Arrivederci Roma…

We do not have Starbucks or Coffee Bean or Dome in Sibu but we do have Italian Coffee which is something along those same lines. Yup, that’s the name of the outlet located in the block of shophouses right next to the Rejang Medical Centre. It’s a nice and comfy place…

Italian Coffee 1
My apologies for the blurry photo. Probably my hand was not steady enough at the time…

…and you may notice that there’s this gap in the tables in which they put all the coffee beans…

Italian Coffee 2

…but I don’t think it does anything to complement the appearance or the ambience of the place. This is the bar/counter…

Italian Coffee 3

…and there’s a wine cellar…

Italian Coffee 4

What I noticed was that all the wines came from New Zealand (priced up to over RM200.00 a bottle), none from Italy – in spite of the name of the place.

Well, like at all the other places along these same lines, you can enjoy a cup of coffee here…

Italian Coffee 5

…and like at all the other places, the prices here aren’t exactly cheap either. I had this Vanilla Latte…

Italian Coffee 6

…and it cost over RM9.00, almost RM10.00. I guess it would definitely go beyond that if there is this 5% and/or 10% tax that they usually charge at places like these.

If you’re hungry, there are cakes and pies…

Italian Coffee 7

…and quiches…

Italian Coffee 8

…priced at around RM8.00, I think. I don’t know how true it is but they claimed that they were homemade.

One thing that I do know for certain, however, is that it is not a cheap place to go to but if you want to idle the afternoon away, it would be ideal as the place is nice and quiet, or at least, it was when I went there, and you are free to sit and chat as long as you like.

To all Christian readers, a Happy and Blessed Easter…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “Arrivederci Roma…”

  1. no wonder your hand’s shaking… you need a coffee-fix!
    how come the last time i asked you on places to have a cuppa, you scratch your head? we were at the vicinity the night we called, but didn’t notice this place.

    Thought you were asking for a place where you can drink tea…not coffee. I haven’t been here myself before – first time with some ex-students the other night. It’s in the block right beside the Rejang Medical Centre main building…

  2. i cant find any this kinda cafe in bint-ulu!n pfft!

    we don’t even have mcd =.=

    At those prices! I wouldn’t want to go again if I can help it…but a bit cheaper than Coffee Bean at LCCT. I have not been to McDs for years too – dun think it’s worth it!

  3. how was your vanilla latte?

    it looks like a typical cafe in australia with meat pies and quiches

    It was nice…but at around RM10, I think I can have a lot of other nicer things for that amount of money! Meat pies and quiches around RM8.00 each which is cheaper than those frozen ones imported from Oz or NZ… We had the steak and cheese pie but they microwaved it and it looked so miserable when served…and I did not think it tasted nice!

  4. One thing I noticed back home is that they charged astronomical prices for a cup of the ‘yuppie’coffee! Looking at the coffee beans next to the tables, hope the customers won’t mistake them for ashtrays!Hope u r not one of the culprits,STP!LOL!

    Yalor…so expensive! For those rich people with a lot of money and time and nothing else better to do! My Ruby blended kopi-o-peng is cheaper and a lot nicer!

  5. Ps Kongkay, don’t u know why STP scratches his head,he got ‘kutu’….okay,i know STP, pretty lame joke,chiak par bo su cho lah!LOL!

    Go! Go to one of those coffee places and while the time away! Rich lady of leisure…! Hahahahaha!!!

  6. Happy Easter to you papa! Feels so good to drop by your home again after such a long hibernation.

    Same to you! Yalor…people now KL-ite, so sombong liao! Dun wanna drop by anymore…! Sob! Sob!

  7. it’s even better than starbucks….got wine to mabuk early in the morning….lolz. your hand shaking coz not enuff caffeine isit?? ….hahaha

    Maybe…or maybe it was because of the sweet young things at the other tables – old man getting all excited? Hahahahahaha!!!!

  8. For RM13 i can buy a packet of Ipoh Old town coffee n old man can enjoyed n keep stock for 2weeks.
    Rm10 for a cup of coffee – too expensive for retiree lol.we hv to wait for stella to pay in AUD…her next trip in 2009.

    Here, we buy at Mui Hock at the former Palace Cinema building! Best in the world! Ruby gets their coffee from that shop too!…..2009, that’s this year! When is Stella coming again?…Then we can go for some Italian Coffee with her – her treat, of course! Only around AUD3.00, so cheap! LOL!!!

  9. I’m going to C121 tonight to sit the night away. Coffee price at RM 1.80. Can have lots of cups!

    RM1.80? Sg Merah…only RM1.20! RM9-10.00 can drink until lau jio!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  10. happy easter pal! 🙂

    i love the cozy environment like that and the pie looks yummy!

    Thanks for the easter greeting!…..Ok lah! For young people…with nothing better to do with their time and money! LOL!!!

  11. lol.

    what for save so much money and never use it?


    Save for old age…pension where got enough! And for anak, cucuk-cicik…!!! Must have vision and foresight – plan!

  12. Wakaka.. someone addicted to kopi liao… haha… what does the title of this post mean

    Go google…!!! Kids these days…just waiting to be spoonfed! When people say, kids are so computer-savvy….what they mean is they’re good at playing computer games!

  13. Hmm, those pies does not really look like homemade to me, but I wonder if it taste nice? I think the pie that you made for Xmas looks and taste better, Cikgu!


    We tried one but I did not think it was great! Did I make one for X’mas? Can’t remember… My shepherd pie. you mean?

  14. blessed easter to you! been down with flu and all .. but thank God I still can make it for the Holy Triduum.

    Thank you…and the same to you and your family. May all of you be blessed abundantly throughout the coming year…and hope you’ve recovered from your flu now. The worst is getting sick when you’re alone…in a big and lonely city!

  15. fooyoh…. nama so very glamour. of course must charge high prices for the kopi lar.
    The “yuppy coffee” business seems to be doing very well in Kuching. Latest Starbucks just opened in Jalan Song, was there last Friday nite… and only managed to get the last table available. Customers were mainly late teens/early twenties college students. Their daddies are probably at the kopi shop drinking RM1.70 kopi peng. hahaha.

    Pity the parents – have to fork out the money for this kind of kids! I wouldn’t wanna go to such places…

  16. KNB: and when are you going to join the “daddies” group? ROTFLMAO

    Never mind! Let him take his time…, then I can save! No need to buy gold ring!!! LOL!!

  17. When you join the mommies. Oh damn, u already have… LOL!!

    A few years overdue…and still very pregnant??? Hahahahahaha!!!

  18. I’m always skeptical about this kinda ‘cafe’ with overpriced everything. Never really stepped into Starbucks or Coffee Bean that much. Ruby’s STP kopi-o peng kaw is better than Starbucks or Coffee Bean, in my opinion 😀

    Smart girl! I don’t see the attraction of such places but I gather that in places like KL, it’s a place to be seen…and to be picked up! Both wouldn’t work for me – nobody wants to see me and for sure, no one’s interested in picking me up! Hahahahahaha!!!

  19. So expensive, how to go? I don’t go to Starbuck in JB also, unless got treat 😆

    Yalor…and with the economic recession, not a very wise thing to spend money like that!

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