The other side of me…

I was thinking that Sungai Petani was a miserable small town that could not even compare to Sibu in Sarawak…until I went to another part of the town that changed my perspective of the place right away. I do not know what they call that area but that is where Tesco is located…

SP Tesco

The Tesco premises look like one of those marts in Auckland (The Warehouse, for instance ) and other than the hypermart and the food court, there are a number of other shops housed in that same building including a small MPH outlet…

SP mph@Tesco

No, the Nissan Sylphy isn’t mine, not even in my dreams; it was on display there that day. LOL!! I bought a copy of Anita Desai’s “Fasting, Feasting” (Nothing personal! It is one of the prescribed texts in the present SPM English Literature cycle) and also Quachee’s 50+1 Malaysia book, just to give a fellow-blogger a little bit of support (It’s much smaller than I expected, just pocket size only, more or less!).

SP Books from MPH

There is also an outlet of Penang’s Nasi Kandar Kayu there…but we just had nasi kandar the other day, so we decided to go to the Village Mall on the other side, right across Tesco’s parking area…

SP Village Mall

There is a laksa shop there, the branch of the one I’ve seen at 1 Utama but I just can’t remember the name…and there’s Pizza Hut, Secret Recipe and between Uncle John’s kopitiam and this one, we decided to go here for lunch…

SP Chicken Rice Shop 1

This is another Malaysian franchise and I think they have an outlet in Kuching. I’ve tried the set lunch for two at Berjaya Times Square sometime ago and I quite liked it, and since my daughter’s friend was joining us, we opted for the set lunch for 3-4 persons. We were served 4 plates of chicken rice + soup…

SP Chicken Rice Shop 2

…and roasted chicken to go with it…

SP Chicken Rice Shop 3

and honey barbecue chicken…

SP Chicken Rice Shop 4

and we had a plate of kuih pai tee (top hats)…

SP Chicken Rice Shop 5

and kerabu mango, a Thai-style salad dish…

SP Chicken Rice Shop 6

and a bowl of fish ball soup…

SP Chicken Rice Shop 7

and a plate of tofu…and a plate of fried bean sprouts (taugeh)…

SP Chicken Rice Shop 8

All that plus one jug of drink (Pepsi, 7Up or orange) cost around RM50 only…but that was too much for the 3 of us, so we could not finish it all even though every dish was satisfactorily delicious. In addition to that, my daughter wanted some spring rolls (She did not expect SO much from the set lunch package!), so we also had a side order of what they call “fortune rolls”…

SP Chicken Rice Shop 9

They’re very nice too…and maybe I shouldn’t have taken the photograph from this angle as they certainly conjure some unwarranted images in the head (e.g. Clare taking a big bite at her giant popiah)!!! Don’t let your imagination run wild now, ya! LOL!!!

All in all, it was value for money but considering how little young people today eat, I think that should be enough for at least 6 people if they share the 4 plates of rice among them. I certainly wouldn’t mind going back there again to try the other dishes that I saw in the menu and besides, we have yet to scout around the numerous other shops in the vicinity. I even spotted a hotel there – The Casa Lagenda! I must make it a point to go there before I leave to get the rates and the contact number…for if I am coming to Sungai Petani again, you know where I’ll be staying – right where all the food is! Hahahahahaha!!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

39 thoughts on “The other side of me…”

  1. Now u r showing me the part of Sungei Petani that I may like to visit!Compared to that dirty river in the previous picture, this is so refreshing! Chicken rice shop, my favourite,discovered the restaurant years ago,when we were staying in sunway lagoon in the shopping centre nearby.u ordered most of the things i would have ordered n i really like the tofu n the ‘airlimau’there is excellent too!Happy eating STP!

    Me too! It certainly is a nicer part of town. I saw one delicious-looking stew dish – chicken, I guess and the phak lor eggs look so tempting… Will have to go back there again! LOL!!!

  2. Always… and I mean always order the set meals when you’re dining at Chicken Rice Shop… it’s definitely worth it.. if you order individual dishes, gosh, it’ll be much more expensive than the set meal and much less in portion! Yup, speaking from experience here LOL

    It certainly was worth it. So much food!!! Tasted good too!

  3. never knew they have so many macam-macam apart from chicken rice. that jewish fortune rolls certainly need some licking!

    Hahahahahaha!!!! Naughty! Naughty!

