I am sure everybody can remember from this post that I received these Marks & Spencer’s goodies from coffeencookies via Annie-Q when she came to town…

Marks & Spencer's goodies
*recycled pic*

The puffs weren’t too bad. I liked the pastry a lot – very thin and crispy layers and there wasn’t too much blueberry so it was just right. If there had been more of that, then it would be too sweet and I would not like it so much.

That, unfortunately, was the case with the chocolate chip Scottish shortbread. There was too much chocolate and as a result, it was very sweet and what was worse was the fact that it drowned out the Scottish shortbread taste that I love so much. I honestly feel that they should not come together – I wouldn’t mind choc chip cookies on their own…and everybody knows that I love Scottish shortbread but to me, the combination is disastrous, a complete mismatch.

But ooooo…..the All Butter Viennese left me absolutely speechless!

Marks&Spencer's All Butter Viennese 1

They are so very nice – simply out of this world…

Marks&Spencer's All Butter Viennese 2

You can taste the fragrance of the butter and it is not hard, just right…not sweet, slightly salty probably from the butter and in one word – perfect!

Marks&Spencer's All Butter Viennese 3

I was given two tubes of these so my missus and I ate one…and I gave the other one to my mum. We should always share any nice things that we may have with others – especially the ones that we love, don’t you all agree?

It was so sweet of you, coffeencookies, to send those to me. Thank you so very much once again…