It’s up to you…

I think overseas, they call it egg foo yung but as far as I am concerned, it is just omelette with something inside. In a way, therefore, our or-chian (oyster omelette) is a kind of egg foo yung.

Well, the simple truth is I am trying to get rid of all the things stuffed in the freezer before we leave for Sungai Petani next week. I do wish that my missus would stick a sticker and write the date on everything she buys for I really do not know how long some of the things have been sitting in cold storage. Well, I found a plastic container of little shrimps so I decided to cook some shrimp omelette or shrimp egg foo yung, if you prefer it by that name.

Of course, you will need some eggs…

Egg foo yung 1

…beaten, with salt and msg added according to taste.

I used one Bombay onion – peeled and cut into thin slices, together with the shrimps…

Egg foo yung 2

It’s up to you what you would want to add and actually, I thought of adding some canned button mushrooms and maybe some long beans perhaps…but decided against it as I was too lazy to slice them thinly for use.

I heated up some cooking oil onto a frying pan and sautéed the onions in it till soft before adding the shrimps. Then I poured in the egg…but unfortunately, I think I did not use enough oil, so it got stuck at the bottom and I could not turn it over whole. In the end, some bits were slightly burnt…

Egg foo yung 3

But some people like it this way – a bit burnt. They say it is more fragrant. So, there you have it, my somewhat disastrous shrimp omelette aka shrimp egg foo yung

Egg foo yung 4

It tasted good though. Want some? LOL!!!

I will be leaving for Sungai Petani via KLIA and Penang on the early morning flight tomorrow and will not be back till late Sunday night. So there may not be any post over the next few days. In the meantime, be good and take care, everybody!