Second time around…

This was my second time at the Pavilion in KL but my daughter’s first…

Mel@Pavilion 1

She had never been there before. It looked like they had put up the Chinese New Year decorations…

Mel@Pavilion 2

…and thank goodness they did not play those rowdy songs that would drive me up the wall – or at least, not much…and not at the Pavilion. For one thing, I did not see very elaborate festive decors at most places unlike those that they had for Christmas…

Mel@Pavilion 3

At the Federal Hotel, they only have one miserable banner, that’s all! I wonder if that is an indication of the severity of the economic downturn. Perhaps Chinese New Year is not so grand in KL as everybody would be heading home eventually when the time draws near, leaving behind an almost deserted ghost city?

Well, it was my second time too and my daughter’s first time at Pappa Rich along Jalan Bukit Bintang…

Pappa Rich 1

I was here once before with my ex-students, Walter and Dudley. I went there again, this time for dinner, on our second night in KL with my daughter and her friend, Soleha. My daughter had the kway teow th’ng with shredded chicken (RM8.90)…

Pappa Rich 2

…while Soleha had the same but with prawns (RM9.90)…

Pappa Rich 3

…I had the steamed bread with curry (RM6.50)…

Pappa Rich 4

…though I was sure that in the menu, they had a drumstick in the photo – not breast!

Pappa Rich 5

I also ordered the vegetarian lor mai kai (RM4.80) to try…

Pappa Rich 6

…and the taufu fua (RM4.50)…

Pappa Rich 7

Business was good and there were quite a lot of people and there was one table that was somewhat noisy. Other than that, everything else was ok and the food was to our satisfaction…but when I wanted to settle the bill, I was told that they did not accept credit cards. Good grief! Not that it was some kind of coffee shop or roadside stall!!! Luckily I had enough cash on me.

One thing to their credit though was that the waitress took the trouble to run after us to return the umbrella that Soleha had left behind. Come to think of it, they were all very nice and friendly at that place. If not for the 10% service charge, I would have left them a generous tip! Hehehehehe!!!

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

35 thoughts on “Second time around…”

  1. Ehehehehe… lucky I just makan! πŸ˜› Else would be drooling at the keow teow! πŸ˜›

    I think horr… it’ll be nicer if the toast the bread to go with the curry! Ohh, YUMM!

    I think it’s their own baked bread. Really so very soft and nice…and none of that yeast smell or something that you find in bread from ordinary bakeries. Maybe that’s why they did not toast it…

    1. Issit? I tot would taste nicer if toasted. Cuz most of those cafe and kopitiam bread duzzin taste nice when it’s not toasted. Dono why… taste one kind!

      Not this one! Really nice…

  2. i have never stepped foot in pavilion :S but i went 2 da building next to it, starhill for jap buffet, jogoya…
    u should have brought mel there since she lurves jap food πŸ™‚

    Jogoya’s so very expensive lah…and since she does not eat much – and me neither these days, it’s really not worth the money…and I don’t really like Japanese.

    1. oh really?.. you’re not eating much these days??.. LOL….

      Old already. Last time, 4 or 5 rounds no problem. These days, one round already full…and have to force down some dessert to get my money’s worth! 😦

      1. 😦 my dad oso said same thing…I owez ask him to eat more when I meet him, but he said, enuff, full oredi. He eat so little, enuff meh?

        Old people…can’t eat so much. Eat a little already full. Same in my case, despite my shape and size!

  3. I prefer chicken thigh to chicken breast. Wah Pavilion decoration for CNY so nice…3rd pic, Mel doing the praying mantis kungfu eh? πŸ˜›

    Me too!…Ya, Chinese kung fu…for Chinese New Year mah! LOL!!!

  4. papa rich looks like uncle dom..are they brothers?lol

    Dunno. Don’t think so. I think Uncle Dom is a copy of places like this and old town…

  5. i think most shopping mall still not put up the chinese new year deco, it will be something like christmas, each shopping mall will have their unique deco.

    But like i said, i still not step foot to Pavilion before, those are “rich man” shopping place, i only can go to mid valley or 1 utama. πŸ™‚

    Pappa Rich! hahahhahahha, my first time trying it, and i think the food is a lot better than old town and got more choice. Now we can see Pappa Rich are blooming everywhere, where by last time was old town. Ya, i should try the steam bread instead of toast, i didn’t know they got steam bread. I will definitely will go back to Pappa Rich again.

    You rich lah! Hahahahahaha!!! My daughter said the nasi lemak at Old Town is better. I’ve had both…and I would say they’re more or less that same – these franchise places usually like that – nice, but not great! Ya, it certainly looks like you like Pappa Rich a lot…or at least your kids do!

    1. I think tepi jalan’s nasi lemak taste the best! Ahahahaha! I ate Old Town ones before… end up never want to order them again and goes back running to that Malay uncle who sells nasi lemak! He’ll give me extra sambal oso! Nice nice!

