Made in India…

There is an Indian restaurant round the corner from Bali Bali in the Lagenda Heights vicinity in Sungai Petani. The name is the Chennai Curry House…

Chennai 1

I know that’s the name of a place in India but I had to google to find out that actually, it was originally called Madras. I was teaching Geography in the 70’s and 80’s when Mumbai was known as Bombay…and though my mum and aunties were crazy over Raj, Shammi and Shashi Kapoor…and others like Dev Anand or Joy Mukerjee or a very young Amitabh Bachchan, the name “Bollywood” was still non-existent then.

Anyway, to get back to this restaurant, the following evening after that day when we had our dinner at Bali Bali, we went to this place for the Indian cuisine there. I told my missus to try the banana leaf as she had never had that before in her entire life…

Chennai banana leaf

My daughter had the mutton bryani…

Chennai mutton bryani

…and her friend, Soleha, a very nice and sweet girl from Trengganu, had the naan chicken masala set…

Chennai naan chicken masala set

I opted for the lamb bryani in a claypot special (RM18 something)…

Chennai lamb bryani in claypot special

…which was served in a claypot with the lid sealed airtight using some kind of bread or dough…

Chennai dough or bread seal

All in all, it was a delightful meal and everyone enjoyed what they had ordered. My bryani was very fragrant and tasty…and the meat was very tender. It certainly was a more satisfying dinner than the one we had at Bali Bali and the bill, inclusive of drinks, came up to slightly over RM50.00 only.

After the dinner, we headed to the Secret Recipe outlet at the Village Mall nearby for cakes. Melissa and Soleha…

Melissa and Soleha

…shared a slice of their very popular Chocolate Indulgence while I had their Durian cake.

Then we went to the karaoke joint on the 2nd or 3rd floor of the mall for some karaoke singing…

Melissa & Soleha karaoke singing

They sang songs ranging from Miley Cyrus’ The Climb or Lady Gaga’s Just dance to Richie Blackmore’s Temple of the King or the Eagles’ One of these nights…and closed the evening with Jon Bon Jovi’s It’s my life.

It certainly was a night well spent and the next day, all of them had to go their separate ways – everyone to their respective state and home…until February next year when they would be meeting again to leave for Wellington, New Zealand for their 2nd year in their pursuit of a TESOL (Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages) degree.

Author: suituapui

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16 thoughts on “Made in India…”

  1. the naan chicken masala set looks nice…..

    It IS nice. The food there was pretty good and the service was excellent. Wouldn’t mind going to places like that.

  2. naan chicken masala looks yummy and the price is quite reasonable too=)

    Yes, the food was nice and the place too, so it was really worth it. Wouldn’t mind going there again…if ever I have the chance.

  3. What attracted me was the karaoke… I wan to sing too! I love singing, but rest assured, the glasses won’t break… hey, one day if bloggers meet up, we must have a karaoke session as well.. oldies but goldies kind of thingy.. climb the mountain, i dont know how, though i have watched the Hannah Montana movie… give me the old songs anytime.. LOL..

    Ya…I love karaoke too but I prefer the open lounge places…not those little boxes where you sing among yourselves. If got stage…and have to go up and sing, even better! I’m so shameless hor! Hahahahahaaha!!!! I sing some old songs and some not so old ones…but I haven’t managed to pick up any of the latest lately.

  4. War…very Muhibah o. :p Your daughter and her friend look very cute o. :p The lamb briyani looks delicious…but…hmm…isn’t the portion a little small?

    Generally, we’re VERY 1Malaysia here. My family we have people marrying Melanaus, Bidayuhs, Ibans, Malays, orang putih…maybe an Indian soon… No problem at all! It was a tight squeeze in the claypot…so there was enough rice and chunks of lamb for me. I don’t really eat THAT much – so kesian…cos I still grow so fat! SIGH!!!

  5. I think there’s a different between the papadum and the ‘keropok’ right? cz i really don’t know what the small pieces are called.. 😦

    The small ones also pappadums – they have round ones, some big, some smaller and they have smaller square/rectangular ones. They taste different from keropok – thinner and you can sense the hints of some spices/herbs used…

  6. Look likes everyone had alot fun.

    The indian food looks absolutely delicious. Tempting~

    @Claire : Wow Karaoke session… am I included? hahaa! I can’t sing.. ear drums might break!

    Yes, it was a good outing – nice food, yummy cakes…and fun at the karaoke! You can’t sing? Try it once and there’ll be no stopping you after that!!! LOL!!!

  7. ooh the place and the food looks good too. at least they don’t give you fake banana leaves!

    I thought Indian restaurants will always use real banana leaves? I know some Malay restaurants here use rectangular plates of a banana leaf design.

  8. this restaurant the food at least look more yummy than that Bali Bali. I like your claypot briyani and the naan chicken masala look yummy too.

    So your girl and Soleha will meet again next year Feb? Good, at least they can take care each other when in NZ.

    Yes, the food was good. We enjoyed it a lot. Well, I always tell my daughter to mingle around and make lots of friends wherever she goes and in good times or bad, she will always have someone there for her.

  9. the restaurant looks nice, foods are yummy and price is reasonable… everything ngam! 🙂

    Yes, I wouldn’t mind going there again should I happen to drop by SP anytime in the future.

  10. the food looks great!! the shop looks nice..I do enjoy indian food…..maybe i should try it next time when im in SP….

    Yes, you should give it a try. They’ve opened another branch in SP but I do not know exactly where – free lunch on the opening day but unfortunately it was the weekend BEFORE I went. Otherwise, you can bet I would be there… The best things in life are free! Hahahahaha!!!

  11. u go chennai got met PI bala kar? :p

    Hahahahahaha!!!! No, I was supposed to deliver the 5 million but I heard he has gone back to Malaysia. So I’m keeping all the money to myself. LOL!!!

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