Please forgive me…

The other night, my daughter’s friend, Gin and his father took us to one of the Old Town outlets in Sungai Petani. I’ve seen them all over , even in Kuching, but I’ve never eaten there before. It appeared from the items available on the menu that the place would be more appropriate for morning or afternoon tea breaks or for someone who would want a light lunch and maybe, supper. I had this chicken curry and rice…

SP Old Town curry chicken and rice

It certainly was nicer than the curry I had at Master Choo that first night I arrived at Sungai Petani. My daughter had this big bowl of chicken hor fun

SP Old Town chicken hor fun

She said it was very nice and finished the whole bowl, so either that was testament to the fact that it was indeed very nice or she was very hungry! LOL!!! Other than that, fellow-blogger Dr Bernard Chan and his wife took us to eat the Sungai Petani char kway teow that is reputed to be better than that in Penang…

SP char kway teow 2

It certainly was nice but I could not really say whether it was better than Penang’s as in my opinion, they’re more or less the same – both nice, so that settles it! LOL!!! After that, they dropped us off at Lagenda (where Tesco is) Heights as I wanted to check out the hotel I had spotted the other day…

SP Casa Lagenda Hotel

It certainly looks very nice inside and a standard twin is only RM78.00, cheaper than SP Inn (and I hear the same room where I am staying is going to be repriced at RM120 once they have opened the new wing). For one thing, the location is many times better and the rooms look much nicer. In fact, you can check out their website…if you are planning to come to Sungai Petani.

After that, we walked to Tesco to do a bit of shopping and pretty soon, it was time for tea, so the two of us proceeded to…..

SP Secret Recipe

another Malaysian franchise. They have that Setapak coffee place there too, but no thanks! While my daughter had a slice of their chocolate indulgence…

SP Secret Recipe chocolate indulgence

I chose their very rich durian cake instead…

SP Secret Recipe durian cake

I have had this craving since I saw a whole half-hour programme on the Asian Food Channel showing the best places baking durian cakes in Singapore. Ooooo… was very nice with its rich natural durian taste. Somehow or other, I burped a couple of times after that…and omigawd! The stench! Hahahahahahaha!!!! That was really gross, wasn’t it? Well, my daughter could not finish her slice, so guess who could not resist the temptation! After all, as they say, it’s a sin to waste…but if you think I was being over-indulgent, please…forgive me! ROTFLMAO!!!

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22 thoughts on “Please forgive me…”

  1. the Durian cake from UNCLE BISCUIT BAKERY @ Damai Plaza, KK also nice. Hehehe

    OK…pesan satu, ready for my visit, ya? U belanja! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  2. ooh… durian cake. Only eaten the one from KK. Not bad…. not sure if its from Uncle Biscuit Bakery. The SP Koay Teow looks no different from the Penang variety ler. Geez… u sure have been eating alot.

    A lot meh? That’s for breakfast, 10 o’ clock tea, lunch, 4 o’clock tea, dinner and supper…. Not really lah!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  3. Good thing u r not waiting for your flight back to Sibu when u had the durian cake! Pity the person sitting next to u!LOL!

    I never used to burp even though I’ve eaten heaps of durians. It probably comes with old age…and the fart gets louder too! Hahahahahahahaha!!!! U burp? LOL!!!!

  4. KNB, the one you had is not from UNCLE BISCUIT BAKERY.

    STP, it seems durian cakes, puddings and other durian deserts are really big deals in Singapore. It seems they’re the “downstream” durian production specialists. Personally I also prefer the downstream products, but the burps have the same potent effect!
    Off to 1 Borneo for lunch and look-see look-see in a while.

    Yes, the bakeries shown on the show had some middle-aged aunties in some not so upstream places, I can’t remember where – Geylang or Katong or somewhere… See what’s nice in 1 Borneo and shortlist them for my coming visit! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  5. ooo the choc indulgence. goes very well with the apple kasturi drink. just seeing that pic makes me wanna walk to SR @menara stan chart and get it. yummy! but nothing beats the chocolate fudge with ice cream @DELIcious. omg – i’ve been responding to posts on food too often.

