Castle in the air…

That day when we were in Ipoh, after the heavy and hearty lunch, courtesy of the very amiable and generous Ipoh-blogger, Claire, we could not possibly eat anything else even though she insisted on taking us for some local desserts. In the end, we decided to do a bit of sightseeing and after the food had settled, we could go and hunt for some other nice things to eat.

That was how we ended up going to Kellie’s Castle with Ivan as our guide as Claire and Elin had to go back to the office. I went in Ivan’s car and led the way while Mandy with the rest of my entourage in her pick-up truck tailed us from behind. Probably Ivan and I were so engrossed in our chitchatting that we missed the left turn and ended up getting “lost” and had to turn back after a while. Eventually, we managed to get there…

Kellie's Castle 1

“It was intended to be the hub of social life for the area’s wealthy colonial planters and administrators – this grand mansion with a six-storey tower…

Kellie's Castle 2

…a wine cellar, stately columns, Moorish arches…

Kellie's Castle 3

…and walls embellished with Greco-Roman designs. But the building was never to be completed. Work halted in 1926 with the sudden demise of its owner, William Kellie-Smith.”

According the the brochure, Kellie was actually his mother’s name. Smith died of pneumonia at the age of 56 and his wife sold the estate and with the passing of time and the end of colonial rule, the castle soon faded to become a mere memory.

We had to pay RM4.00 to cross the bridge to the compound of the castle where there was this interesting tree – the Pokok Beruang (Bear tree)…

Bear Tree

The younger ones went to explore the castle and went all the way to the top…but not me! I just sat in the shade of the gazebo, enjoying the cool air, the  serenity and also the breathtaking scenery all around.

And of course, everyone was clicking away…capturing shots from all angles for remembrance. This one of me sleepwalking was taken with Ivan

Ivan and me

According to some, the spirit of Old Man Kellie still wanders around at the castle…but I am pretty sure it was not because of his ghost that it started to rain VERY heavily. In the end, we had to abort all plans of any further tours and head back to Sungai Petani.

Thus, on our brief visit, we did not get to eat any of the delicacies that Ipoh has to offer at all. Ain’t that simply tragic? LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “Castle in the air…”

  1. yo..kenwooi so fast one!! i should have came in earlier but i was doing my own post.. (as if there is a prize for being the FC! LOL…. )
    So..from your post, I gather u didnt climb up the stairs? I was at the highest part but my legs went jelly when I looked down..yucks.. height phobia, nasib baik u didnt go up… safer to be down… but it was a nice experience… I was actually taking a Miri fren there enroute to Lumut, a coastal town where seafood was abundant… yes, if u want to visit ipoh, it must be a night or two stay, otherwise nothing much to see except for eat, food, eat.. food in town!

    No, I didn’t climb up the tower. Didn’t want to risk it – the ancient structure may just collapse (especially after that HUGE lunch) and Ipoh will not have any Kellie’s Castle after that! Hahahahahaha!!!! Ya…if I have an excuse to hop over to Ipoh again, I would probably want to stay for at least a few days…and maybe get to meet more bloggers there.

  2. u say no ghost then u stay there 1 nite to try out lorr..haha

    Come! We go and stay the night there and see which one of us will see the ghost… Maybe when the ghost sees you, it would run away! LOL!!!

  3. eh! haha…the castle is very near my place! hehe…but i have never been there yet. aiks. LOL.

    You should drop by. Should be able to take very nice photos. I hear a lot of wedding couple go there… We met one and it was hilarious watching them run off in the rain! Poor bride in her cumbersome wedding gown!!!

  4. I’ve been residing in Perak for ages and never once I went to Kellie’s Castle. Just like I’m from Malacca and never been to Jonker Street. Merryn, you need to be thrown out of state into the ocean for the sharks to savour!

    Gosh! You’re a nomad or what? So you’re in KL, right now?…Don’t worry! Same! Same! I’m in Sarawak and I’ve never visited the celebrated Niah Caves or the Mulu Caves – largest in the world! But I think I’m better than a lot of others. At least I’ve been to quite a number of towns in the state.

    1. lol.. normally people never visit their own place first and when you ask them about tourism.. they won’t know.. lol.. I’ve been to Niah caves when I was 7 or 8 or 9??? and just been to mulu recently.. it was a very very nice trip..

      I’m not the adventurous type…and I did not even want to climb up the stairs at Kellie’s Castle – what more to say the rugged cliffs at Mulu! That’s definitely one thing I can live without! LOL!!!

  5. the castle looked too good to be true. it’s as if you guys are taking a picture with a fake facade! haha…

    It really is picturesque! And I love the place as a whole. It’s good that they are preserving the place and promoting it as a tourist spot. Here, they demolish everything! Really sad!

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