  4. STP.. you are enjoying yr life w yr daughter ya..
    The tesco concept are more or less looks like the Warehouse in NZ. πŸ™‚ I miss pak n save more .. hahhaa

    Spending quality time with her! What to do? So far from home!…Yes, Pack ‘n Save! I just could not recall the name of that hypermart, next to the Warehouse in a certain area in Auckland. Can’t remember the name of the area either. They all have some kind of Maori names. I think there’s Food Town as well somewhere…

  5. hoho..i love the

    U do? That should be easy to get in Oz!!! Easy to cook, just fry with salted fish! Nice!

  6. I read that book a while back, and it didn’t really leave any long lasting impression. I think I was reading another book around the same time..Rohinton Mistry’s “A Fine Balance”, which is a superb superb book!

    Anyway, we had lunch at this coffeeshop called Kedai Kopi Melaniam (not sure of its spelling). We had the “sang yuk mien” or “fresh pork mee”. It was okay, was going to send you the pics but unfortunately no bluetooth on this particular notebook, so guess that’ll have to wait.

    Dome is here in 1 Borneo apparently, but have not gone to “liew” there.

    Seems you’re having fun in SP!

    Most of the time in the room while anak does her assignments…and we chitchat about this and that. Breakfast is provided. We only go out for either lunch or dinner, other times we eat in the room – cup noodles and canned stuff…..

  7. when am in Penang I always go to TESCSO walk in n out just to pass time..its within walking distance from A. apartment..lunch time she will come back drop us at Queensway bay mall n we spend the time window shopping or sit in at BORDERS to read….see how dull life is when we retired. IC you are enjoying yourself in SP.. am sure you just cant wait to fly back to Sibu..home sweet home is the best.

    Life dull? I don’t think so. Not really longing to go back to Sibu. I think I’m very adaptable so I can be anywhere and be quite comfortable. Can stay in hotel room all day while anak does her assignments, no problem!…I’ll just laze around and relax! What a wonderful life! LOL!!!

  8. Wao…nice nice…

    Definitely!!! Malaysia has a few notable franchises now like this one, Secret Recipe…and even Sarawak’s own Sugar Bun. Too bad the latter seems to have seen better days but that’s mainly due to internal business interests, not that the outlets are not doing well!!!

  9. gerrie, you mean the Kedai Kopi Milenian in Lintas Plaza right? Next to Hong Leong Bank? Hehehe that shop is famous for its pork mee πŸ˜€ I wouldn’t know if it’s nice or not though since I don’t eat pork hihihi

    Ooo…pork!!! I love the German pork trotters at Gunter Gashaus!!! Slurpszzz!!! Wonder if Archie will belanja me there or not? Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  10. the book is good, isn’t it?

    The fonts are extremely small – size 8, I think and a real strain to this old man’s eyes…and the photographs, though very nice and well-taken, are simply too small to do the subjects any justice. Would have been better if the book had been BIG…like some of those recipe books!!!

  11. ever the avid reader πŸ™‚

    this part of town definitely looks more interesting than the, errr, other part of town…

    Definitely! That’s why I would rather stay in this area, should I come to SP again!

  12. melbie…yes that’s the one. We ate at the other branch in Inanam…better parking and less congested.
    Any new f&b outlets that I should check out since I’m here? He he. Then can recommend to STP when he’s here in early Sept..that jetsetter!

    What! Only for this period of time lah! Somehow it all comes together… Got nice place also no use, the ladies are getting out of town! Must be so scared to hear that I’m coming! LOL!!!

  13. Oh I don’t have good impression on The Chicken Rice Shop franchise, I think I tried few times when I was in Johor, then in KL, find the food extremely salty?? LOL! Just my bad luck probably, besides I normally order the chicken with char siew or bbq pork haha! Those normal chicken stalls rock! Damn I miss chicken rice in Skudai, Johor. So cheap yet taste so fine and nice! RM2.30 back then one plate.

    The food is very nice, just right – not too salty and I loved the kerabu mango. It’s actually very cheap if its RM50+ for six persons…plus you get the ambience, the comfort and the service. Btw, there is Johore chicken rice in Sibu – I like it very much, so I can bring you on your next trip! Coffee shop though…no class one! LOL!!!