      So far the best nasi lemak I had was the one at the coffee shop a few doors away from the hotel where I was staying in Sg Petani. All others – some good, some just so-so, others not really – never mind stall or coffee shop…or more up-scale cafe.

      1. I like tepi jalan nasi lemak… ahahaha… I’m very stingy wan… buy food tepi jalan, summore can ask for extra sambal and those ikan bilis. LMAO… RM5 can buy so many pack, and can eat all the way til lunch, nonid me to cook. ahahahaha…

        Me too…but sometimes, must pamper oneself a bit lah! What for toil from dawn to dusk and suffer all the time! Spend a bit for some momentary relief, ok lah… But must spend within one’s means!

  6. saw the kueh tiao thng i forgoten that in jln alor got 1 pork ball stall nice kueh tiao thng i had…don wory its so near so u stil can walk unlike that beef noodle stall i mention u say too far…i told u b4 u say i fot lotsa reason dowan treat u πŸ˜›

    Jalan Alur…I think mostly open at night…or morning. Didn’t go there this trip… Next month maybe – after all, it’s right behind the hotel, so near. Old man cannot walk so far lah… No matter how good the food, count me out! Hahahahaha!!!

    1. Tsk tsk tsk.. shame on you…. lazy walk…feel tired when walk or wud? My dad oso lazy walk. Each time he come to KL… lazy go out…den ended up I have to tapao those food that i want him to eat! He lazy walk mah… den bring food to him lorr… if he comes and stay in KL alone… I lagi worry, he’ll starve himself cuz lazy go and buy food! He dun come to my house wan, owez stay at midvalley there…all he does is complain how sux is hotel food, but never wanna go out to buy! Tsk tsk tsk!

      Aiyor…I’m older than your father lah! And with my shape and size, my scrawny legs cannot support very well anymore, so I do not want to walk too much. Wah! Your dad stays at midvalley hotel kah? So rich? True, the hotel food…good for one or two days only. Every day the same, everything tastes the same…and every hotel more or less the same. Used to stay in hotels a lot on official duty when I was still working. By the 3rd day, I would be out looking for some hawker fare already…

      1. Yalorr, you’re older than my dad. πŸ˜€ My dad not yet retire. But I always forget that he’s not that young anymore. In my head, he’s always 30++ forever liddat. *sigh* Dono why feel liddat. i always have to remind myself that he’s not young anymore, and cannot do so many things like last time oredi, cuz easily tired.

        Haiyorr… my dad not rich lah. He saved up alot. When me and my sis younger, hardly see him buy anything for himself wan. My mum oso. Never see her go shopping or wud.

        He stay at Garden or Boulevard oso becoz can claim back from company. Company book for him wan. LOL… all paid expenses ma…he never stay there, den wasted…usually come KL oso not because visit me, but on business trip. πŸ˜› Come my house no receipt to show company, cannot claim. ahahahaha.

        You’re good… 3rd day oni find food outside. My dad, usually first day oredi call me up to cook for him or tapao things for him. Tsk tsk! Ask him eat with me at restaurant, he owez say lazy…all my mum fault. She spoiled us too much with her homecook food. No matter where we go, we want her food only. LOL…Poor woman, have to cook all the way to her grave. tsk tsk tsk!

        Then your dad just like me… Also scrimped and saved for the future but my daughter’s on scholarship so one big burden lifted off my shoulders. Sometimes can indulge a bit but within reasonable limits lah! Not graduated yet, so must have some standby funds. Your mum’s just like mine – worked so hard, cooked and cleaned and did everything for the family till she became bedridden due to back problem. Now, our turn to take care of her – that’s why can’t fly here and there anytime we like. Go one place for something, have to rush home quickly… Not complaining though – the least we can do in return for all that she did for us all her life!

  7. I’m not particularly a fan of Paparich or even that mushroomed old town kopitian. I will only go there if i need that kind of ambiance. I find them always overpricing their rather uncreative food. It is glad that you lots have been served well there. Some of their branches have pretty bad customer service. Yet 10 % more to pay for sucky services. Oh yeah…i will go there for internet connection too apart from their ambiance…lol

    Ya…it’s more for the comfort and service…and young people go there and sit all day for the free wifi. Definitely overpriced. All these franchise shops – the food is ok, pretty good…but nothing to shout about.

  8. like pavilion, it’s so highclass..we malaysians didn’t really have any high-end shopping plazas (besides the lone starhill) until the appearance of ‘the garden’s,midvalley’ and ‘pavillion’..

    Mid Valley also high class meh? Thought it’s more or less the same as KLCC and Lot 10. Dunno if Starhill is still around or not as when we walked past, it seemed there was some construction going on. Didn’t bother to check exactly which building that was.

  9. haha, ur daughter sure gave u a lot of happiness^^
    I always fail to get the drumstick everytime i order chicken dishes…even in KFC. They always tell me its sold out lol.

    Yes, I’m happy to be with my daughter and to see her happy – I guess every parent’s the same. KFC in Singapore? No problem here. The other day, I saw on Asian Food Channel, this chicken rice guy in Singapore grumbling that everyone wanted drumsticks and wings…and a chicken would have only two of each, so how to find so many for everybody? Hahahahaha!!!

