Please come to Boston…

Yesterday afternoon, Kongkay and Willchua called me and asked me to go out for tea…and I told them to please come to Boston…which is a new place that has just opened for business recently, located at the back portion of the shops behind Pahlawan Cafe and Secret Recipe. somewhere near Baba & Siam…and if I’m not mistaken, it is another one of those West Malaysian franchises.

There are two sections face to face – the main one at the end of one block…

Boston 1

…and another section on the other side at the end of the next block…

Boston 2

They have these mahjong tiles on their table tops…

Boston table top

…which I thought wasn’t anything to shout about. I would very much prefer the coffee beans below the glass on the tables at Italian Coffee.

It turned out to be something along the same lines as Pappa Rich or Old Town…but I heard that the coffee was great and it was!

Boston kopi-o-peng

I wish I could say the same about the food though. I had the stir-fry seafood flat noodles…

Boston stir fried seafood flat noodles 1

…which was all right…

Boston stir fried seafood flat noodles 2

…but I think the crispy seafood tomato kway teow at the Garden Hotel cafe is a cut above and probably a bit less pricey too and I do feel that even the much cheaper one at Red Carrot is better.

The two shared the spicy seafood bun…

Boston spicy seafood bun

…which, likewise, was o.k. too…

Boston spicy seafood bun

…but for that kind of money, I think there are a world of other things that I would prefer to go for instead.

All in all, it would be a nice place to meet friends to idle the time away, sitting around and chatting, this much I think I can safely say. Period.

Thanks, Kongkay, for the invitation and the treat.

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29 thoughts on “Please come to Boston…”

  1. Oh dear, I’m first today! Hurray!!!!
    Ohhh… I would go back for the coffee if it’s really nice, the food looks ‘ok’ to me but I still prefer eating in a signature foodcourt with this spread of food, taste better I reckon.:)

    Happy weekend to you!
    p/s: Yeah Yeah!! I’m first!\^o^/

    LOL!!! Ya, you’re first! The food’s ok…just ok, not great…and that plate of ckt is over RM11.00, if I remember correctly. *pengsan… That kind of money, can feed a family elsewhere!

  2. Alamak… black coffee… it’s the man kinda thing. I wouldn’t go near to that stuff. it’s lethal for me. 😦 Cause palpitations. 😦

    I’m a coffee man, can’t do without coffee!!! Will be sleepwalking all day without it. LOL!!!

    1. You remind me of my late grandma. She was a coffee person as well. Can’t do without her kopi o- kao! Her kopi must kao summore, no sugar! OMG, lethal stuff! LOL… I wun even have a sip! Scary! LOL….

      If you come to Sibu and you try the coffee at some of the best places here, you’ll never settle for anything less! LOL!!! 😀

      1. Wahhh… kenot take coffee la, me… coffee cause me terrible palpitations. 😦 If God wills it and I land in Sibu, you must treat me some teas instead! 😛

  3. A lot of these West M’sian franchises are branching everywhere. Over here in the city I heard there are a few Old Kopi or something. My friend went to try and said the kopi ‘leng,leng’ but the food quite ok. But I don’t think it will be as good as where it originates from….

    Even at their places of origin, they’re nothing to shout about. That’s the thing about these franchise places – the food’s ok…but not great. They’re nice places to hang out…and you pay for that and the ambience, the comfort…and perhaps the snob appeal as well.

  4. wah-lau-a… so fast one. i’m few weeks behind lo!

    stella: i tot u be back middle of this month (may) for someone’s birthday.

    LOL!!!…The early bird catches the worm. Ya…she was back here around this time last year. Maybe they’re forgoing this trip this year so they can come back in mid-September for the “Wedding of the Year”. We’ll all meet up in Kuching then…

    1. Kongkay,very low key birthday n plus not school hols yet n son having exam soon, so not a good idea to go back…. so Sept it will be….

      Ya…we’ll be in Kuching and Kongkay will have to book a table to give us a treat. Heritage, Kongkay? Hahahahaha!!!!! 😀

  5. The seafood bun looks great wor…i love the BIG SHRIMPS and sotong!

    If you think those are big, you ain’t seen nothing yet. And wait till you see the sotong that I bought the other day – can buy your own buns and eat to your heart’s content! Yum!!! 😀

  6. wow..this is something new.. no wonder .. Boston food, right? I would also love to try.. ok, when r u showing off your sotongs-s?

