I had to see Philip again to return the draft of his mother’s 8th book that I had helped edit for him/her…but it being a Friday, my no-meat day, we decided to meet him at Kopitiam Fantasy.

If you may recall, when I last had a post on the place, I said that the coffee/kopi-o-peng was the best in Sibu. I think I would like to retract the statement now as it seems there is obviously no quality control and what I had this second time around was no better than that at any other coffee shop in town. It was quite a disappointment, to say the least, as I was looking forward to enjoying the coffee that morning. Sigh!!! It certainly looked like the first impression was a mere fantasy and THIS was the reality and a sad one at that.

I enjoyed the char kway teow (fried flat rice noodles) there but this time around, I decided to try the one with sambal that my missus had on that previous visit and she praised it to the skies but without meat, of course…

Kopitiam Fantasy sambal char kway teow

It was very nice, with the spiciness and the fragrance of theΒ sambal but I think I prefer what I had before.

Philip ordered the kueh chap from the next stall which seemed quite good…

Kopitiam Fantasy kueh chap

…but he was somewhat disappointed when it came as he was expecting something in clear soup like the kway teow th’ng in Penang and furthermore, he does not eat all those innards. Ooooo!!! If it had not been a Friday, guess who would sapu habis (sweep clean) all of that! Unfortunately, I had to resist the temptation… Sobs!

The sambal that came with the kueh chap looked nice too…

Kopitiam Fantasy kueh chap - sambal

…but I don’t think I’ll ever to get to try that as whenever I drop by the shop, I would have to eat the kway teow since the lady, Kim Eng, is an old-time acquaintance and friends should always stick together, don’t you all agree?

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25 thoughts on “Reality…”

  1. Dies… I have no koay teow at home right now. I tink will have to substitute with spaghetti! Ish ish ish~

    LOL!!! Craving?…You’re pregnant kah? Muahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

    1. Aisehh… I wish i can say I’m pregnant… unfortunately I’m not. this is just the hungry stomach speaking. 😦 Sigh… a baby daughter would be nice… sigh~ Shit, the biological clock ticking again~!

      Oh, not pregnant…just tham chiak. Hahahahahaha!!! πŸ˜€

    2. i think Cikgu trying to have me drooling to death….these two are my favourite…wokay..will go find CKT tomorrow morning…Doctor say i okay already…kekekeke…biopsy done…yahooo! got get out of jail card liao

      What ok already? You mean you were not supposed to eat this and that? But I saw your posts…going here, there and everywhere eating like there’s no tomorrow. Hmmmm…jahat! Not following doctor’s orders!

      1. Cikgu… u nasihat her abit~! Doctor kasi green light duzzin mean she can eat bukan bukan. She tot okay liao, den terus cook instant noodle to eat. Horrible. Must nasihat her abit… later from green card, jadi red card, baru tahu!

        People like her, degil sangat…not need to say lah! I live with one – my old lady – pain here, pain there, pain everywhere. People say cannot eat rebung (bamboo shoots), she’ll buy a whole lot, cook a pot…and eat for the whole week. She said doesn’t it also pain, so just eat…and take medication! If just buy a bit, eat for a meal – buang gian – I would not bother to say a thing but this is really in excess… 😦

      2. aiyo…my post are schedule one least 2 weeks out of date one. I cannot eat but hubi and son can eat mah…they eat the exciting stuff while i eat clear soup noodle lor :p. I can curi one or two mouth from thier also leh kekekeke

        Long story la why i kena “jail” . Story scheduled to be publish this friday

        Why? You expecting a 2nd one kah? Cannot chin-chai eat. Wah…this is just like tv series. Tune in next week for the continuing episode of… Hahahahahaha!!!!

  2. oooohh…the ckt really looks good! not the dry dry type and .. and.. i wanna taste it… hey, since sibu has this type of ckt, there shouldnt be any “yearning” for Penang food actually.. πŸ™‚

    But lots of other nice things to eat in Penang. Sobs! Wish I could go over again soon… 😦

    1. 😦 You wish you can go there. I wish I can live in Penang instead of KL. 😦 While I like KL, nothing comforts me better than the sea.

