One last time…

It was on our last night in Penang and I received an sms from Mandy at around 4.00 p.m. saying that she just had a very late lunch and would not be so keen on having dinner, so I told her that we would be perfectly all right on our own and she would not need to go through all that trouble of driving over from the mainland to the island just to take us out for dinner.

I had told Edmund and Eugene then that we would not be free for dinner, so subsequently, we decided to just grab a bite at some place nearby the hotel where we were staying. There was a nyonya restaurant across the road but it looked kind of posh (and expensive) and we were too lazy to dress up nicely to go and dine there in style.

In the end, we went to this Indian place located by the side, somewhere at the back, of the Gurney Resort Hotel & Residences (in between Starbucks and Roadhouse Grill…and Subway is on the other side of Starbucks) where I bought the nice roti jala for breakfast the first morning we were in Penang.

I wanted their roti jala again but unfortunately, they said that they only served that for breakfast, so in the end, I had their chicken tikka with naan bread…

Chicken tikka with naan

I think that cost RM10.00 and I quite enjoyed it.

My missus had the nasi bryani (chicken) in claypot…

Chicken bryani in claypot

…which was quite good also but somehow or other, the claypot was not hot at all – unlike what I had at the Indian restaurant in Sungai Petani.

Melissa had their chicken tandoorinaan set…

Chicken tandoori naan set

…and like the rest of what they had to offer, it was also pretty all right. I can’t remember how much I paid for what my missus and daughter had but if I’m not mistaken, both were around RM7.00 or RM8.00 each.

I did not have the  mango lassi the other day at lunch, so that evening, I decided to give it a try…

Mango lassi

I think it was nicer at that other place we went to – more concentrated, even though a bit too sweet…and come to think of it, between the two places, even though this one was quite good, what we had for lunch the other day was definitely much nicer.

Anyway, beggars can’t be choosers, considering that we do not have a full-fledged Indian restaurant in Sibu and it would probably be quite a while before we would be able to enjoy some authentic Indian cuisine again…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “One last time…”

  1. The roti nan in Malacca is the best. Period.

    Well..that is because I have tasted the one over there. :p

    You mean you have never tasted? Only had the one in Malacca? So near, yet so far…

  2. Hi SUituapui!

    Merry Christmas!

    That chicken tika looks yummy but I agree if the claypot is hot enought o keep the food warm then the food will be better. I like fresh and warm foods too.

    Thanks, and the same to you, Ayie. Ya…it wasn’t the best but it was good enough for us… We can’t get those here in Sibu.

  3. When you came and you gave without taking, oh how i thank you oh Mandy…but then again..Mandy oh Mandy on the last night, i let STP to you,he told me you’d meet up with him for dinner,thus he pushed me aside,turned up you no come pula,,,,hahahah,, never mind one, next time you and me and my family together we shall give him the King Arthur’s Kingsly reception, ok Mandy?

    Hahahahaha!!! You’re good! A nice twist to the lyrics of that Barry Manilow’s song. Hope you’ll get to meet Mandy sometime – she’s a really good friend to get to know.

  4. Love Indian/Mamak spicy food. Oh Chicken tika *Chiquitita* haha so nice! Mostly would go for tandoori ok ok will try the *Chiquitita* next time.

    Ah! I see you’re not only a fan of the Bee Gees but also of Abba too. LOL!!! 😉

  5. Long time I didnt take Indian food.. maybe seen too much of that at my canteen here.. anyway, hope you’ve enjoyed your stay in Penang and if opportunity arises, hope to see you all in April 2011…

    Don’t count too much on it. Will be in Penang for the weekend only and may be busy with my niece’s wedding and stuff…

  6. STP – I dunno bout the Mr. Siew Bao u asked about… The Sunway Giza where I had Laksa and the Sunway where the Christmas decor was is two different places. But no worries, if you do drop by KL again, we’ll get Witch to bring us to Siew Baoz ok? 😀

    Ya…hope we can get to meet in February. Will confirm with you or witch…or Quachee.

  7. I’m going to start an Indian restaurant in Sibu.
    It’s in my 10 year plan.
    I’ll invite Sami Vellu & Arthur Wee as VIPs for the opening.

    Ah well, at least the shape is similar. Maybe I should get a toupee too…

  8. Why do I have a funny feeling that this is just a warm up for your upcoming Xmassy torture? =.= Luckily I had mamak food often enough, so this post does no effect for me… mebbe perhaps just makes me feel like wanna cook nasi briyani to go with my curry… hmm…mebbe just cook that tonight. Lazy wanna think what to cook liao.

    ps: Just fried the whole bag of keropok you gave me… gone within minutes… thank you very much. My family loves it.

    Of course! Everything I bring over from Sarawak is nice – the best! Hehehehehe!!!! No lah…small scale gathering this year, not like last year’s so better don’t expect too much. You’ll be disappointed when you see the post.

