This old man…

In case you’re wondering, the post title does not refer to me…but to that fatty old man aka ah-nel who comments quite regularly on my blog. Actually, he’s working in Singapore but he went to KL on a one-night trip around the same time when I was there and we got to meet face to face. Sorry, he’s camera shy, so with due respect for his wish for privacy, I did not take his photo. Well, he brought me these all the way from Singapore…

Ferrero Rondnoir 1

…Ferrero Rondnoir! I’m not a fan of Ferrero Rocher because I’m not crazy about the nuts inside…and in an earlier post, I mentioned that someone (Gerard, my ex-student/godson) gave me a box of Ferrero Garden. I did not try it but my daughter said it was very nice. I wouldn’t know whether those have nuts inside of not. But these that I got from fatty old man do not…

Ferrero Rondnoir 2

…and they’re described on the box as a “crisp dark chocolate-covered specialty with a smooth filling and a dark chocolate center…

Ferraro Rondnoir 3

My verdict? In just one word – HEAVENLY!!! Thanks a lot, ah-nel and thanks also for taking your time off to meet me even though it was just a brief acquaintance. I certainly hope we’ll get to meet again some time.

Well, on our first night in KL, my daughter and I and her friend, Soleha, from Trengganu, went for dinner at this halal Hainan chicken rice shop a few doors away from the hotel where we were staying. I had gone past the place many times but never stopped to eat there, but I did notice that it had always enjoyed very good patronage. That should be evidence enough that the food there would be quite nice. We had the chicken rice, of course – a roast chicken drumstick each with rice and complimentary peanut soup…

KL chicken rice dinner 1

…and for the side orders, we had these prawn fritters…

KL chicken rice dinner 2

…and this dish of kailan with salted fish…

KL chicken rice dinner 3

True enough, the food there is pretty good…and at around RM50 for the three of us, inclusive of drinks, I would think it is quite cheap…by KL standards. What do you all think?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

31 thoughts on “This old man…”

  1. Waaaaaaa…. lucky I am always smart enuff to take my bfast first before I visit ur blog. The chocolates have no effect on me, but the chicken and prawn fritters got me thinking of helping myself to another round of bfast!

    Ok…go ahead! Have another round of breakfast. May help you grow bigger… LOL!!!

    1. I did…. but after that i go and poop. Haiyorr… cannot jadi… everytime oso like this. No hope to be bigger liao!

      Aiyor…better stop doing that! Chinese say “lau chai”…all your good luck gone!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  2. But I think… quite expensive for KL standard… 😦 around my area here… I can get more dishes for less $$.

    Sweet sour fish
    Kangkung belacan
    Sotong kunyit
    Fuyong egg
    Oxtail soup/chicken soup/tomyam
    3 bowl of rice +drinks….. around RM40. I think around my place is cheaper.

    But I dun really like to eat there… cuz those menus… all of those stuff, is the stuff I usually cook to eat at home. LOL…

    Yalor…KL standard PLUS Bukit Bintang some more!…You’re right. It’s like home cooking. Maybe that’s the attraction. The place enjoys brisk business.

    1. Wahhh… there so expensive? I never eat around that area. Sometimes, the food are just… omg… barely tolerable and they really cut throat! The home cooking menus are the attraction over there in that restaurant. So to me, not that attractive. I dun go there unless I’m too tired to cook or something. Feel like not so worth paying for the things that i can actually cook myself at home. If wanna eat out, might as well go for those things that I’m hopeless at! Ahaha… like pie, or cakes, or cookies! πŸ˜› Liddat oni worth the money ma!

      People lazy to cook…or too busy mah! Have to work till late but still want food like what they cook at home… I quite liked the food there and wouldn’t mind going again…if I have to. A few doors away from hotel – no need to walk so far! I like!!! πŸ™‚

      1. Yalorr… people lazy to cook. LOL…Kl people mostly are like that. Lazy to cook but starving all the time… that’s why, open up a restaurant here in KL… confirm can laugh all the way to the bank, duzzin matter if your food is nice or not! LOL…

        Yakah? I was wondering how long all those eateries at the Pavillion would last. Not a living soul in many of them…and just a sprinkling around. Maybe it was early – around noon, so the crowd had not come in yet!

  3. Good morning STP… nice of ah Nel to give u this heaveeenly chocs… btw, eat one will do.. the rest, can share with us here? πŸ™‚

    Can..can… When are you coming to get it? Hahahahahaha!!!

