So confused…

In a previous post, I mentioned how Mother Nature is so confused these days that one of my neighbour’s quinee tree is flowering while the other one is bearing fruit already.

Well, the other day, I discovered that the rambutan tree in my garden is undergoing the same dilemma. On one hand, it is already bearing fruit…


…and on the other, it is flowering…

Rambutan flowers

…and it is the one and the same tree.

Rambutan fruits & flowers

The weather has been very hot and dry lately and what I am afraid is that as a result of the aridity and scorching heat, the rambutans may turn black and dry up and eventually drop off the tree. I did notice that happening to some of them already.

We do get rain occasionally and when the rain comes, it is extremely heavy with strong wind and violent thunderstorms. On other days, it would be so very hot and this will drag on for days on end…and it certainly does not help one bit that some people see it fitting to seize the opportunity to burn whatever they may have in their garden. Consequently, it may get very hazy at times until the rain comes to wash it all away.

With such unpredictable conditions, I am not certain whether I will be able to see the rambutans ripen and whether there will be any for us to eat eventually.

My rambutans
*recycled pic*

That, we will just have to wait and see…