    1. haha…brilliant singaporean…brilliant answer..hahaha

      But only here! Overseas, breast meat is more popular and more expensive! Supposed to be healthier – white meat!

      1. Haihh… healthier wud la… I see oversea people diet like mad, but still got obese problem. You know what is their problem? They dun exercise… den they also dun eat in moderation. No matter how to eat healthy food oso, still wil got loads of problems! For me, i think, as long as you take everything in moderation and dun be such a lazy ass, you’ll be healthy as a horse.

        Yalor…haiya! When time comes, healthy or not healthy, also have to go liao!!! Better just eat kenyang2…than end up becoming a hungry ghost!!!πŸ˜€

    2. Dun understand what’s the hoohah bout chicken drumstick. Everytime go KFC… I always tell them, no drumstick for me. Give me chicken thigh instead! Ahahaha… bigger ahh… more value for my money. Got more skin oso. Nice nice!

      Eeee…skin = fat = high cholesterol!!! You should see the chicken my missus buys from the market! Naked!!! No skin! She tells the seller to strip all of it clean. But personally, I also love the skin…especially roast chicken – so nice and crispy! LOL!!!

      1. Eeeee…. no skin? That’s a sin! I like to eat those lemak wan… eat that time, nicer. I dun care those cholesterol wan…summore, I usually fry chicken with those kfc powder… huwa… cannot dun hv skin. Not nice lerr…

        My missus…nurse mah! Very healthy one… Hahahahahaha!!!!

    3. haha, but i nvr get any drumsticks out of the last 20 trips to KFC Singapore.

      Never mind! Be happy with the breasts – at least they’re healthier! LOL!!!

  10. dont worry as next time i borrow the trolley from the hotel to push u thre… πŸ˜‰

    That would be a sight! We’d be on the front page of the newspapers! πŸ˜€

    1. Hahahahah! Cikgu can fit into the trollley meh? Fuiyooo… hebat!!! Ahahahahaha!

      Can lah! Those that the bellhops use to push the big bulky baggage! LOL!!!

      1. I wonder if you sit on those trolley at airport? LMAOOOOOO!

        No…but I used to push my daughter around when she was smaller! Those were the days…and soon, she’ll be leaving to go far far way… Sobs!!! See, now you’re making me feel so sad and depressed! Piak!!!

  11. Pappa Rich is actually very much better than the popular Old Town chains.
    I wouldn’t go there though if I had a choice.
    There are street stalls that sell better food at a lower price!

    More choices, I reckon…but not really a lot. Ya…me too! Would rather hit the hawker stalls but this is more comfortable…and only a few doors away from the hotel – too lazy to walk too far…and we ate at the nearby chicken rice place already the previous night! LOL!!!

  12. Rich Papa went to Paparich and had nice foods there. Not bad at all. I guess most people in KL now rather don’t think of CNY as CNY = Spend More Money. I think they finished their budget for decoration during the Christmas. LOL.

    Maybe! They even had snow… How not to spend all their money! But if Chinese towkay, sure they’ll have it really big for Chinese New Year – sure pantang one! Grand welcome to the new year = a grand and prosperous year ahead! That’s why you see Sibu people, die-die must play firecrackers and fireworks – huge, ultra-loud ones!!! Never mind the economy, never mind no money! Last year, like war in Sibu….economy also so very poor! Real dumb!

  13. ME orang KL pun belum pernah go Pavillon lah!!!! Aiyo.. *shy*

    Aiyor indeed!….But same thing – more expensive than the supermarket here in Sibu…and in Sibu, more expensive than a branch of the same shop in Jalan Alur. Not going to mention shop’s name or product but that should give you an idea of the prices of things at the place.

    1. Nonid to shy. I oso never go Pavillion before. I know the place cut throat wan, so dun go. LOL…

      Ya…such places are for the rich and famous… Oops!!! And people stuck in the area, no transport, dunno where else to go…like me! Hahahahaha!!!!

  14. haha first time at pavilion was with me! Btw, i was at pappa rich yesterday near my house and the food sucks. I had exactly the same noodle with shredded chicken and the portion of chicken was so little! I don’t think I would return.

    Yes, that first time we met and had coffee together…Yup! I noticed they gave just a few miserable strips…and it wasn’t cheap! If expensive but really nice, then worth it…but I did not think it was. Definitely not enough for me! πŸ˜€

  15. your daughter is very sporting to pose like a kung-fu exponent, let you photograph her AND post it online.

    She’s fine with it… Guess I brought her up that way. Be herself, do what she wants and what makes her happy – like me. If people have a problem with what I do, they are the ones with a problem, not me…

  16. i must go pavilion. i’m a pavilion kaki. tho’ it’s shopping for the rich *like annie said*, i go for food republic, the loaf offers (very worth it la) and hang around with my kid.. very decent and clean place… i likee..

    Yup…that’s where we ended up that morning. Didn’t buy a thing – just ate there!

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