    1. Ahahahaha,….. Claire, CIkgu will either tell u to go to Sibu, or ask you to wait long long. LMAO…

      Wah! You really know me so well now hor… Hahahahaha!!!!

      1. i oso mau satu!! =D must reserve for me, cny is just ard the corner, i go ur house bai nian!! LOL *wink* *wink* *wink*

        Habis liao! Hahahahaha!!!! Maybe I buy at KLIA on my way home on my next trip…so people dropping by during CNY can have that – ONE each, no more! Hahahahaha!

      2. Ahahahaha… of course, of course! LMAO….too bad for Claire… ahaha… still can’t anticipate your answer yet. Must be becoz she dun have much time to lurk here like me lah! Poor gal!

        She doesn’t come by as often as you do mah! Still doesn’t know what I will say before I even say it…

  4. I’m more interested in the prawn fritters than the chocolate! hehe… I only crave for Ferrero Rocher once in a blue moon! STP, next time you come, I give you Fidani (no nuts) chocolate yeah?

    Now my voice sounds like a broken loudspeaker now. Not really into chocs – too hot…and when travelling, did not drink enough water. Thanks for your generous offer though… πŸ™‚

    1. Eh… ur falling under the weather ah? eeeee…. alot ppl oso sore throat lately… including me. Too hot til like wanna fever. You take care ler, Cikgu… drink more water and cooling stuff… coconut juice, longan cha or wudever cooling lah. I’m also boiling some longan cha…body too heaty liao! 😦

      Just throat not feeling very comfortable…and voice lari2 sikit! Go audition for singing contest, sure kick out like this! πŸ˜€

      1. LOL… lucky you din say dancing competition! Ahahahahahah! I cannot imagine how you’ll perform those breakdance and stuff! Aahahahahahahah! OMG! *golek golek*

        Those were the days…when I was young and very slim. Now, once I get down on the floor, I would not be able to get up…and would probably doze off in a minute or two!

  5. i dont like ferrari porche also coz of the nuts but this no nuts i like sumore bitter choccolate…

    *do u know bitter choc cure cancer?* πŸ˜‰

    is that the plc u had kopi-o kao kao n i had my 100+? πŸ˜€

    thanks for the flattering describe as its my pleasure meeting u since we knew about 4 years ago if im not mistaken n those time u havent start up blog… πŸ˜‰

    Yalor…we two like very old friends already. Known each other for so long – meeting for the 1st time finally! Yup…that’s the place where we had out drinks – noticed the business so good so I guessed the food must be nice. It was quite nice… Chocs can cure cancer? Gee! Better start eating more! I also don’t like those with nuts! Looks like we have the same taste!

    1. LOL-ed so hard at fatty oldman’s comment. *grinz* I never tot of that. Ferrari Porche! Ahahahahahahah! Tis uncle like you lah, Cikgu… very funny. Wait, later I go kacau kacau his blog! *grinZ*

      He’s very funny! That’s why I used to go to his blog to comment all the time many many years ago…when I did not have a blog myself!

      1. LOL… actually horr… I started blogging oso becoz I comment too much… lol…tok tok tok… den think… haihh…better to be a blogger myself. LOL…

        Just like me! But I was forced into blogging! Somebody set up the blog and smsed me – “You’ve got a blog. Go and post something!” Good grief! I was quite happy being a regular commentor in blogs…for some three years or so.

  6. btw u wil got a lot of ppl jealous of u as even my khai mah i nvr buy her anything whenver i visit kl… :O

    *sorry khai mah if u reading this* πŸ˜€

    Gee! It’s such an honour! Eat your hearts out, all of you ah-nel’s friends! He bought for me! ME! ME!!! Hehehehehehe!!!! Your khai ma in Genting, busy winning big money…where got time to come and read blogs! Hahahahaha!!!

  7. finally i see something different!
    you have chocolates now! =D

    LOL!!! People give! I usually don’t go and buy as I’m not into chocs! Not since “Crispy” (something like Kit-Kat) came out in the early 80s…and I bought so many – some 20 bars or so and ate all one go and I fell sick – came down with fever!!! πŸ˜€

    1. Crispy? Issit that chocolate bar that got rice pop cereals all over it? Eii, last that that company got case… there’s once got glass pieces inside the bars!

