Wuthering Heights…

Well, it definitely wasn’t Wuthering Heights…but Lagenda Heights, the commercial area in which the hotel where I was staying in SP (Sungai Petani) is located.

Just round the corner is one coffee shop where I had this cendol pulut (glutinous rice) special for RM3.00…

Cendol pulut special

It was not bad but I thought it would be nicer if it had been richer with thicker and creamier santan (coconut milk) like those yummy Thai desserts. Even mixing in the melted ice cream did not help very much…

Cendol pulut 2

I also had the cucur udang (prawn fritters) for only RM2.00. It was quite nice and I was given peanut gravy/satay gravy to dip the fritters in…

Cucur udang

One thing that you should have if ever you’re in SP and in the vicinity is the puffs at this shop…

Curry puff shop 1

The puffs are HUGE, for instance this one…

Curry puff

…which is bigger/longer than the palm of my hand. They have different varieties…

Curry puff shop 2

…such as curry chicken and potato, curry chicken and potato with egg, black pepper chicken, sardine, yam, durian and sweet and sour crab (sticks). I love the curry chicken and potato best (RM1.40)…

Chicken and potato curry puff

…with the very delicious pastry and generous meat and potato filling.

The ready-made puffs are kept warm so when you buy one to eat, you can be sure that it is nice and hot…

Curry puff shop 3

For one thing, the pastry is extra flaky so be prepared to make a mess while eating.

There are a lot of other food outlets including a few Chinese and Japanese restaurants but I only noticed two coffee shops. One of them, named Lucky, has a lot of hawker stalls that operate from 7.30 a.m. until 4.30 p.m. daily and at night, it is a seafood restaurant.

We had the char kway teow (fried flat rice noodles) there for RM2.50 (small) and RM3.00 (big) which was pretty good…

Lucky Cafe SP char kway teow

…while the wan tan soup was just so-so…

Lucky Cafe SP wan tan soup

My daughter had the kway teow th’ng (flat rice noodles in clear soup) which was a far cry from what we had at that old and murky coffee shop along Penang Road on the island. I tried the mee sua (string noodles) and it was a total disappointment as it was, in fact, just the kway teow th’ng minus the kway teow…and replaced with mee sua instead. That was absolutely nothing compared to the Sibu mee sua in Foochow red wine chicken soup, believe you me!

We were not there very long, so we did not manage to try what the other stalls had to offer…but staying in the hotel in the vicinity was for sure a good choice. There are also Old Town and others including two that I will feature in my future posts, and in the Village Mall, they have Secret Recipe, Pizza Hut, the Chicken Rice Shop…and TESCO‘s located right next to the mall and there is a food court in it too.

When it comes to the question of food, at Lagenda Heights in SP, you’re bound to be spoilt for choice…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “Wuthering Heights…”

  1. very early post… Luckily i jz finished my dinner or else my stomach will be rumbling……

    Ya…got up at 5.30 a.m. today! Having your dinner so late? Almost midnight now, right?

  2. wake up late sleep late so dinner also quite late. Time here is 8 hours behind Malaysia with day light saving.

    The life of a student away from home… Irregular hours, irregular meals. Not me though. Even when I was young, I’ve always been very regimented! Strict upbringing! LOL!!!

  3. walao…durian puffs =.=
    speaking of durian, roomie bought me some from sibu last sunday, i ate a few seeds and im down with sore throat…inilah akibat terlalu tamjiak (greedy in hokkien)!

    good morning stp 😀 looong time no say niao hehe

    Yes, haven’t seen you around for such a long time. Miss you lah! Thought you throw stones (buang batu) liao!!! LOL!!!

  4. wow..i never taken pulut cendol plus ice cream before.. wah.. how much calories in that bowl??? ooopps… sorry! sorry! live to eat, right..
    the chow koay teow looks good, maybe i m hungry now.. early morning coming by with an empty stomach, the giant curry puff makes me drool.. man.. perhaps i go down to canteen and grab a piece or 2 NOW! LOL….

    I’ve never heard of it or seen it before either. That was why I did not think twice – just had to try! Not really great though. The curry puffs were something else – MUST eat if you happen to drop by SP. Really nice!

  5. Never tried cendol pulut before. Had lots of cendol, but never this pulut thingy. :p

    That’s the first time I’ve seen it too. Not enough santan…and I prefer the red beans in Sibu. They use the very small ones here and they cook until really mushy but the beans are still whole – needs special skill to do that!

  6. I remember eating a pulut cendol once… but there was so little pulut barely tasted it! Though when it did, it was nice :).

    Looks like food heaven to me… oh the puffs look so good! Makes me one want right now!

    Ya…the curry puffs were really good…and BIG! I went back another time for a second round during my stay in SP.

  7. what a good way to start my morning BEFORE my breakfast.. Now I’m SUPER hungry… The puffs look interestingly appetizing!

    Torturing, isn’t it? LOL!!! I saw on AFC on some other channel – they have a place in Kelana Jaya or somewhere where they make giant curry puffs too. Looked good on tv…

  8. Agree, the chendol pulut needs more santan!…maybe add a dollop of durian paste!

    Why don’t you try…and if it’s nice, you can open a stall and be rich in no time at all? When the food is good, sure to prosper! LOL!!!

  9. Another great way to start up a day, isn’t it?

    Food…food… Ah well, what do you expect from someone who calls himself tua-pui…sui-tuapui? Hahahahaha!!! Btw, you’ve renamed your blog AGAIN…or have you started a new one?

  10. Cendol Pulut? Oh..something unique, i never heard or try before. Hmmm..maybe i will give this a miss, i still prefer the normal cendol. ahhahahha

    OH..the curry puff look HUGE! Got durian flavour somemore, did you try that?

    I very agree with you, the mee suah here nothing to beat with Sibu foochow red wine mee suah!! YUMMY!!!

    Nope, I didn’t try the durian puff – not after the to-die-for durian pancakes that Mandy brought all the way from KL. I bet anything else would pale in comparison!!! Ya…nothing beats our original Sibu mee sua – Foochow style. Even the taste of the mee sua itself was different – not as nice!

  11. Cendol Pulut…

    I had my first & best one in Melaka by this Indian man on a bike at the road side.
    Cant find him anymore…
    Will go back in December for an Indian manhunt!

    I had ang-tau cendol at this Mako (Nyonya) Restaurant in Malacca some years back. Best in the world! Small serving though…and despite all that they say about cendol in Penang, they all come nowhere near. But this is the first time I’ve come across one with pulut…

  12. next time u visit me i made spesial cendol+rednwhite wine+liquer+beer+durian for u..sure syok…

    u gv me tat name mar on last time u reply my comment so now i nid to change to my real person/fatty oldman.. 🙂

    Aiyor…first, no name…then, back to ah nel…and now you want to steal my name! I’m the fatty old man! Hahahahahaha!!! Wah! You want to get me drunk kah? And then what are you going to do with me? HELP!!! Hahahahahaha!

  13. Yeah, this is the conventional type nowadays, flaky, crispy and a little greasy, with spicy fillings. Though the other wackier fillings sound rather promising as well.

    I loved it a lot…and it was HUGE!!! Yum! Yum!

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