    You have Boston in Ipoh? I know they have outlets in KL, Selangor and Penang. …..Sotong? I think it is scheduled for Monday… Hahahaha!!!! Lots of food waiting in line! 😀

  7. Hmm Boston cafe, shouldn’t it be serving Boston type of food? Or at least American food? LOL! Didn’t share the pricing here, but seems like it’s not cheap eh? Maybe you should just go for the coffee there 🙂

    Ya…I guess it’s ok to go there for there for drinks and chat to while the time away. I saw the prices on the menu but I can’t remember now. Hopeless at numbers and I wasn’t the one paying. But if I’m not wrong, that cky dish was over RM11.00. Really expensive – hotel prices…and it did not taste that great. 😦

  8. Boston? When I heard the name, I imagined of steak, donuts, and all American foods..(watched too much Discovery Travel & Living). Not char kuay teow and mahjong! Get a better name, for goodness sake! Penang and Malaisia sounds nice.

    Ya…you should see the video link I posted on Facebook about how Singaporeans complain about the French names of places. Real hilarious!!! LOL!!! Your “Malaisia” certainly sounds Chinese. Hahahahahaha!!!! Not sure whether they have steaks and stuff there, didn’t really study the menu – but the place is definitely far from being western/American. Like that Hongkong franchise – Kim Gary….; it’s something like this despite the name. Ada gaya bah!!!

  9. Nice environment. Another place for young couples to pat toh. hehe…. and another new place for people to do some b’day celebrations?

    For that kind of money, I think there are some other places that I would rather go to instead. Well, hopefully it will go down well with the younger crowd – they may be able to keep it in business.

  10. AH, last two days i saw some picture in FB on Boston Sibu, now you blog about it.

    Boston? Never heard the name, but the mahjong tiles on the table i think i read in mummies blog, but not sure where exactly the place is.

    That plate of seafood flat noodles look very little lei, enough for you? hehehhe

    Enough lah! That was for tea mah! Hahahahaha!!! Actually it was quite a lot – just that the taste was so-so and in my opinion, it was too pricey – not really worth it.

  11. why call itself BOSTON, when it serves asian fare?

    Think it’s the name of an established chain – has branches all over…and even has a website.

    1. Boston punya china town mar… thats why got mahjong set some more. hahah… the chef probably worked in a chinese takeaway in Boston before kena deported. lol!

      Hahahaha!!! You’re very imaginative this morning, aren’t you? 😀

  12. One cup of coffee can chit chat for the whole day^^

    Ya…that’s what people do and that’s why they charge more…!!! 😦

  13. Oh! I thought that the Boston you are saying is in Boston, USA. That’s great. Maybe I would like that spicy seafood bun.

    LOL!!! Here, they may have names like Hollywood Night Club or San Francisco Grill…but they are definitely not in the US! 😀

  14. When will Bombay Masala spread its wings to Sibu? It’s an Indian franchise selling Indian cuisine. Or probably Ipoh Town?

    Is it from there? I know they have a lot of outlets in Kuching…but the reviews that I got were just so-so. Nobody’s really raving over the place – just another option when looking for some place to eat.

  15. when to try it out last week quite nice the place.. but wonder what with the mahjong set on the table

    I guess it’s just part of the decor…nothing more than that – would probably look nicer if they cover the whole table top with mahjong tiles. Are you from Sibu too or elsewhere? Thanks for dropping by and do come again. If you’re not from Sibu, do get in touch when you’re coming this way again and perhaps we can meet up and go for some mam-mams. Will link you in my blogroll.

  16. Boston cafe, got seafood chowder and lobster in their menu? LOL!

    Ya…those would cost a bomb, I’m sure. Char kway teow already more than RM11!!!

  17. Have you try the 4 season bread?! 😀 Haha~ and the Yao yat seng Milk Tea!

    Tea? No, thank you…and the bread did not look that appealling. I forgot you had posted on it, otherwise I might have given it a try.

  18. the food’s presentation looks really good =)

    Yup! No complaint about that…except that when the kway teow was served, the prawns were buried under the spring onions. We had to retake the photos when I moved the spring onions and discovered the three prawns underneath. LOL!!!

  19. War…the only thing that grabbed my attention is the seafood bun. War….

    I guess part of the price covers the nice presentation… 😦

  20. wow.. sibu progressed… lol.. It seems that people are more willing to spend on food instead of sticking to just kampua.. lol..

    Ya…gone are the days of the kiamsiap Foochows (That’s why they’re so rich)! Must be the younger generation – ho mia….simply know how to spend!

  21. haha gambling inspired cafe. the owner must be an avid mahjong fan!

    And I can imagine all the mahjong fanatics eating there – their hands itching to hold the tiles! LOL!!! 😀

  22. boston also open in Sibu. as i know, Boston they provide free wifi, fotostat, fax, and food for sure.

    maybe, that why it call one city.

    Free…including photostating, fax and food??? I don’t think so. Free wifi…many places, they’ve got that here.

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