What’s in your head…

So what’s in your head and mine? A brain, hopefully…and I do know that in Malay, it is called an otak. However, I do not know why they call this fish delicacy otak-otak. Is it because of its resemblance to that particular part of the human anatomy?

I cannot remember the first time I ate it but I do recall that there was a bakery at the corner of the block of shops at Peranakan Place along Orchard Road in Singapore that sold buns wrapped in those leaves and stuffed with otak-otak. Oooo…they were so delicious but on a more recent trip, the bakery was no longer there. Since then, I had otak-otak bought from a stall in the vicinity of Pearl Point (Jalan Kelang Lama) and those from the Ramadhan stalls in town but they were really the pits. I love the very nice modified version of it at this cafe in Sibu

Payung otak-otak
*recycled pic*

…and also the Penang Peranakan version of it that I had here, here and here

New World otak-otak
*recycled pic*

…but these were different – not exactly otak-otak like I’ve always known it to be.

They say the ones from Muar are the best in the country but I’ve never been there – the closest would be that time when I went to the restaurant with the same name in KL, reputed to serve the best otak-otak in town. It was nice but I would want my otak-otak wrapped in leaves with evidence of it having been panggang-ed and not served in one big piece on a plate…and it certainly did not make me go, “Wow!!” No, it didn’t.

Anyway, my missus went and bought these from the frozen section in one of the supermarkets in town…

Frozen otak-otak 1

…and she had them baked/heated up in the oven…

Frozen otak-otak 2

I opened one and tried…

Frozen otak-otak 3

…and to my delight, it was really very nice!

My only complaint is that the size of the leaf-wrapped packet is so very misleading as the otak-otak inside is extremely small – maybe around 2 inches in length only…which makes me wonder why they cannot make it bigger and have fewer packets in a pack instead.

Anyway, I am quite wary about eating factory-made  frozen stuff so even though it is very much to my satisfaction, I don’t think I will be eating that very often… Sigh!!!