Different from the rest…

Most Sibuians, coming home from abroad or even from the peninsula, would head straight to the nearest kampua stall to have their fix…but not my daughter. She has never been a fan of the noodles but she does have a soft spot for the kolo mee in Kuching and also the Sarawak laksa.

She already had her favourite pian sip (dry) in town earlier…and last Sunday, I took her to the Thomson Corner outlet opposite Sacred Heart School for the laksa there.

Thomson Corner seafood Sarawak laksa

This was the Sarawak laksa – seafood special (RM6.00) that I had but she, being a small eater, only wanted the regular- RM4.00, and RM5.00 for a large bowl. It is no longer selling the RM7.00 special with the three giant udang galah (freshwater prawns) but this was pretty good too and well worth having.

I thought she would love the assam prawns (RM5.00) that I bought from my regular Malay food stall at Bandong

Bandong's assam prawns

…but she did not seem too keen on those. Most people love prawns of all shapes and sizes but I suspect she did not like the idea of getting her hands all dirty from trying to remove the shell.

She loved the assam fish curry though…

Bandong's assam fish curry

I had asked for RM5.00 of it but there was enough left that day for around RM7.00-RM8.00…and the nice man gave me ALL of it for RM5.00, bless him!

I also bought Melissa some sambal brinjal (RM2.00) that has always been her favourite…

Bandong sambal terung

…and true enough, she ate a whole lot of that. I’m o.k. with it but I prefer brinjal steamed and eaten ulam-style with sambal belacan.

I guess that’s part of being human – we are all different in our own ways.