Senja di Kuala Lumpur…

Hello! I’m in Kuala Lumpur right now…and by the time, this post appears in my blog, my daughter would have arrived home in Malaysia from New Zealand and we would be heading back to Sibu tonight.

I flew over on Friday…and that very evening, I went out for dinner with my friends and met up with some fellow-bloggers and their families.  I will post on that when I get home…so do stick around!

And what a coincidence! At the restaurant, I bumped into my cousin (My mother’s sister’s daughter…and no, she doesn’t have the shape nor the size! LOL!!!)  who dropped by after work for dinner at that same place with her friends.

With Christie in KL

As the song goes, it’s a small world, after all…

We’ll be flying back to Sibu tonight, so normal programming will resume after this – that’s a promise…I suppose. Wink! Wink!