Nice guy…

This Eric, the brain behind The Kitchen instant kampua noodles business venture here in Sibu, is really such a very nice guy. He left some money here and asked me to take my family there for a very nice dinner on him which we did and there was some money left so I even got to keep the change. He must have read my post on there being only one place in town that serves Egg Benedict for breakfast so that day, when he was here (2.328374,111.855488)…

Cocoa Coffee Sibu

…enjoying their Egg Benedict, he PM-ed me on Facebook asking me to drop by again with my family for that and also their Afternoon Tea Set (RM29.90)…

Cocoa Coffee afternoon tea set

…and he said that he would leave instructions with the people there to the effect that he would pay for whatever we would have but of course, I said no…no…no, thank you very much! I would feel so bad if he were to treat me a second time seeing that he had done that once before and he actually forked out quite a lot of money on that previous occasion. After all, I did not do much other than the few times that I blogged about his instant kampua and buying some to give or send to family and friends here, there and everywhere. After all, good things are to be shared, right?

I did drop by this place a long long time ago when it was at another location and went under a different name but at that time, all they had was coffee and maybe some homemade pies and quiches and I was here once when they have moved to this present place and was still using the old name but we did not really have much from their own menu and sampled a whole lot of things from the restaurants in the vicinity instead.

No, they did not have fresh natural flowers but at least what they had looked quite nice and presentable…

Cocoa Coffee no fresh flowers

They open at 11.30 a.m. and we were there around that time so probably, they had just switched on the air-conditioning so it was kind of hot and stuffy. We wanted to sit outside on their balcony but they said that section was closed as it was due for maintenance so in the end, we had to sit inside. They have a very nice place…

Cocoa Coffee counter

…I must say…

Cocoa Coffee interior 1

…and we chose a seat by the window…

Cocoa Coffee interior 2

…so that I would have the advantage of the natural sunlight coming through to enable me to take nicer photographs but it was very hot so we moved in to some place cooler and more comfortable but it was slightly dimmer, unfortunately.

My missus and I picked what we liked from the lunch sets – there was a list of things that we could choose and we would get either a glass of iced lemon or peach tea…

Cocoa Coffee iced lemon or peach tea

…with our orders while my girl stuck faithfully to her 100 Plus (RM3.90) as she wanted their bacon bagel (RM11.90)…

Cocoa Coffee bacon bagel

…which was not in the aforementioned list. She loved the bagels she had in her two years in Wellington, New Zealand but she said that this freshly own-made one here was nicer as it was not as hard – probably over there, they toast them a little longer in the oven prior to serving and that is generally how they like it.

My missus was not all that impressed by the calamari wrap (RM14.90)…

Cocoa Coffee calamari wrap

…that she had, insisting that it was not anything special and she could easily come out with the same at home. Hmmmm…knowing what’s good for me, I shall refrain from making any further comment on that. We men always know when to remain silent and forever hold our piss…ummm…I mean, peace. Hehehehehe!!!!

Of course, I had none other than their Egg Benedict (RM14.90)…

Cocoa Coffee Egg Benedict 1

…with smoked bacon underneath the two poached eggs and a waffle down below. The latter was not sweet at all, bringing to mind the American one that I had blogged about not too long ago but it went well with the bacon and the eggs and the hollandaise sauce. There wasn’t much else…

Cocoa Cofee Egg Benedict 2

…that came with it but that was perfectly all right by me. All in all, I would say that I enjoyed it very much and I sure would not mind having that again though I wish they would open for business earlier so I could have that for breakfast instead of for lunch.

My girl wanted their cake of the day – the Nutella cheese cake (RM8.00)…

Cocoa Coffee Nutella cheese cake

…and we did enjoy that very much even though I had been off cheese cakes for sometime now having had my fair share of those at one time. It was not so sweet and not overly rich like some cheese cakes that would put me off after a bite or two. Besides, there were three of us sharing that one slice so probably that was one possible reason why there wasn’t an overkill.

