Moving on…

When I was small, I only knew of one coffee shop – Kiaw Siong as my father would go to the same one every Sunday and we would be overjoyed with the weekly opportunity to savour Ah Kow’s kampua noodles. It was located at the corner of the Central Road-Workshop Road junction but later, the food stalls moved across the road to the coffee shop beside the fire station while the coffee shop man moved his business to another one beside HSBC.

I heard that they have closed down that coffee shop beside the fire station as the landlord wanted to jack up the rent and nobody knew where the food stalls have shifted to. Then I heard that they have moved to this coffee shop behind the Sibu Polyclinic, Oya Road. However, it turned out that only the kampua stall is there – I don’t know where the beef noodles stall has moved to now.

Well, I was not in the mood for kampua so I decided to have the lor mee from the second stall at that coffee shop…

Sibu lor mee 1

If I’m not mistaken, this is the same lady that has been there ever since I was still teaching in SHS and on a few occasions, I would stop by for her lor mee. It was very nice and still is – not thick and gooey like those at some places and the smell of the five-spice powder was not noticeable unlike some where it could be a bit too overpowering. There was some kangkong in it…

Sibu lor mee 2

…and besides the meat, you will get half a lor hardboiled egg cut into quarters…

Sibu lor mee 3

Well, I enjoyed that and incidentally, one bowl costs only RM3.00 – cheaper than what I had here (RM3.80 at the time) and nicer than what I had here. I certainly wouldn’t mind going back there for that again sometime…

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26 thoughts on “Moving on…”

  1. I am not really into Asian food that those noodles turn me on right now, I just wanna gobble them up in an instant. You see, I just got back from this party and I really want to eat something hot but I’m just too lazy to do it.

    I love all the stuff in that noodle bowl. I am a big fan of putting eggs in everything I pretty much eat.

    So hungry..

    Gosh! I thought they say that eggs are not good for you, should limit to two per week? No food at the party? Must be very hungry then – best time to eat. Anything will taste great! LOL!!!

  2. Lor mee… hmmm..not for me.. Penang is famous for it too.. i dont like the dark thick sauce over the mee… kind of “geli-ish” for me.. 🙂 i still prefer the kampua noodles (dry or soup) anytime!

    Ya…I’m like you. I don’t like its thick and gooey, all cornflour. Just slightly will be ok for me… So? When are you coming over to Sibu for kampua? 😉

  3. you make me wanna eat leh….unfortunately you hardly can get this type of food in england

    Not unless you cook your own, I guess. Your first time here, I see. Welcome and thanks for dropping by and for posting a comment. Do come again. 🙂

  4. Wah! I haven’t had a nice lor mee for a long, long time!

    No? They say Penang’s the best but we have some good ones here in Sibu too.

  5. Got lost backtracking your old posts! Well, still going to enjoy the kampua in that corner shop behind the clinic. Won’t be long now. Actually just got my KUL-KCH ticket. Can’t believe how cheap they are these days.

    Are they really cheap or are you being sarcastic? It depends on your timing. Sometimes you can get very good deals. You better draw up a food itinerary… LOL!!!

  6. drool, drool and still drool, hahaha 😀
    my fave mah…here RM 5 !!! got udang, small one, but still can see lor… lol

    KL mah. I think in Penang, also RM3 at some hawker stalls…small one. Big one RM5.00…

  7. Haha glad I had the lor mee in Penang…have not the time to eat my favorite curry mee in Penang but make do with the one in Red Garden boleh tahan.

    Ya…that’s the thing about Red Garden – not the best but good enough and all at one place, no transport to get around here and there…this would be a good place to go to – anytime better than Gurney Drive.

  8. one of the place we frequent a lot for kampua when I was small was this very old kopitiam someway along Lanang Rd. I remember it was below some offices and next to a few mechanic shops as well as opposite the shipyard.

    Their kampua was just perfect and since the father passed away (I think I was 14 or 15 year old that time), we stopped going there.

    The best place for beef noodles I remembered was at Chopstick which is next to HSBC back in town. I used to have kampua noodles ‘puak’ white & dry and have it together with the best ever beef and tripe soup my memory ever served me.

    Not too sure about the lor mee…but I’m like you. I grew up eating the father’s kampua but I have never tried the son’s. Some say it is not so good. The beef noodles you’re talking about is near my house now – behind the kidney foundation. I had a post on it sometime ago…


  9. Wah RM3 is really CHEAP! I can’t find RM3 of anything in KL anymore.. and most importantly, it’s delicious! 🙂

    True! Cheapest would be RM4 and above, I think.

  10. Gosh!…the lor mee looks yummylicious!..
    Love it…and now droooooo…..ling…after seeing your post. Only RM3.00…reasonable price.

    I guess you can get that easily in Kuching. Dunno of any good ones as I never go for that when in Kuching.

    1. ahhhh… you are making me very jealous! LOL. Food is so cheap in Sibu!

      It is, I guess…for which I am really thankful. Otherwise, it will be hard for an old pensioner like me – prices of everything going up.

  11. Wow! You call your kangkong as kangkong. We also call kangkong as kangkong here. Hehe…I am delighted with the similarity of words in your country and in mine.

    There are more, I’m sure…just that the words have not come up in our posts yet. 🙂

  12. Don’t really fancy lor mee….prefer prawn mee.

    No prawn mee in Sibu and I’m not crazy over it anyway – both are things that would be good if one is looking for something different for a change.

  13. I like braised hard boiled eggs, vinegar and handmade noodles, so lor mee is always my choice of noodles at any Kopitiam!^-^

    Oh? Not the usual favourite of others. For me, it is something different, niceto have for a change…

  14. hmmm, you call that lor mee over there?? we call this lam mee, because our lor mee is something else but quite similar.. RM3.00 a bowl, wow, that’s like a price more than 10 years ago in KL…

    Yes, this is our lor mee…which is similar to what Bananaz had in Penang, also called lor mee – they have the dry version too, it seems. Will post on it eventually – so many things to post – takes time to upload all the photos. Stay tuned!

  15. i was told that the beef noodles stall move to a coffee shop somewhere near the HSBC area. behind SCR i think. i heard that its quite hard for them to stay at the old place as the landlord increase the rent which i heard was too high and they just cant afford it eventhough business is still good. cheers STP…c u soon.

    Behind SCR? Eat come first? Anyway, will go round there and see…

  16. In Malacca it is hard to find a stall selling loo mee…let alone find a stall that can sell good loo mee. :p

    Oh? It’s quite popular in Penang. Not that many stalls here in Sibu too…

  17. wondering wondering… when only i can get kampua fix! 😦

    When are you coming to Sibu? Of course you would not come – other half not here! 😦

  18. The lor mee looks tasty but it looks salty, too…i want lor mee with a thicker noodle. 🙂

    Nope, not salty. Lor mee is usually slightly sweet. Thicker noodles? These are the thickest we have here…unlike the handmade pan mee or Hokkien noodles elsewhere.

  19. Kiaw Siong? Sound familiar. The coffee shop next to the bomba? I remember when i am young, my grandma always bring me to the coffee shop next to the bomba there to have kampua.

    Is the coffee shop still there?

    Yup…that’s the one. No more. They said they closed it down and moved elsewhere because the rent too high…

  20. Beef noodle moved to 2.292465,111.826676

    Ok, thanks. It’s not the best around any longer though. But I would want to go still…for sentimental reasons.

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