Been a while…

It’s been a while since the time when I dropped by this place

101Sibu 1

…with my daughter. We did not think the food was anything to shout about so we never came back again.

Well, the other day, I was in the vicinity and it seemed that all the food stalls were closed except for a sprinkling of kampua noodle stalls here and there. I was passing by the place and I noticed that there were quite a lot of people eating there…

101Sibu 2

…and the place looked kind of different from before.

Perhaps there had been a change of management? Perhaps the food would be a lot nicer now? Or was it simply because most of the food stalls around the area were closed?

Actually, I had stumbled upon a blog recently – somebody originally from Sibu but currently residing in Auckland, New Zealand and back here on holiday. I just can’t seem to find the link  now – I did send it to my NZ friend then so perhaps she still has it. Anyway, this blogger went to this place and seemed to like some of the stuff there…just that I could not remember what.

Then I saw a kid eating something that looked pretty nice with sausages and bread…and I thought I would like that too. So I ordered myself one American breakfast…

101Sibu American breakfast

…and good grief! Peanut butter toast? Scrambled eggs with mayonnaise? Sliced cucumber and tomato? And those frozen vegetables that were as hard as rocks! And that’s American breakfast? They should either change the name and offer that as their own original creation…or send the chef back to cooking school to learn how to cook a decent American breakfast. Tsk! Tsk!

The only saving grace was that it was only RM5.90 so it wasn’t that expensive…but then again, with that kind of money, I could have gone for something some place else that’s a lot more satisfying.

As I was leaving, I saw this…

101Sibu 3

They have the “must-try” list on the blackboard…so probably those were what the crowd had gone there for. Well, American breakfast is not on the list…and I saw the other people eating something in HUGE basin-like bowls and they seemed to be enjoying whatever they were having a lot. It certainly looks like I will just have to go there again sometime to try those recommended…or perhaps somebody who has been to the place can suggest something that is good there?