Seeing double (2)…

I wonder what peteformation would say when he sees this photo…

Char siew pao 1

…and I wonder if this will make Bananaz‘s imagination run wild and trigger off dreams of Yip Chi Mei‘s paos.

Here, Bananaz, have a closer look…

Char siew pao 2


Well, I went back to that stall at the market near the Sibu Civic Centre – the one I was telling everyone about in this post. I bought the bak pao (meat bun) the other day and this time around, I wanted to try this char siew pao (barbecued pork bun) – also selling at RM1.70 each.

Char siew pao 3

It was nicer than just nice, all meat but I’m not sure whether it was just this batch or is it always so salty? Whatever it is, I think I prefer the bak pao

Bak pao
*Recycled pic*

…the one with the hardboiled egg inside. Yum! Yum!

And by the way, I just received these paos all the way from Batu Pahat, Johore…

Porky paos

Now, who do they bring to your mind? Not Yih Chi Mei, I’m sure, Bananaz? LOL!!!