Things can only get better…

A few posts ago, I featured some of the things that this Kuala Penyu lady was selling at the gate of her house e.g. her nasi lemak for only RM1.50 and her fried noodles or mihun were just RM1.00 a serving. Well, I’ve stumbled upon another place where the things are very much more affordable than a lot of places. Just what we need during these trying times!

I had this bowl of Sarawak laksa for only RM2.50…

Bandong's Sarawak laksa

No doubt there are no prawns in it but elsewhere in Sibu, you will have to pay RM3.50 for a few miserable ones…and up to RM5.00 if you opt for the special so that you can have more. Tastewise, it is very nice…and certainly worth the money.

But if you think RM2.50 is a bit more than you can spare, then you can buy the nasi lemak for just one ringgit…

Bandong's nasi lemak 1

Not only is this one cheaper than the Kuala Penyu lady’s but it tastes nicer too…and I also like the fact that they wrap it in wax paper…

Bandong's nasi lemak 2

…instead of using those polystyerene food containers which are not at all environment-friendly.

They also sell a lot of other things – delicacies like these deep fried chai kuay

Bandong's deep fried chai kuay

Normally, the Chinese stalls will sell these steamed – white in colour, almost translucent and inside you can find some vegetable filling. My daughter will never touch the steamed ones as she thinks they look like the tummy of a lizard or something. Whatever gave her the idea! LOL!!! Well, these are deep fried and coated with sweet chilli sambal.  Very nice, but I do wish they would put a bit more filling. You can even buy halal kampua noodles…and a whole lot of other things. You’ll just have to drop by and see for yourself.

So, where is this place? It’s in Bandong…in the corner shop of the row of shophouses (with the back facing the road), the one furthest from the surau. For one thing, they cater to those people going home after their early morning prayers at the surau, so they start their business very early and by around 8.00 or 9.00, most of the things would be sold out. But I understand that you can get the telephone number and book in advance.

I’ve yet to try it myself but according to reliable sources, the putu mayam is the size of a saucer unlike those at the Sibu Central market – as small as a 50-sen coin! And I hear they taste great…exactly like the putu mayam that we used to know when we were kids…but that will have to wait till another post!