She’s back…

Well, she was. Annie-Q was back in town – I guess everybody would know it by now as I did mention this in an earlier post. She’s gone back to KL now after an eating frenzy during the few days she was in town. Those of you who are her friends on Facebook would have seen the many photos of what she had been eating while she was home.

She arrived on Thursday and the next morning, we met for breakfast at that coffee shop in Sg Merah with the very nice coffee. I had the pork porridge special…

ChoonSeng pork porridge special

…which I like a lot and I’ve featured it before quite sometime ago.

Believe it or not, we were so busy trying to catch up with one another that I did not take the photographs of the things that Annie and her family had…and that’s not all! We went out for dinner that night and I forgot to bring along my camera so all of you will not get to see what we had, lucky you! LOL!!!

I think we’ll just wait and see whether she will post them in her own blog or not. No point having the two of us posting on the same things – like those bloggers attending the same event and sharing more or less the same details and photographs.

In the meantime, my missus and I had something else on our own. We went back to one of the stalls at this coffee shop that I used to frequent until one time when we were not too pleased with what we had. This time around, my missus had the chao chai hung ngang (preserved vegeatbles with big mihun)…

MeiLe chao chai hung ngang

Annie would love this, I’m sure. I wonder if she had any when she was in town. Well, my missus like the one here – she said it was sour enough.

I had the mihun in clear soup…

MeiLe mihun soup 1

…which had minced pork, liver, egg and a whole lot of things inside and of course, there was mihun as well.

MeiLe mihun soup 2

I would very much prefer kway teow (flat rice noodles) though but this was good too and I would love it even more if they could cut down on the msg just a little bit. Other than that, it was just perfect…but I’m afraid it was not exactly cheap. I paid RM10.00 for the two so that works out to RM5.00 each, I guess – and looking at my old post on this, it was only RM4.00 when I first had it in 2008. Ah well…what is cheap these days? That’s the way it is these days and no matter what, things are never gonna change – we’ll just have to learn to put up with it and live within our means… Sigh!!!