    Hahahahaha!!!! I’m the devil in disguise! Yes, my daughter had that with the apple kasturi drink! Gee! U two are so compatible! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!….Being the kopi-o-peng person, I had the Iced long black….or was it black and long…or… Ah! Never mind!!!! Already everybody’s minds going haywire with wild imaginings! LOL!!!!

  6. Everyone burped! Once long time ago i was helping in my sil’s beauty saloon doing facial for this lady who obviously just had durians! She had lots of acne on her face n my job is to press it out,everytime i do so she let out a loud ‘yelp’ n i tell u no kidding one, it is so stinky even stinkier than my garbage bin! So i have a choice of pretending to press the acne n not adding pressure so she won’t yelp with her stinky breath or press the acne so hard for making me suffer that horrible stinky breath! STP! I don’t think even mentos will help!

    Thank goodness I don’t really like durian as it is…but the cake was nice! Something like the Thai durian glutinous rice with santan dessert! Oooo…heavenly! LOL!!!

  7. eee..i nvr see durian cake in the secret recipe here…

    The rich white choc macadamian is nice too…but I just had that the other day in Kuching. I couldn’t resist the durian cake after seeing it on Astro, must have!!! I look like a pregnant woman, and have cravings like one too!!! LOL!!!

  8. hahaha.. I can imagine the “wonderful” smell. Happens everytime it’s durian season and hubby tries to curi makan. I can smell the stench so no way to run. hahaha.

    BTW, no relation just that I know some of your family members & relations. Plot thickens! Heh Heh HEH!

    Yes…I’m intrigued. You must join us at one of our bloggers’ meets one of these days!!!

  9. ..both assumptions Wrong!!! She was just behaving herself in front of the Elders…ha ha ha ha… ” I want to break free.. i want to break free…”…..ha ha ha ha ha

    No lah! I wish she were more like dat!!!….Then she can do whatever she wants. Haiz!!! The papa so lovable, so endearing, what to do? Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  10. mmmm…chocolate cake..yummy…
    durian cake? was it nice? never tried one…
    can tapao? hahaha

    Nice. Secret Recipe’s cakes best eaten there lah…otherwise, sikit lembek dah!!! Hahahahaha!!!! Got 3 outlets in Kuching!

  11. Any cakes from secret recipe I like.. all of them are rich! LOL … don’t care about the fat or whatever that comes with it, cuz whatever food that tastes great is something that I really enjoy…

    p.s: 1Borneo all high end shops.. darn expensive including the makan2

    Once in a while, indulge and pamper ourselves apa salahnya? No meaning lah…torture and suffer all the time! True or not?

  12. I want to eat cheese cake. It’s been a while since I had one 😛

    Used to love cheese cakes…but not anymore. Got tired liao!…U want nice chizcakes, go Tom’s at Padungan, next to Bing’s. They’ve got the best!

  13. uuuu…when r they going to open one in sibu? *prays*

    The tiramisu at breadsense (I think! The one opposite Sanyan) is also very nice, nicer than bread story (I think! I get so confused by these names) at Mid Valley in KL!!!

  14. OMG! I love durian cake! The Secret recipe one is very nice but I found one even better – it’s at Bon Bon outside Atria Shopping Complex at Damansara Jaya.

    Hahahahahaha!!! Too bad I can’t hop over to KL, otherwise you can bring me there and treat me to the durian cake! LOL!!!

  15. cheh…what a misleading title!


    Hahahahahaha! What did you expect? Me involved in some sinful sexcapades? Not at my age!!! Come to think of it, somebody’s already 61 and allegedly active at liwating! Oops…..LOL!!!!

  16. I love their Chocolate Indulgence also! Their Cheesecake also, yummy! Thick and creamy. So fulfilling. But whenever I go to SR, it wasn’t durian season so they don’t have it.

    You love cakes too?…What is it that you don’t love to eat? Oops!!! Never mind! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  17. The other night SR cake ‘ciak bay kaw’ hoh. Mum’s bd is on Friday and Fiq is requesting for the same cake. Knew it was wrong move to bring him with me!!!!!

    Hahahahaha!!!! Blame ourselves for teaching our kids such expensive tastes!!!

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