself! Too busy drinking and didn’t do any shopping.

    Hahahahaha!!!! Well, you had your share of fun while there. Bet you’ll be going again sometime soon, the jetsetter that you are…. 😉

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