      Got kah? Didn’t read about that. They still sell those in the shops…but I don’t buy anymore. Love the rice inside!

  8. I cannot tell the difference between our friendly neighbourhood chicken rice with hainanese chicken rice though πŸ˜›

    All the same – the Hainanese or Hailam people’s specialty…and now whatever race selling, they also claim that theirs is Hainan also lor!

    1. I oso cannot tell… same onli, not meh? Chicken and rice…with soya sauce and soup… some place no soup… same onli, not meh?

      All the same lah… I think they call it Hainan…as actually it’s their traditional dish. Here got chicken rice shop, they call Singapore chicken rice…but all the people there Ibans (local native race) – cooking, chopping, serving, everything… I said should call it Iban chicken rice.

  9. By the way, are you celebrating CNY in Sibu now that the blardy gomen screwed you up?

    Will be home before CNY but dunno celebrating or not. Just sit at home, lock the doors and watch TV. Anak already flown to NZ, no mood already. LOL!!!

    1. How can lah?! Thought of visiting you lah, now that Mel flown off to NZ liao…American Idol started audition liao πŸ˜€

      This general sang his own song. He’s 62.

      Always welcome! Can drop by anytime… Give you ONE Ferrero Randnoir! Hahahahahaha!!! LOL!!! That guy does not look 62! Pays to think young! Will stay young… πŸ˜‰

    2. Haiyorr… dun so sad lah… she’s not going to war! She’s going to study. Very fast will come back only lah! πŸ˜€

      Not sad lah! So happy for me! So happy that she’s going somewhere and making something out of her life.

  10. Yuhoo!! Ferrero Rondnoir, i saw it, but didn’t buy. Now looking at it, it looks yummy ar. Ok, now wait for someone to buy for me. hahahahhahhahaha

    It IS nice, dark chocolate…and no nuts inside! Should try… I saw them selling at KLIA.

    1. *pretending to be Cikgu* You all ah, never come Sibu… if you all come Sibu, free food, free airport transfer, free tour… free food…see… dowan come Sibu… now can only drool and drool!

      Awhahahahahahahah! OMG i have to stop… my perut wanna pecah cuz of laughing liao! Ahahahaha!

      Good grief! Maybe you have to stop coming by my blog. Now you are beginning to sound EXACTLY like me! Hahahahahaha!

      1. Ahahahaha…. now I can go become actress liao. Can imitate STP…. ahahahaha….but wait… I’m too skinny… kenot! LOL…

        Go petrol station and pump in air! Maybe that will help! Hahahahahaha!

  11. The tone is jump to fast from sweet to salty. My crave for chocolate was replaced by chickens immediately~

    I go chronologically mah…day by day, not by type of food or whatever.

  12. Yeah, I was looking at Ferrero Rondnoir at the supermarket earlier today!
    In the end, I decided to get Cadbury instead. More budget friendly. haha~~

    They have it here now? Good! I’ll keep my eyes open then…when it draws closer to the expiry dates! They’ll be a lot cheaper then! LOL!!!

    1. *stare* Ohhh… you also buy stuff near expiry dates. I oso liddat! The last time the mini mart nearby my house got stock clearance, I ended up sapu-ing so many chocolates and cookies, and it still din burn my pocket *grinz grinz*

      There’s once… got cookies from Italy… dunno wud brand d… very big box, bigger than the Danish Butter cookies… I bought 12-sapu all on the shelf, cuz they are only selling at RM2.00 each-expiring in one month time. LOL… people look like me as if I’ve gone mad d! But dun care lah… almost expired, still can eat ma…summore… usually it’s priced at RM18 each….

      My sharks wallop it…not even one month, all cookies are gone. Worth it ler!

      We have a supermarket here selling all kinds of imported stuff – of course, very expensive lah! But when near the expiry dates, the prices will drop…and drop…and drop… But sometimes waited too long, hoping for the price to drop lower – all sold out, bought by other people already! 😦

  13. It is cheap for KL standard. I like the Chicken Rice Shop also. Had it once last time when the franchise just started. Really not bad.
    Seems that you received a lot of Ferrero Rocher chocolates recently…so nice. The chocolate sure looks tempting to me.

    Ya…the franchise shop. Not bad, prices reasonable, food’s ok – something like our Singapore Chicken Rice. This one isn’t up to that standard as far as decor and ambience are concerned.

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