Three days in a row…

On her third day back in Sibu, Melissa wanted to go for the sambal char kway teow (RM3.80) at Kopitiam Fantasy. While in New Zealand, she had seen it in one of my posts and had been dying to give it a try…

Kopitiam Fantasy's sambal char kway teow

Well, she was not disappointed and found it to be very nice indeed.

I wanted to try something else, so I ordered the lor mee (RM3.80)…

Kopitiam Fantasy's lor mee

…which came with this garlic and chilli dip…

Lor mee - garlic & chilli dip

Perhaps it was because I had never been a fan of lor mee so as a result, I thought it was nothing really great and not something that I would want to have again.

It was Hari Raya Haji/Adiladha that day, a public holiday…so my missus was not working and was able to cook. Thus we had our lunch and dinner at home.

The following morning, Melissa wanted to go for some pian sip dry…

Soon Hock's pian sip - dry
*recycled pic*

…or what is called kiaw in Kuching and is something like wantan in the peninsula. She wanted hers dry – the same as before she left for her further studies overseas. I had the pian sip with mee pok (flat noodles) in clear soup (RM2.20) for a change…

Soon Hock's pian sip mee pok soup

…and for lunch, we went for some nasi bryani at this cafe…

New Nur Islamic Cafe

Normally, we would not come here for that but I had heard a number of people praising this one to the skies. In fact, we used to eat it here a long time ago when my daughter was still in primary school but somehow or other, we eventually switched to this other place.

Well, that day, Melissa had the mutton bryani (RM7.00)…

Nur Islamic mutton bryani

…while I had the chicken (RM6.00)…

Nur Islamic chicken bryani

…and both were good…and though I would not say that it was so much better than our usual bryani place, it was definitely better than what I had here.

Gosh! Are you all bored yet? It certainly seems that since coming home, all that Melissa has done is eat…eat…and eat – but unfortunately, only the dad puts on weight! Sigh!!! LOL!!!

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29 thoughts on “Three days in a row…”

  1. Hahahahaha… I tink Melissa is a bit like me… the most oso put on 1-2kg… and only the face will appear a little bit chubbier, no matter how much you feed her, she’s not going to go round. LOL!

    Sigh… I’ve been wanting to eat nasi briyani… but kenot find a good one anywhere in KL. 😦 Sieeeeeennn!!!

    What about the Nirwana banana leaf place you all were talking about? Hmmmm…a lot of smoke, no fire one. Oh….Melissa will put on a lot more kg than that but she doesn’t become round like me – her metabolism much better, mine already old and slow…and thank goodness she is not soooooo thin – like lidi penyapu!!! People will think I do not feed her – child abuse or something! Eyewwww……. LOL!!! 😀

    1. LOL! Nirvana ah? Annie? Mana pigi itu Annie? Terlupa pulak… LOLOL… supposed to arrange a date and pester Annie.

      Oooo… Annie, where art thou? LOL! Annie… I’m kurus kering like lidi penyapu. So chammm… feed me! LMAO!

      Annie? Hehehehehehe…..we’ll be meeting up soon….in Penang! Eat your heart out! Muahahahahahaha!!!!! 😀

    2. what a lot of smoke no fire? Next round stay KL longer la. Can go eat CKt at brickfield for breakfast, then go jln a bit at Midvalley. After that lunch at Nirvana banana leaf rice or kanna. Then go 1U or what. Night can go Cincai Steamboat. If still hungry then can go have Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa or ikan bakar behind istana negara or the Jln Hang Tuah Famous hokkien mee with a lot of lard

      What I mean is…Cleff has been talking about going for banana leaf with Annie so many times already but so far, it has not happened – so, all smoke, no fire lah…

      Now let’s see all the things you’ve mentioned – well, ckt…no, thanks – I’m going to Penang, banana leaf…o.k. but I’d rather have their Indian dishes instead, steamboat…ok…nasi lemak, nope – no, thank you…and ikan bakar, I’ll have that in Penang and not a fan of KL Hokkien mee. Now, start planning for my next visit in mid-February… LOL!!!

      1. Tak payahl… tak payah eat out… ask Cyn do potluck… den can go makan in her house like mad! LMAO… apa mau? Ask her masak… she will happy happy masak! And she wun poison u like me either… certified chef! LOL!

        Homecooked food the best lah! But don’t want to kacau people – it’s not easy to cook for a party or at least, not for me…not anymore. I used to love doing that – entertain at home but now, old already…so eating out is the best solution.

  2. The mutton bryani looks excellent. As someone would say, to die for. Still remember the fantasy place, the kopi not so fantasy but the char kway tiaw clearly is.

    Ya, much better than the place we went to when we first met. As for the coffee, I overhead somebody ordering and insisting that a certain guy made it. It seems that he is THE barista but he often leaves it to some ladies to do it while he sits by the side, idling…so if he is the one brewing the coffee, you can expect that it will be very good…not otherwise. 😦

    1. Yes, I remember those ladies doing it. Will have to insist on the boss doing it next time, what a lazy guy! Make the women slave away while he shakes his leg. Typical Foochow male! Also have to go to this New Nur place next time too. You’re right, kids have higher metabolic rates, no danger of M losing her figure any time soon.

      Yup…the mum was slim…but now it has caught up with her! Welcome to the club! Muahahahahahaha!!!! Yes, this one is nice. The other place that I go to, Balkis, is just as nice…and at times, may even be better…and there lies the problem – not always consistent. 😦

  3. the kuey tiew and piansip look good. err… not a fan of nasi beriyani. ah im nt drooling cz juz back fm breakfast. wakakakaka

    Lucky you! Hey! So free kah? Thought your exam is on right now?