  14. U know what else u can do when u stay at the hotel. Make full use of the bathtub n soak allday or all nite if not going out, use all the bubble bath till u go ‘keredut’! I always do that when staying in hotel, keep on requesting the staff to refill shampoos etc,pack the spare ones to take home, no need to buy shampoo for ages, my kids does that too, my hubby says we r like jungle people, of course lah, from sarawak, must act like one too!LOL! Then when u go back sibu, people would compliment u n say wah! not only STP but ‘sui sui pek pek’ too!LOL!

    I will need a giant bath tub! If I had brought my swimming trunks, I could have used the swimming pool. Gee!!! Typical Foochow! I had an email once – 10 things that show u’re a Foochow and helping urself to freebies in hotels is one of them (and having a Sarawak Club membership is another, as well as owning a condo in Kuching) but I have deleted it! Otherwise, I can post that!

  15. I don’t suppose there’s much to do in Sungai Petani. Eating has to be one of your activities there. I haven’t tried the chicken rice shop yet. Looks pretty good.

    It’s nice alright, and the prices for the set meals are very reasonable, considering you can get so much…and dine in comfort, unlike in a coffee shop.

  16. Hahaha… we can see the other side of you mer ?*runs and hides in the closet*> Wow.. chicken rice… hungry… The chicken rice at Singapore’s not too bad,the one opposite the school.

    You run? In ur case, I would expect you to fly…and it wouldn’t take you that long to fly to the other side of me!!! LOL!!!….Didn’t mind Singapore Chicken Rice when it first opened (Not much choice then!) but I have heard of many people coming down with food poisoning after eating there. Not me though, thank goodness, the few times I had eaten there! Today it’s more like Iban Chicken Rice – the cooks, the choppers, the waiters and waitresses, the cashier are all Ibans!!! Only the name is Singapore!

  17. OMG…OMG.. at least somebody is honest and not shy about it OMG… Stella is not coming into my car when she is here, my tissue papers may go missing.OMG…. in KK, cheapos tourists does that only.OMG…

    Watch everything that’s detachable! Ur cigarette lighter, your floor mats, your seat covers, your (used) condoms…. Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  18. Stella, sometimes the shampoos in hotels here (save for the shangri-las and other 5 star hotels, which sometimes give Molton Browns!)really smell like those from the soap dispensers in shopping malls. I saw them refilling once…it’s greyish and came from one of those huge containers…it did look like industrial-use detergent. I suggest you don’t take the ones from hotels here.

    I also take. I use anything all over…but not my old missus though! That explains the multitude of plastic bottles “mengaraay” in the bathroom!!!

  19. Hahahaha! ok, will use the good ones for myself n the greyish ones maybe for guests like Pollie!LOL!I think she is packing her own shampoo from now onwards! Once someone went to China, invited the china relatives to visit them in the hotel room they stayed in, the relatives one by one asked to use the bathroom, they all came from village, so cycle all the way to the hotel in the city. When the relatives left, all the toilet tissue papers and bathroom toiletries are all gone n have to be refilled. N before K.Penyu says something again, no, no relations of mine!or hubby’s side, it is friend’s friend’s friend’s relatives!LOL!STP! u hear that don’t take the shampoos ok!

    I read in Traveller of people cutting out and stealing the carpet from under the bed!!! The hotel people didn’t know until they moved the bed!!! LOL!!!!

  20. Really? I thought young people eat MORE than we used to. I see kids eating HUMONGOUS amounts of food (same amount as me at 1/4 my size).

    Not those that I’ve seen. They eat so little and are so thin, and yet they insist they’re fat! Must be anorexic!!!….My daughter has problems getting her coursemates to go out to eat, as they’d rather go back to their rooms and munch a cracker!!

  21. Stp. next time you come here and try Rafflesia Chicken Rice here in KK. It taste like a crocodile LoL!!!

    No, thanks! And I hope it doesn’t smell like the flower!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

  22. ..ok will give you a break and not talk about the packet tea & coffee sugar real and artificial ..and the minted tooth picks…ha ha ha ha ha ..and I actually know a Datin who always serve her coffee from these packets..and most of the time they are well past the self life.

    gerrie…welcome to K K…you need any Chu Chap or Sotong..give me a call..

    I like to go Pipin stall on early Sunday morningsfor pork soup.recomend to stp when he comes

    Go MAS manager house during Chinese New Year – all drinks served in those plastic cups they use in the planes! No wonder the airline making losses! LOL!!!….Stall? No, thanks! Mesti ada class lah sikit!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  23. kpenyu, thank you for your generous offer. I must decline as the memory of those comments pertaining to those dishes still freshly lingers!