I paid for everything myself, RM53.60 altogether and having done that, I sms-ed Eric to tell him that I had gone to try the Egg Benedict and it was good…but I had settled the bill already, thanks so very much for the generous offer…but if he would be keen, we could drop by one day together to share the afternoon tea set and he said o.k. but I doubt it very much knowing how very busy he is with his instant kampua business…not so free like me. Hehehehe!!!


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “Nice guy…”

  1. It’s nice to know Eric is really a nice guy. That’s why his kampua noodles is doing so good. Word of mouth is still going around singing praises.

    LoL at you and your piss, I mean peace 😛

    LOL!!! That was from Anita Sarawak, her intro in her live shows…asking the men if they wanted to go to the gents – if you wanna go, go now…or forever hold your piss! I thought that was such a clever adaptation of the line from the wedding rites. 😀 😀 😀

    Yes, as they say, what goes around comes around. I’m glad he’s doing well – many jumped on the bandwagon, most have fallen by the wayside. Generally, his is a lot of people’s favourite – like the real thing!

  2. Sounds like a neat place! And Nice people make everything even better!

    Place looks great, nice and cosy, service is good and food’s nice. Indeed, we sure need lots more to make this world a better place to live in.

  3. I would say this is a place to indulge oneself once in a while. The bacon bagel is just like if not less than the bagel you prepared the other day and it is so pricey. So far I have not eaten savoury waffle before. Did you like the taste of the eggs with the waffle? I am with your wife there. Though I don’t cook but I sure think the wrap can be prepared by all of you especially when you all are good cooks.

    Yes, the eggs went well with the waffle – it’s just like the bread muffin usually used as the base in Egg Benedicts – not savoury but bland, not sweet. They actually sell it at a bakery here – their signature product, it seems…and no prize for guessing whether I like them or not. Hehehehe!!!! Indeed, considering the price plus drink, we could just go to the hypermart (next door) and grab another pack of the American-made bagels…

    You don’t cook? But you can, I’m sure…just that you don’t.

    1. I cooked for about 4 years when I was working in England and had enough so I don’t cook now since eating out is much more affordable for two persons here unlike in uk.

      …or many other places in the world, for that matter and in some, there is hardly any time to do that – so late already by the time one gets home. Eating out is the answer…or as in the case of some people, irregular improper meals such as snacks or tidbits and instant noodles. That’s bad.

  4. It adds more to any place when the owner and/or people serving are nice. I had a cup of coffee a few days ago and it was Cameron’s chocolate caramel brownie flavour. So good! 🙂

    One of those latte or whatever, eh? You will see a lot of those in a post coming soon, day after tomorrow, I think.

  5. How was their eggs Benedict?
    The yolks look rather pale.

    Dim lighting conditions so colour and lighting adjustments made to pic. It was good…but could do with a bit more Hollandaise, perhaps.

  6. Eric is so nice !! Never seen anyone like him before.. The bacon bagel looks like something you whipped up in your yesterday’s post, but your’s more juicy and more “liew”, this one’s dryer..Wifey’s calamari wrap also looks a bit dry.. But your poached eggs look nice, runny yolks and all, sedapppp…

    Yes, great to have such nice people like him around. Hard to find these days, not all that many around.

    Photos not so great – I did mention that we had to move to a dimmer section as it was rather hot by the window…so had to edit them for use to make them look a little better. That’s the problem when these places are not brightly lit – may not do justice to the food.

  7. You linked to a very interesting article on Eric and his instant kampua noodles. I wonder if our kampua restaurant here, also called Kitchen, is in anyway related to him. I look forward to the instant kampua noodles being exported here.

    Yes, he started the whole thing – dunno why nobody ever thought of it earlier. Very well-established now and I would think his business is very stable already, doing well. Dunno if they are related to that Kitchen in Perth & Melbourne, probably not.

    No preservatives in the noodles so quite hard to send overseas, good for 3-5 months only…and very expensive to send by courier. I sent to friends in West Malaysia – the postal charges double that of the noodles, not worth it. 😦

  8. sendiri pay then wanna review a restaurant also feel senang. Not really syok to makan free

    No, Eric has nothing to do with the restaurant, just a friend who wanted to treat me and my family to what they have at this place…same as you treating me makan here, there and everywhere, not obliged to say everything is nice.

