Say my name (1)…

It’s mid-week and in a couple of days, the weekend will be here. I’ve been blogging on food…food…and more food, and therefore, for a break, I think I’d like to have something different for a change. I did mention the other day on Facebook that I was thinking of posting a song quiz in my blog, so here goes! Now, looking at the photos below, what songs come to your mind? For each of them, can you tell me the title and if possible, the singer(s) as well?

WARNING: Click the links to the video clips at your own risk! It may just be an April Fool’s prank! No cheating now! LOL!!!

Song No. 1:
Song 1

Song No. 2:
Song 2

Song No. 3:
Song 3

Song No. 4:
Song 4

Song No. 5:
Song 5

Song No 6:
Song 6

Song No. 7:
Song 7

Song No. 8:
Song 8

Song No. 9:
Song 9

Song No. 10:

Song 10

Come on! Be a good sport and give it a try! How many can you get correct? Enjoy yourselves, people!