    However, if curry turns out nice, I will give you a tinkle.

    Even Open Air! Used to be my watering hole! Loved to gather there with friends… I don’t think it’s that much fun anymore. Would rather go to coffee shops instead. Oooo….kpenyu’s getting free curry! Sure nice one! It’s so easy to cook, you can’t go wrong! If with chicken, I like it with evaporated milk (1 tin) though.

  24. hehe i hv not even steppd foot in the chicken rice shop here in kch…

    i think its expensive ler..meal for 2 person could easily amount up to 30++

    But enough for 3 0r 4 persons…just that u’ve to share the rice. The rice also a lot lah!!! More than what we usually get at the chicken rice stalls. And you get all those extra dishes plus drinks. I think it’s worth it!

  25. Wah Milenian got a branch ah? Didn’t know that hehehe ..

    Hey hey, it’s just a coincidence that we’re going out of town when you’re herelah STP.. but like I said before, must meet you on the night of 5th Sept.. no excuses! πŸ˜›

    Hehehehehehe!!! Hope we all can meet, that’s for sure!

  26. Never been to The Chicken Rice Shop yet. Must try one day. Holiday now very malas to do anything. Here in Kch, Sher is back n Tom has to go KL on Thur. Dont go ‘liew’ here or else Fiq “hong sim”. PMR soon.

    Haiz!!! The problems all parents have to undergo… LOL!!!!

  27. Gundot…Fiq so “kwai”! He’s doing revisions on his own? Son has been at school band camp since saturday but comes back to sleep. He finishes this evening, has tomorrow free, and then we’re putting up two english boys from the UK, who are here for a symphonic concert with the band from Dan’s school, from thurs till sun. I don’t even see him touching his schoolbag, much less his books….sigh!

    Hahahahahahaha!!!! The trials and tribulations of doting parents!!!! So nice, got guests from UK!!! I won’t mind taking in some exchange students…to keep from getting to bored at home!!!

  28. wow wow.. if I can I like to pack the 5STAR hotel thick towels too. STP now I know why I got damaged hair after every overseas trip-am naive enough to think its change of weather.. haha. lawyer . can sue or not??

    I have Holiday Inn, Sheraton…Hyatt Baguio (hotel no more, I think – collapsed in earthquake many years back) etc. Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  29. Aiyo.. very phai saay..all the hotel stories.. they are related ka.. ha ha ha ha mean suing the hotel for the towel??? ha ha ha..I have two of them..made in India which I bought OK.. but washing is Big problem..washing machine struggle to handle them..and drying takes a long long time too..only use as emergency blanket now lo.

    ..tell you what I do though.. treat your visitors to the canned drinks and kik kat etc etcfrom the fridge..and just replaced them before checkout..must be in the blood ..

    Ooi…some hotels now computerised, some check every few hours…so if they find anything missing, they charge to ur room liao!!! I even took the Do not disturb signs…and in school, I would hang them all around my table. Not anti-social…just show off that I’ve been to many places (govt-sponsored) and let the other teachers eat their hearts out! They hardly get the chance to go anywhere, at best only to Kingwood or Premier in Sibu!!! So mean hor!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  30. kpenyu, pollie means the shampoo she has been using.
    Stella, you better pack your own shampoo this trip or else pollie may just substitue “Sunlight” into those little bottles. At least you will have squeeky clean hair!!!!! Revenge time!!!!!

    Hahahahahaha!!!! That will be fun to watch!

  31. hi stp. thanks for yr support – really appreciate it πŸ™‚ btw sorry its a lil hard on the eyes. point noted for our future works.

    Welcome…and now that I’ve browsed through it slowly, I do think you need a good English editor! (Pssst!!! I”m available! LOL!!!)

  32. haha sorry for that as well. hehe. yes, we do need editors for our future book. what do you do for a living?

    (u seem like those enjoying life… hehe)

    Well, I might as well enjoy while I still can… I guess after working for 30 years, I deserve it. I’m a retired English Language teacher and right now, I just have a couple of English tuition classes to supplement my pension. I had had a few English workbooks published before and I did my own editing. So I’m available if you need an editor…cheap! LOL!!!

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