  9. Anything with cheese, I like but not too cheesy. Calamari wrap & cheese cake for me. Is the Kitchen instant kampua noodles sold at George Peck, Premier 101 or is it another brand?

    The one and the same. They are selling it at more places now – I think they have it at Ta Kiong, Spring as well…and the latest addition, Boulevard.

  10. Restaurants over there are very trusting….eat first and then someone comes to pay your bill. Here, you’ll probably have to pay forward first, otherwise they won’t entertain.

    Again, I see the eggs benedict is made with one egg only, not in pairs like the ones here, that egg is very lonely! 😦

    There were two eggs, my dear – together on top of the bacon and the waffle, not visible in the pic. Can’t remember at the other place – I think there was one only there…but I do see one egg on top of one muffin mostly, no? So anyone who wants two will have to order two servings – two muffins, two eggs. You prefer eggs in pairs, eh? Wink! Wink! 😀

    I guess that is more common in small towns – nowhere to run unless you go and hide in the jungle, perhaps. Hehehehehe!!!!

    1. Oh, there were two? I couldn’t see it. Usually, when we’re served Eggs Benedict, we don’t get one egg piled on top of the other as the hot egg on top might cook the egg yolk of the one underneath further or even squish it. They’re usually served side by side, this way you can get more of the Hollandaise sauce! 😀 Yes, you did show us one egg before in one of your previous posts.

      Yes, and I was surprised too! When I broke it open, there were two yolks inside. I wonder how they poached that two in one – I cannot even do it with one egg. 😦 Probably it was one of those eggs with two yolks – I do come across those once in a while – thought that would be an indication of good luck, but unfortunately, no windfall so far. 😦

  11. Your friend is very generous! That looks like a very light lunch to me.

    Yes, not too heavy, but we always have the in-betweens when hungry like my regular 3 o’ clock tea plus we always have an early dinner on Saturdays, after 5 so we could go for the sunset church service,leaving the house at around 6.

  12. Bagel again.. your girl and my girl can go together.. hahahaa.. my girl loves all kind of bready stuff.. give her rice, she says no anytime if compared to bread/buns/bagel.. anything flour is fine with her.. 🙂 Yes, so nice of your friend to leave money on credit there for you to eat.. 🙂

    That was the previous time, not this time – I insisted that once would be enough, so shy lah…let people treat all the time. Ya…my girl says the same thing too – why eat rice all the time? Young people these days…

  13. Ok..where is this cafe located? Will ask HB to bring me when go to Sibu. Haha

    I did give the GPS bearing for its location but if you click on “here” right above the first photograph, you will get to go to their Facebook page – there is a map and other details there.

    1. I am keen at the waffle and egg only. kekee

      Can drop by when you come to Sibu again. If I am not wrong, HB probably knows the people – from back in his days in New Zealand.

  14. Oh, this place serve illy coffee, good good. Maybe will drop by just for coffee and cake not for the food.

    Near your brother’s place, I think, short cut from your mum’s house.

  15. Not so free like me….I suspend it ends with evil laugh, hahaha…

    Suspect, you mean? Not really. Not good to be too free – the idle mind is the devil’s workshop and one should stay active both physically and mentally lest one loses one’s memory, grows senile, and the muscles start wasting away…or one gets overweight…all those!

  16. The afternoon tea set sounds like good value for money.. cant even get that for 1 pax in KL 😦

    I sure would like to try that but I would need someone keen on sharing with me. That day, both my girl and the mum wanted to order something else…and I wanted the Egg Benedict. so we did not have that in the end. 😦

  17. Looks delicious! I was eyeing up the jam they had for sale and if is the same brand I am thinking of, @ RM3.20 a bottle, they are extremely cheap! It is probably about $4.50 a bottle here – the wild blueberry preserves are to die for and you should grab a bottle if you can!

    They’re good, eh? Gotta grab one to try the next time I drop by there.

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