Why does it hurt so bad…

Once, I was having the set lunch at a local hotel and there were a few slices of it in the complimentary soup. Initially, I thought they were ginger…but later, I found out what they actually were and ate up those few slices. They actually tasted quite good. But later, I came down with what I figured was gout.

We very rarely eat it. In fact, I can safely say that we never eat it anymore. We have not had it for a long, long time. I remember when I was young sometimes my mother would cook it in with pork in tomato sauce and at other times, she would put it in her sayur rebus (kampung-style boiled vegetable soup). Then my father had some problems with a nerve as a result of an extracted tooth and everytime he had it, the pain would come back. So we stopped eating it altogether, along with a whole lot of other things.

My missus loves it very much though. I saw some at the Bandong stall the week before last…and I told her but added that I did not buy for her to eat as she had this recurring back pain and all kinds of pain all over. She did not look too happy, so when I saw them selling it again, I bought RM2.00 worth of it for her to eat…

Bandong's rebung masak lemak

I’m talking about bamboo shoots. What is it about them that will cause pain? People say that we should not eat too much kangkong or paku either as these are “cold” and may lead to rheumatic pain…and nuts and beans including bean sprouts (taugeh) can trigger off gout attacks because of the high protein content. Then they also claim the kuchai (chives) will bring out all past sicknesses that one may have suffered from before while lobak putih (white carrot/radish) will “wash away” whatever medicine you have taken and render them ineffective. Personally, I eat most of them but in moderation as I’m not really a fan of any of them. Do you know of any others that should be avoided?

Well, if I may digress a bit from the topic, while I was at the Bandong stall that day, I also bought RM2.00 of this buah kedondong sambal

Bandong's sambal buah kedondong

It was very nice and certainly contributed towards stimulating one’s appetite. But I would prefer buah emplam though.

Generally, fish is a bit expensive at the stall. They sell this kari ikan bawal hitam (black pomfret curry) at RM2.00 a piece and it is not a very big piece…

Bandong's kari ikan bawal hitam

…but then again, fish is expensive these days and getting somewhat scarce.

This is expensive, that is expensive. You can’t eat this and you can’t eat that! What is there that is left for us to eat? Sigh!!!