The sound of silence…

The other night, I was online on my PC when suddenly, one of the speakers went, “Poof!” Silence.

Gone case speakers

I tried to fiddle with it to bring it back to life but to no avail. It was as dead as a door nail.

Well, I guess the set of speakers had served its time. I cannot remember exactly when I bought the whole thing but if I’m not mistaken, my daughter was still around then – still in school…so that would be at least 5 or 6 years ago.

I went and dig out the old speakers that I had with the previous PC – an Acer original…

Old speaker 1

…that we bought when my daughter was still little and loved playing those games in cd-roms e.g. The Lion King (no internet access at the time). I loved playing that too! It was a whole lot of fun really, this I would have to admit. LOL!!!

I plugged in all the wires and connected the speakers to the system. Gee! I noticed that they were stereophonic…and there was a super bass control knob plus a sense-surround button.

Old speaker 2

When everything was ready, I switched on the power and holy Moses!!! I almost jumped out of my skin – it was so very loud and the quality of the sound was absolutely wonderful.

STP's desktop

The speakers were not too big and fitted in nicely into the available space on the table on both sides of the monitor.

In comparison, the conked-out speakers sounded like those RM10 one-band pocket radio that we used to listen to during our teenage days…while these re-commissioned ones sound superb – like a hi-fi or mini-compo (I wonder if the younger readers know what I’m talking about! LOL!!!). You can bet your bottom dollar that from now onwards, youtube will never be the same again! LOL!!!