    1. My mum said the keropok got hints of garlic when we were having our movie marathon… I din realize tho… too busy stuffing my face. Told my mum not to put santan in the masak hitam and told her to use dark soya sauce too… and she said probably will make that for my granpa’s bday too… she said make sth diff this year, cuz she usually make bihun soup, mee jawa and soto for my grandpa’s bday.

      Eyeww…like my missus. I wouldn’t try anything new for special occasions! Nanti tak jadi, not nice…disaster. Prefer to try first, if really good…baru so far at the first opportunity! LOL!!! 😀 Glad you loved the keropok – no feedback from the other people, next time…dun wan to give them anymore. Sulk! Sulk!

  9. The Indian food surely look good. I hope you have a good holiday. When are you returning home?

    I’m home already…Christmas in Sibu. These are all backdated posts…but I’ll be going to Kuching 29th and back 31st – all special occasions must be at home, spend with my mum… Guess that will make her happy.

    1. Good! Good to be with the old folks. Setting a good example is important for our children to emulate. Actually I wanted to go to Sibu tomorrow but I have a problem with one of my arms. This must be the side effect from my recent operation. So I think I can’t stand driving for 6 hours. I gave up the idea. Maybe another time I will go to Sibu.

      Oh? I had a fall at Sunway Lagoon and broke my arm. Had it in a plaster cast for two months…and had to go for surgery when it did not heal. After that, it was stuck in one position and looked like a corpse’s arm – blue colour. Physio for one month…and it did not help one bit. I went to this Chinese sinseh here – just one treatment, the colour of the arm came back…and after three months, I was ok again. Maybe if you’re here, you may want to go and see him…

  10. the only dishes that I am familiar with for Indian food is only chicken tikka and tandoori and these dishes looked good! I’m sure you had a nice time in Penang right?

    Definitely. The week went back so fast. If only we could stay longer…but had to be home for Christmas – make my bedridden mum happy by just being around.

  11. I haven’t eaten in any Indian cuisine yet. However, they say that Indian cuisine is keen on placing spices and they are hotter than Thai cuisines.

    There are few authentic Indian cuisine here in my place. I had to try them to see if they are indeed delicious.

    Not necessary – some Thai dishes using the bird-eye chilli can be very very hot. Indian cuisine may not be hot at all…but is often very aromatic with all the exotic spices used.

    1. Ah…so that’s the difference between the two. I really need to eat their dishes to know it by myself. ^_^

      Ya…sometimes we will just have to try something ourselves first hand – very hard to explain…like all the noodles here at different places – they’re all different but it is so hard to describe. Just have to eat in order to know the difference…

  12. always craving for the food you posted…however, we don’t have a lot of indian restaurants here 🙂

    LOL!!! That’s the whole idea… There are two “Indian” places here…but they do not go full swing so we do not get the enjoy the whole works. No tandoori, e.g. 😦

    Btw, thanks for dropping by. Your first time here, I see – welcome and do come again. Will link you… 🙂

  13. LOL, I love mango lassi! What’s chicken tikka? It looks like part of Tandoori but in balls… what a scrumptious breakfast, lol!

    Have a nice day!

    That was dinner lah…and I was surprised that the chicken was like tandoori, except that the meat was in bite-size pieces… Maybe they bluffed me, I also didn’t know. Jakun, dunno much about Indian food… LOL!!! 😀

  14. it has been quite some time since i last ate such mamak-ish food.. always love the torit telur and cheese naan.. haha 🙂

    Ah! My daughter had the cheese naan….and I had the garlic. Ummmm…what’s torit telur? U mean roti telur kah? LOL!!! 😀

  15. chicken tikka? It look the same like tandoori chicken to me.

    You know come over here, beside than trying the local food, indian food also a must try. We can’t get the nice one in Sarawak. But i have been here so long already, i still havent try naan before. hahahhahah..i still prefer roti canai but did try capati once.

    Your missus nasi bryani, the claypot look so new. should use those old and black claypot, the food will taste a lot nicer

    Yup…not the best Indian place, I must say…but for us from Sibu, it certainly was good enough. Going to Kuching tomorrow for a few days…and guess what we’ll be having when we get there. – Indian food! LOL!!!

  16. one thing i don’t understand about this indian red color meat i saw hanging in their shop. They look so dyed and dry. how does it taste like?

    Taste good…with the fragrance of all the aromatic spices. Never mind, we do not get to eat such things regularly…so doesn’t bother me how they get the red colour. Char siew pork also very red what…?

  17. All the food look very delicious. I will like all those dishes. I haven’t tried nasi briyani in a claypot before. I really learnt a lot about food by visiting your blog.

    Yakah? I’m waiting to see your post(s) on what you ate in Penang… 😉

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