Look what you’ve done…

My missus and I flew Malaysia Airlines (MAS) all the way on our trip to KLIA/Penang and back when we went to Sungai Petani and came home together with our daughter.

We went earlier as the fare was cheaper from Sibu to KLIA on Tuesday, 17th November, 2009 by almost RM200 and for two persons, I could save around RM350-400 and that could help cover our hotel expenses. On that flight, MH2713, departing at 7 in the morning, there was an all-female cabin crew. Breakfast was a choice between nasi lemak or fried noodles and chicken…and it was served with a piece of Kit-Kat and fruits. Service was good, true to the MH = Malaysian Hospitality tagline. They even served another round of drinks before landing.

On our connecting flight from KLIA to Penang – MH1140, however, there was a steward who just stood there and did not even bother to offer to help when he saw me trying to put my bag into the overhead stowage compartment, never mind that I was an old senior citizen! Perhaps I did not look THAT old to him? Later, a lady came and asked, “Can you help me with my bag?” Now, now, lady…whatever happened to “please”? And I did not hear her saying “thank you” either. The steward promptly replied, “Yup!!!” I think the airline should look into the training and teach them to say things like, “Of course, m’am!” or “Certainly, m’am!” After all, they seem to be SO proud that they are the World’s No. 1 cabin crew…unless that kind of service is solely reserved for their international flights…and those foreign passengers.

On our return flight from Penang to KLIA on Sunday, 22nd November, 2009, I was very impressed by the ground staff at the Penang International Airport. The lady directing the people in the queue was very pleasant and the man at the counter that I went to check in was really the best. When he saw me approaching with the bags, he actually stood up to help me put the bags on the conveyor belt…and he took great care in checking us in and making sure everything was correct. I saw from his name tag that his name was Fauzi. This certainly was a far cry from the snooty lot at KLIA and at other airports.

On board the aircraft, however, there was this Indian air steward who wore spectacles. I did not know that they allow that now? And he looked so unhappy as if the whole whole was against him and did not even smile one teeny-weeny bit throughout the whole flight. The ones on our KLIA-Sibu flight were totally different – very nice and friendly. That was on MH2718 departing at 1930 hours.

MH dinner is served

For dinner, I had the chicken kurma with tomato rice which the stewardess cheerfully said was “very nice”. Well, it was indeed nice enough; after all, I never expect very much from airline food and for dessert, we had this slice of fruit cake…

MH fruit cake

…and Ferrero Rocher…

MH Ferrero Rocher

…and as if that was not enough, we were served Baskin Robbins’ ice cream too…

MH Baskin' Robbins

When the stewardess was distributing that, I remarked, “Oooo…Baskin’ Robbins, no less!” Later, she asked me whether I was from Sibu – I wonder why! Sibu people don’t know Baskin’ Robbins? Later when I went to the washroom, I saw one of the crew with a tray and on it were two cups of Häagen-Dazs. Hey! We didn’t get that!!! LOL!!!

All in all, except for the little glitches here and there such as the around 40 to 45-minute delay on our Penang-KLIA flight,  we had a pleasant trip. But upon arrival at Sibu airport, this horrendous sight greeted me at the baggage reclaim area in the arrival lounge…

MH damaged luggage 1

…and this…

MH damaged luggage 2

That Mont Blanc bag contained my daughter’s books and notes…and was VERY heavy but that was absolutely NO reason at all for them to manhandle and ill-treat it like that until it was completely damaged. Well, if I’m not mistaken, I can go and claim compensation but when you have been travelling all day and have finally reached your destination in the later half of the night, all that anyone would want to do would be to head on home and hit the sack instead of going through all the hassle.

MH checked-in luggage

This is not the first time as there have been previous cases in the past where my bags were opened…torn…or damaged in other ways and so on and so forth. Perhaps this is one MAJOR flaw. a real thorn in the flesh, that the airline people should look into if they wish to…stay GOLD!