      Not me…not a sea person. Would love to live up in the hills, cool…and quiet – peaceful all around, can commune with nature…but this small town is good too. Wouldn’t mind visiting KL or Penang but I would not want to live there!

      1. Don’t know why… the mountain makes me sick… hard to breathe… 😦 the air macam too thin for me. 😦 So I dun like.

        The pressure! Maybe you’ve respiratory problems. Some people pengsan when they go up the mountains…

  3. WEIIIIIIII!!! the char kuey teow sooooo yummmmmmyyyyllllliiiiccciiiooouuuss! am hungy liao! T.T

    Yum! Yum! So very nice… Want some? Hehehehehehe! πŸ˜‰

  4. Wah Fantasy Char Kueh Teow… already can have happy thoughts….LOL!

    Nasib they did not call the shop Ecstasy… Hahahahaha! πŸ˜€

  5. the kuey tiaw that made almost made jeff and me crieddddd LOLZ

    Ya…having been forewarned, I made sure that I sat further away. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  6. From the looks of it I know this dish of Char Kueh teow must be delicious. Because the one we have in Malacca looks the same. LOL πŸ˜€

    Yakah? Yet to try ckt in Malacca…so cannot comment! I’ve had nice ones in Sg Petani, Penang, KL (Jalan Alur…but now no more! Not nice anymore), didn’t really like what I had in Kuching…or elsewhere in Sibu until this one!

  7. I am drooling over the bowl of kueh chap summore come with sambal lagi.. I can finish two bowls of rice!!

    Doesn’t come with rice. You eat the kwayteow-like slices inside. Nice!

  8. PORK! i want PORK!

    You vegetarian, now suffering from withdrawal symptom, izzit? LOL!!! Come! Lots of that in the kueh chap…and the innards too. Not for me though, not on a Friday.

  9. char keow teow!! Yum!!! But today only can eat cannot eat. My throat feel one kind today, must be eating too much kompia. 😦 I re-toast it and eat..yummy and now suffer!

    Wah…still not finished? Your mum must have brought over a whole box full? πŸ˜‰

  10. you should wave the waitress over and asked why this kopi-o-peng so lousy..they will tell you…. last time I had this experience – i was told the boss wife is doing it today,,she cut this n that..thats why so lousy. haha.

    Hey! That’s true! The first time, there was a man…and this time around, there was an old lady and another younger tomboyish one. That must be the reason! Next time, will have to look out for the man before ordering…

  11. haha…fantasy. Sometimes, the standard of the coffeeshop are just not consistent. Just like the teh tarik in mamak stall. Sometimes nice, sometimes so-so only.

    Ya…like in the case of the previous comment – probably depends on who’s the one making! 😦

  12. Ahh those oily and shiny char kuey teow! Missing them already after being in Aus for 2 weeks! LOL!

    Ah! But I bet you had all the yummy Ozzie food while you were there… Yum!!!

  13. wah…you make me drool….so hungry…

    Hehehehe!!! Go visit Auntie Claire. Sure, she’ll feed you till you’re full. πŸ˜‰

    P.S. Btw, why did you type your email address instead of your name? I edited it already…

  14. The soup was quite good, but not crazy about eating intestines. Next time I order it I’ll make sure it’s not a Friday. Really needed someone to sapu habis the icky stuff. BTW, A, thanks again for helping out with the book. Guess I’ll have to call you chikgu from now on too.

    Psst…today, it’s spelt “cikgu”. “Ch…” is old school – what they call Bahasa Lama, like Shakespearean English in the case of English. Well, too bad you’ll going back in a couple of days. Will have to wait till you come back again next year…and we’ll go and mam-mam more then…

  15. ah.. I know what’s for lunch tomorrow.. kueh teow. πŸ˜€

    Gee! I know people check out my blog to see where to go and eat what – now it’s like a menu too. What to eat tomorrow! πŸ˜‰

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