  4. Bored?? Chinese are never bored with Food! Go anywhere, must look for food first.. greeting one another also must have the “food” word there.. so… do continue posting up food, food and more food.. i like the look of the pian sip… looks similar to the wan ton here, right?

    Yup…they’re more or less the same thing. Hmmm…glad you think it’s not boring – all that food…as I think this will go on for quite a while – at least, till my daughter leaves for NZ again… 😉

  5. I was drooling over the mutton briyani pic….slurpp.
    Aiya, baru 3 days makan around town. Have not satisfied all the food cravings, yet, rite? Just very curious to know how much weight Melissa would put on before going back to NZ…hehehe

    She’s been back two weeks tomorrow…and we’re still going round eating this and that. Still a few places to go to and haven’t gone back to the same place yet! Gee! Looks like Sibu is quite big after all… Muahahahaha!!!!

  6. Arthur…just as I said before you will be one to put on weight and not Melissa…gosh you need to ask Claire take you to Kledang Hill and climb the hill to burn off what you have just eaten LOL!

    Haiz…I can feel it already! Must start exercising and dieting before Christmas comes around…and then Chinese New Year. Oh dear!!! I do not dare imagine anymore… Muahahahaha!!!! 😀

  7. I live for food…so not bored at all with your food away! I love nasi briyani or any type of flavoured rice. Couldn’t believe that the rice was so cheap…only RM7 for mutton and RM6 for chicken? Last Oct, I ate in Subang Jaya which I think is the Nasi Kandar Kayu or something like that and it was expensive.
    Nowadays as age is catching up, no need to even smell the food…look at the food only get fat…haiya! wish I could be like Melissa…eat and eat and eat and yet so slim. Soon,I’ll need to buy double seat when travelling by air…hahahaha.
    Next time when you in Auckland, remind me to bring you to go and eat CKT.Taste is good with wok hei. Never like CKT even when I was in Malaysia until I tasted this guy ones.Best.

    Kayu!!! Oh gosh! Never ever go there – the chopping knife is very sharp one – and the same applies to all the nasi kandar shops…nothing less than RM10 and my friends told me that it was because the Malay I spoke was different and they could tell I was not local…so straight away, slaughtered!!! Tsk! Tsk! Will never ever go anywhere near one from now on!!

    Ya…like me. Getting fatter and fatter. When flying, sometimes had to ask for extension belt – so shy lah! Hopefully, wouldn’t be asked to buy double ticket.

    One thing I noticed overseas, everything seemed to taste nice…but on coming back, when I tried to cook the same thing in the exact same way, it did not taste so good. Maybe it was the weather – here, too hot and humid…so appetite not so good. 😦

  8. Bananaz tak berani makan nasi bryani with mutton not a fan of mutton the curry looks yummy though and the pixz too. Is pian sip same as what we called suikow in KL? Perhaps in Sibu you dont bite but to sip them instead…haha ~;)

    Nope…it is something like wanton except that the texture of the skin is a bit different. I guess they do sip the soup ones as the skin would not need any/much chewing – just the minced meat inside and there isn’t very much of it. As for the bryani, well…Indian shops – it’s either mutton or chicken…no beef! My daughter loves mutton but I would rather have beef or chicken.

  9. i want the pian sip! I find that, pian sip and the wanton here, a bit different. Taste maybe the same, but i think the skin is different, Sibu one very “soft” and thin. Sometime you will “accidently slip” the pian sip down your throat wihtout bitting it. Agree with me? LOL!

    Tonight i am going back home to savour my KAMPUA!! hahahhaha

    What? Oh ya…your mum will be in KL and she’s bringing you all kampua! LOL!!! Enjoy yourself… Yup…I agree with you about the difference between pian sip and wanton skin – the pian sip’s smoother…thinner…not so “khiew” (firm), so easier to just swallow.

    1. *blush blush* Shy! Wokay… will check wif my driver and the kawans… den go date u before Xmas. Wanna pass some stuff to ur anak oso. LOL!

      Gosh! Christmas? Ah well…she’s busy right now, anyway – the mum and nephew are in town…and then she’ll be away – going to Penang around the same time when I’ll be there. 🙂

      1. Sobsss… I go one corner and cry… after u come back sure will torture me with those food punya.

        Muahahahahaha!!! You can bet on that! 😀

  10. Please..don’t stop posting about food. At the very least, I get to “enjoy” looking at it. Imagining how good it tastes.. very sadistical..but, beggars can’t be choosers.

    Thanks for sharing…

    No sweat! Keep dropping by and I’m sure you will see lots more pics of food…food…and nothing but food! 😉

    1. yea…i quietly still reading..even tho i don’t actively comment.. get so hungry looking at your pictures… but still… STILL LOOK!

      like car accidents. kia kia kia…

      Something like self-inflicted pain, eh? Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

  11. those pictures make me hungry. especially the char kueh tiaw!

    Yum! Yum! I popped over to your blog. Looks like you’re overseas. Europe? Too bad – even if they have it there, I bet it is very expensive. So, you’ll just keep on drooling till you come back… And btw, thanks for dropping by…and do come again. Will link you in my blogroll. 🙂

  12. Oh dear… the kuey teow obviously had sufficient wok heat!!! It looks so delicious… and made me drool!

    Enjoy your weekend ya, looking forward for D4!;D

    That’s currently the best in town… Yum!

  13. the pian sip with mee pok looks good, and only RM2.20!! so the very cheap!! OMG~~

    and the lor mee, i think the type you have in the photo we call it lam mee in KL.. lor mee is quite different here we have..

    I think it’s something like the Hailam lor mee I had in Penang once – maybe that’s where the name lam mee comes from. Nice…but you would not see me jumping up and down over it and dying to eat it again… Ya, our kampua noodles and stuff – RM2.20…or maybe 10 sen or 20 sen more at some places. Cheap eh?

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